Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero
Body Frida Goccia Nero Body Frida Goccia Nero Body Frida Goccia Nero Body Frida Goccia Nero Body Frida Goccia Nero

Frida Body black with drop cutout


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With the Frida Body black with drop cutout We have sought a glamorous and modern style, which adapts to all occasions.

The teardrop neckline highlights your femininity.

Like all our leotards/boddies:

✓ Gives an immediate slimming and modeling effect

✓ Reduces imperfections of the stomach and hips

✓ Tones and firms the skin. Even arms

✓ Gives a marked draining and deflating effect

   You can change by sending an email to (do not remove the label).

  • Regular fit (always check the measurements in cm)
  • Convenient bottom closure with hooks
  • Slip model
  • Seamless
  • Emana® fabric

They are modeling leotards. We always recommend following the measurements in cm in the table below

If the measurements fall into two different sizes, choose the most comfortable of the two.

BREAST: Take measurements at the widest point of the chest

WAIST: Measure at the narrowest part above the navel

PELVIS: Take measurements at the widest part of the hips

FRIDA Body helps reduce adiposity, drains and donates tone to tissues and skin.

Shapes instantly the silhouette thanks to its shaping properties.

All fgm04 bodysuits have the same effectiveness. Different are aesthetic characteristics like style and colors.

The technology is built into the yarn's DNA. For this reason, our bodysuits never lose their effectiveness. The fabric does not contain active ingredients.

This model is made in opaque fabric.

The fabric itself does not create side effects but because this is a modeling bodysuit that would tighten too much on belly and hips, we do not recommend its use during pregnancy.

This garment must be washed by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature of MAX 30 ° C without using fabric softener. Do not use a dryer or iron.

These garments have been manufactured in such a way that they do not require elastic seams. If the garment is damaged through wear and tear, simply sew up the affected area with a needle and thread.

Possibly. Modifications to the garment do not alter its effectiveness.


NIKITA ALL-UP combines all the features we are looking for in a leggings to be used not only for our workouts but in our daily life. High band that allows freedom of movement and action, push-up effect on side B thanks to the new ALL-UP structure, FIR technology for lighter and more rested legs. Like all of our leggings:

✓ Helps reduce cellulite and adiposity

✓ Has a draining and toning effect

✓ Eliminates water retention

✓ Improves microcirculation

✓ Speeds up muscle recovery

✓ Improve performance

properties of the model:

  • Regular fit (always check the measurements in cm)
  • Waistband 12 cm high
  • Curl in the back
  • Opaque fabric
  • 4 seasons fabric
  • Made of Innergy® fabric
  • Push-up on side B thanks to the All-Up structure

Frida Body black with drop cutout:

The Frida Black body with teardrop neckline on the décolleté is the latest novelty for summer 2020. It will help you reduce skin blemishes and drain without compressing, thanks to its softer and lighter fit, while maintaining the very high technical functionality of the other models.

We have researched a glamorous and modern style, which adapts to all occasions and which highlights your femininity with the fantastic neckline in the décolleté area. The black color is also ideal to combine with any outfit, from jeans to miniskirts, with bright and summer colors or with the more sober and elegant ones.

In creating Body Frida Goccia, we at FGM04 have transformed it into a technical outfit that you will no longer be able to do without thanks to the countless benefits you can benefit from.

Simply wearing it!

The fabric is clinically and dermatologically tested

Reactivate microcirculation

Helps reduce blemishes

Drains and tones


Localized adiposity is an accumulation of fat in some district areas such as the belly, hips, thighs and buttocks. These accumulations are by far the most difficult to eliminate. Often not even constant physical activity and proper nutrition can get us the desired results.

Did you know that one of the causes that contributes to fat accumulation is poor circulation?

Let me explain the reason.

Research has shown that the areas of the body where fat accumulates the most have impaired vasodilation. In practice, the blood vessels, for various reasons, do not have the necessary elasticity to pass the correct amount of blood. This makes it more difficult to dispose of the fat.

But what does blood circulation have to do with the unwanted accumulation of fat?

As you know, the main element that is transported by the blood is oxygen, which is essential for the life and proper functioning of all the cells in the body. Their metabolism depends on the presence of oxygen and, if there is little, the cells are unable to burn fat for energy.

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