Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta
Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta Nikita Shape-Up Marrone Pancia Piatta

Nikita Shape-Up Brown Flat Stomach


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Nikita Shape-Up Brown Flat Belly

The most loved and sold by far thanks to their versatility.

Ideal in everyday life or for playing sports. They model thanks to their shaped fit.

Like all of our leggings:


 Helps reduce cellulite and adiposity

 Draining and toning effect

 Eliminates water retention and heavy legs

 Flat stomach thanks to the high waistband

Improves microcirculation

Antibacterial and anti-odor properties

Other available colors:
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  You can make the change by sending an email to (do not remove the label).

  • Slim fit (always check the measurements in cm)
  • Waistband 10 cm high.
  • No curl in the back
  • Opaque fabric and opaque effect
  • 4 seasons fabric
  • Made of Innergy® fabric
  • Push-up on side B

They are shaping leggings. We always recommend following the measurements in cm in the table below

If the measurements fall into two different sizes, choose the most comfortable of the two.

WAIST: Measure at the narrowest part above the navel

PELVIS: Take measurements at the widest part of the gluteus gyrus

N.B: Wear the leggings without pulling the seams.

Nikita Shape Up Marrone Pancia Piatta

Tutti i leggings fgm04 hanno la stessa efficacia. Quello che cambia sono le caratteristiche estetiche e di vestibilità di ogni modello.

Questo modello è in tessuto coprente e opaco. Per evitare la comparsa di trasparenze basta scegliere la taglia giusta seguendo le misure in cm.

La tecnologia è incorporata nel DNA del filato. Per questo motivo i nostri leggings non perdono mai l'efficacia. I leggings non contengono principi attivi.

Il tessuto di per se non crea effetti collaterali ma essendo questo un leggings modellante che stringerebbe troppo su pancia e fianchi ne sconsigliamo l'utilizzo in gravidanza.

Il leggings NIKITA aiuta a ridurre la cellulite le adiposità, a drenare e a tonificare

Perfetto per chi soffre di gambe e caviglie gonfie

Modella all'istante la silhouette

Perfetto a qualsiasi età

Non contiene principi attivi



The Nikita SHAPE-UP is a figure shaping and containment leggings ideal for all ages to use in everyday life thanks to its trendy and comfortable line. You can use it at work, in your free time and why not… even while exercising. In the meantime, it works on your microcirculation in order to reduce cellulite and make your legs as rested and beautiful as you have always wanted.

But you may not know that these are not its only characteristics!

Nikita SHAPE-UP has the highest band to shape and work even more intensely on the belly and hips area, it also lifts the b side in a very natural way thanks to its shape up structure from which it takes its name.

Its denser weave guarantees you a 100% opaque fabric without transparencies.

IMPORTANT: the leggings does not contain any type of active ingredient so it does not interfere with the THYROID or with allergic problems.


One of the main causes of cellulite blemishes is poor circulation and stagnation of fluids in the lower limbs.

This problem affects 90% of women and also affects normal-weight women because it is not related to weight but to what we do on a daily basis. Our lifestyle contributes, in a nutshell, to compromising our circulation.

Spending a long time standing or sitting helps the formation of cellulite and water retention and doing physical activity and eating well often is not enough.

Imagine an employee who spends 8 hours a day sitting 5 days a week... are 4 hours of physical activity a week enough to restore circulation to optimal levels?

The answer is no!

This is why we have thought of a clothing line that constantly reactivates the microcirculation while you are wearing them.

At the end of the day your legs will immediately feel lighter and more rested, the skin softer and more toned and by using them constantly, the imperfections of cellulite are reduced.

All our slimming leggings have the characteristic of being light and ergonomic. Furthermore, in the parts of the body where you sweat the most, there are areas with greater perspiration. They are excellent for reducing cellulite by promoting microcirculation and thermoregulation of the body.


The NIKITA SHAPE UP leggings are made with a revolutionary fabric: INNERGY®, clinically and dermatologically tested, in which natural minerals defined as bioactive have been inserted because they are able to absorb body heat and reflect it in the form of long infrared rays, (Rays FIR- Far Infrared Rays).

Long infrared rays produce important benefits for our body, which is why they are also called "rays of life", acting directly on the water molecules present in the tissues of our body.

Here are the specific benefits we get:

  • They improve circulation
  • They favor the drainage of liquids
  • The metabolism is enhanced and facilitated by promoting the disposal of fat
  • They reduce water retention
  • They reduce fatigue and tiredness
  • They slow down aging
  • They promote the elimination of toxins

This technology has been incorporated into the DNA of our NIKITA yarns, so they never run out of effectiveness.

It is important to underline that it is not a neoprene garment with a sauna effect so they do not sweat, but rather radiate a uniform heat that constantly reactivates the microcirculation.

The fabric has obtained the OEKO-TEX CLASS 1 certification... in a nutshell, the fabric used for our NIKITA SHAPE UP has been made taking into account the highest safety standards for health and in compliance with human and ecological requirements.


NIKITA SHAPE UP leggings are ideal to be used in your daily life:

while you work, while relaxing, going out with friends or while exercising.

Just change shoes or accessories and you are immediately ready !!!

To get the best results, just wear NIKITA SHAPE UP anti-cellulite leggings for at least 6 hours a day.

Also ideal for post-partum to help the tissues and muscles of the belly (still relaxed) to regain tone thanks to its higher waistband.


We do not recommend using the product during pregnancy, because since they’re modeling they would be too tight.

* The Nikita effect may vary from person to person based on some subjective variables: one's genetics, age and health status.


Leggings NIKITA SHAPE UP are made with an extremely fine fabric so it is advisable to wash the garment at 30 ° C using the program for delicate garments. If you wash them by hand, remember not to scrub them. Never use fabric softener that weakens the fibers of the garments.


We give the possibility to make the change. Any requests must be made within 3 days of receipt of the product by sending an exchange request email to

To make the change it is necessary that the garment is still provided with the attached label and that it is intact.

In the event of an exchange, the costs of return and redelivery are charged to the customer.

Don't feel like going to the post office or looking for a courier? Don't worry you can take advantage of our goods collection service.

We will send the courier who will come to collect the product to be changed directly at your home and will bring you the new package.

The cost of the service amounts to € 12 to be paid in advance by PostePay top-up or bank transfer.

The new product will be sent only after verifying that the withdrawn product is in perfect condition. Everything, between delivery and collection, will have a time span of 5 to 8 days.


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