A toast and then a slice of panettone, and again a toast, a dinner and an aperitif at the end of the year with colleagues. Vices, vices and tears to the rule during the Christmas holidays tend to weigh us down and risk making us fat in no time.

Goal after the holiday? Filed the last bite of nougat, it's time to get back in shape: this is the main good purpose of those who, between Christmas and New Year, have exaggerated a bit between delicacies and drinks.
The first step to get in shape after the holidays? Look reality in the face and do not ignore the sentence of the scales. After the holidays, do not escape the weighing, better if done in the middle of the week to center the average of the fluctuations of the peso, which tends to soar over the weekend.
And then?
Here are 3 tips to immediately eliminate the pounds accumulated during the holidays, deflate effectively and quickly regain optimal physical shape, sweeping away any excess residue from the body.

donna che sale sulla bilancia

1. Drain liquids to get in shape

During the holidays, between a dinner, a lunch and an aperitif with friends, it is easy to give in to a few too many glasses. Accompanied perhaps by some pretzels and a slice of sweet.
With the result that salt accumulates under the tissues and retains water. It is It is precisely the stagnation of subcutaneous liquids to give, at first, the sensation of diffuse swelling and, secondly, to turn into pads. A layer of adipose fat that, if not eliminated immediately, can settle and become difficult to remove.
How to act to get back in shape in a short time?
Immediately draining excess fluids and facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins.
In addition to increasing water consumption, preferably enriched with lemon juice that disinfects, alkalizes and detoxifies, rely on products specifically formulated to accelerate drainage.
ComAnd ALOE 200:1 WITH HONEY signed FGM04: a purifying drink with a very powerful phytoformulation, indicated to act directly on digestion and intestinal transit. ALOE 200:1 WITH HONEY while detoxifying the body, thanks to the incredible properties of aloe, it stimulates the metabolism, through vitamins B1, B3 and B5, and strengthens the immune system, with folic acid.
With ALOE 200:1 WITH HONEY You can get back in shape without sacrifices! The draining drink is easy to take, pure or diluted in water, and is delicious thanks to the freshness of grapefruit and the sweetness of violet of thought and wildflower honey.
Purified with taste with 200:1 ALOE WITH HONEY

bevanda depurativa a base di aloe

2. Get back in shape by reshaping tipping points with shock treatments

If the holidays have left you with the unmistakable signs of their passage, raging on specific areas, do not waste time and respond with equal determination. Getting back in shape is easier if you act in a targeted manner on the points most affected by swelling and fat.
To intervene with a shock action, choose concentrated products with a liporeducing effect, rich in slimming active ingredients specially designed to combat adiposity.
ComAnd ADIPE KO Of FGM04, an instantaneous absorption gel that acts in a targeted manner on localized fat accumulations.
Thanks to an exclusive cosmeceutical formulation based on creatine, theophylline, phosphatidylcholine and visnadine, ADIPE KO It penetrates deeply and reactivates cellular metabolism, reshaping the body.
Where to usAnd ADIPE KO? Directly on critical points, such as hips, thighs and abdomen: right there where post-Christmas swelling is usually most visible.
ADIPE KO It is not only effective to get back in shape in the short term, but guarantees excellent results for a long time: thanks to valine, which has an antioxidant action, and spirea ulmaria and horse chestnut extract, which improve circulation and protect blood vessels.
The extra touch? Applied ADIPE KO With a constant and intense self-massage: on the legs or belly perform fast and circular movements with the fingertips and palms of the hands, proceeding from the bottom upwards. Whenever possible, grab a flap of skin and slide the epidermis between your fingers like a roller, graining it slightly. In this way you will facilitate the drainage of toxins.

3. Getting back in shape is glamorous! With the FRIDA line beauty is on the skin

Getting back in shape after the holidays is not a challenge that can be solved in a few words: to deflate completely and lose the extra pounds accumulated to the sound of toasts you need time and perseverance.
To take care of the body at all times, try the innovation of the moment: cosmetic clothing that acts on fabrics, reshaping them and fighting cellulite closely.

They are two of the most avant-garde products for those who want to get back in shape, say goodbye to orange peel skin and find a harmonious silhouette.
FRIDA BODY And FRIDA LEGGINGS are special garments made of Emona fabric: cosmetic clothing that is worn comfortably and is pleasant on the skin, elastic and comfortable, as well as beautiful to look at.
The Emana fabric is highly technological and exploits the heat naturally produced by the body to transform it into distant infrared rays that act on adiposity and activate the drainage of liquids. Meanwhile, the microcapsules integrated into the yarn stimulate the skin and rub it, reactivating the microcirculation.
Wearing the garments of thAnd FRIDA line 6 hours a day, for at least 30 days, and combining cosmetic treatment with a healthy and balanced life, you can touch the first results in a short time.
In addition, with these special cosmetic clothing, in addition to getting back in shape by reducing the adiposity localized in the critical points – such as hips, thighs and buttocks – it is also possible to regenerate the skin leaving it compact and younger.
FRIDA BODY, IKONIC slimming sweaters And FRIDA LEGGINGS They can be worn under clothes, or they can be used as real clothing: to play sports, as if they were technical pants, or to go out, as opaque socks.

leggings anticellulite Frida

Get back in shape after the holidays: a possible mission!

If the scale has a plus sign, do not despair! Getting back in shape after the holidays and recovering a harmonious silhouette is possible, using the right tools.
Draining, hitting critical areas and smoothing blemishes, reactivating circulation, are the 3 essential steps to return dry and deflated.
Any other advice?
At the table, pay attention to the portions: just reduce the food on the plate by 20% to drastically reduce calories, meal after meal, without feeling on a diet.
For at least 4 days a week, then, eliminate sweets and alcohol, setting recovery phases and concession phases, so as to satisfy the mind and keep the metabolism on.
As soon as you can, then, tie your shoes and go out for a brisk walk: a 30-minute hike at a brisk pace can make you lose up to 150 calories. The equivalent of 50 grams of bread, 100 grams of eggs or 80 grams of tuna in oil.
Surprised? Walking is a formidable panacea to get back in shape: before going out, however, do not forget to fill a water bottle with water and ALOE 200:1 and, after showering, spread plenty ADIPE KO on critical points!
Women can also wear LEGGINGS FRIDA AND THE BODY FRIDA to maximize the liporeducing effect.

Buona Fitness has tutti!

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