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Cellulite is an aesthetic skin problem caused by the excessive accumulation of fat and water in fat cells and an altered connective subcutaneous tissue. At Fgm04 we have a variety of high quality anti-cellulite products in the form of slimming gels, oils and sludge that allow a clear reduction of cellulite symptoms. All dermatologically tested at the University of Padua.


Specific gel sub-form for Legs, thighs and buttocks We have several products created to improve skin imperfections caused by cellulite, even for those who have more fragile capillaries. Gels are suitable to apply All over the body .. If you do any physical activity it is advisable to apply it both before and after to benefit more from the mineralizing properties contained within it.

Thanks to our Slimming and slimming oils You can give a greater tone to the skin by applying them on the whole body. In addition, the oil fights the signs of aging by counteracting wrinkles, dryness, peeling by improving the appearance of the skin. In our anti-cellulite oils is present the Phosphatidylcholine , A fundamental element to regenerate and strengthen the skin, prevent keratinization while keeping the skin soft and supple.

The Anticellulite Sludge fgm04 Are amazing products, not only cleanse the skin, but nourish it with minerals, salts and other essential natural elements for the care of your skin that it needs on a daily basis. Sludge is available in two versions, Hot and cold.

Cold. Cold mud has an anti-cellulite and draining function, it gives an immediate feeling of freshness. Ready to use. Hot sludge has an anti-cellulite and slimming function, giving a pleasant sensation of warmth to the application. Ready to use. Unlike other sludge on the market, ours do not interfere with the thyroid. 20 minutes of laying is enough for a shock effect.

Here are some of our elements present in our products:

AMMINE IODATA: On the surface layer of our skin there are already amino acids committed to keeping our skin hydrated. The iodiated amine always keeps the skin moist, not allowing the formation of rough textures, ruining the aesthetics of the skin.

CAFFEINE: A common ingredient in topical anti-cellulite creams is caffeine. The Caffeine Increases blood flow to the area, thus acting as a diuretic. By reducing the water content contained in fat, you will notice an improvement on the skin.

SWEET ORANGE: It is a cosmetic ingredient to reduce the formation of cellulite. Reduces dark spots and imperfections thanks to Vitamin C, c omits free radicals to prevent premature aging of the skin, it also promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis.

BIOLIQUEFACT FROM RED GRAPES: This element allows to keep the skin hydrated and supple, it fights the signs of aging by counteracting wrinkles, dehydration, dryness, peeling, improving cellulite.

CREATIN: Creatine helps repair the cells of our skin by speeding up the regeneration process. The application of creatine to the face and body helps to provide new energy to our cells, stimulate the production of collagen, thereby reducing the signs of cellulite.

Gravity scale of cellulite

Grade 1: It is mild, the skin has an "orange peel" appearance, having between 1 and 4 superficial depressions with a slightly drooping appearance on the skin.

Grade 2: it is moderate: there are between 5 and 9 depressions of medium depth, a "cottage cheese" appearance, the skin looks visually ruined.

Grade 3: It is serious: it has the appearance of a "mattress", with 10 or more deep depressions, the skin surface is severely damaged.

Cellulite is a term that is used when you have formations of lumps and dimples on the surface of the skin. Other synonyms for this term are: orange peel skin, skin from cottage cheese, hail damage and mattress phenomenon.

Cellulite can affect both men and women, despite this it has been studied that this phenomenon affects women most because of the different distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue. 80 and 90 percent of women can experience cellulite at a certain period of their lives.