We women are often obsessed with the desire to lose a few pounds and seeing ourselves in better shape is more beautiful than ever.

Today a help to reach your own healthy weight goals comes right from the world of fashion: the choice of wearing special garments to lose weight is increasingly in vogue, but how do these garments work and which are the most effective? Let's find out better.

What are the effects and benefits of wearing slimming garments?

The slimming garments are garments made with special technical characteristics that allow the wearer to achieve excellent results in terms of streamlining.

From an aesthetic point of view, they are specially designed to mask small defects such as the slightly protruding hips or culottes de cheval, through a containing fabric Which balances the silhouette making it more harmonious and proportionate.

Do they really make you lose weight?

Wearing clothes that make us comfortable is already precious to the self-esteem of us women, but on the practical side, do these garments really lose weight?

The answer is Depends.

As always, when it comes to weight loss and anti-cellulite treatments, we cannot think of relying on a single miraculous product that will make us lose pounds simply by wearing it.

L’slimming clothing can certainly lend a hand in terms of slimming the silhouette and reactivation of the microcirculation effortlessly, but next to comfort we must still combine a training constant and one balanced diet If we want to maximize the results.

The benefits of wearing slimming clothing

Depending on which slimming garments we choose to buy (in the next paragraph you find a detailed description of the different types on the market), the benefits To wear them will be these:

  • Thinning of the silhouette
  • Draining action
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Reactivation of microcirculation
  • Anti-cellulite effect
  • Comfort to wear a garment that puts us at ease and works on streamlining without any effort

Clothes for weight loss: which ones to choose?

Slimming garments are born for those who need to lose weight and reshape their figure even outside the gym.

On the market you can find slimming sweaters or bodysuits, containment sheaths, anti-cellulite leggings.

How do they work? There are so many types of slimming clothing and the difference is given by the material from which they are made.

Neoprene clothing

The most common are made in neoprene, A non-breathable and containing material which, by heating the skin, stimulates sweating and the elimination of toxins.

Consequently, the difference in kilos that is perceived before and after wearing this type of clothing is more than anything else given by fluid loss, Not from a real slimming.

However, they have the advantage of containing localized adiposities and favoring the elimination of liquids through a draining action, but wearing them can give the feeling of excessive containment.

To be clear, neoprene is the same material used in diving suits, so it is not surprising that it tightens and it makes you sweat a lot (The slimming neoprene shorts have been renamed sauna-shorts!).

Items with active ingredients

Other garments are made by integrating some active ingredients such as caffeine or Asian centella into the yarn.

We know that the Caffeine Is one of the most effective remedies to counteract the imperfections of cellulite, but the disadvantage of these models is that with the passage of washes their effectiveness is less, since the active ingredients are reduced to disappear.

Clothing with innovative FGM04 technology

The increasing demand for fashionable and at the same time slimming clothing has led to the development of new textile technologies.

We at FGM04 also took to the forefront by experimenting with a new, clinically tested tissue, available today in our weight loss product line.

In our catalog you will not find containment sheaths or garments made of neoprene, precisely because our goal is to offer fashionable clothing with maximum comfort.

abito monospalla e jumpsuit snellenti di FGM04

Unlike other slimming garments, FGM04 garments do not make you sweat and are therefore wearable not only in the gym but also in everyday life, to get a shaping effect even while you are having dinner with friends or having fun at the disco.

Find out how they work better:

Anti-cellulite leggings

The FGM04 anti-cellulite leggings are a must have for those who want to combine beauty and functionality in a single garment. Comfortable and breathable, they do not tighten excessively but rather accompany the curves of the body by redistributing fat in the right places.

They are made with an innovative technical fabric, INNERGY®, Clinically and dermatologically tested, in which bioactive defined minerals have been incorporated since they are able to absorb the heat of the body and redistribute it in the form of long infrared rays.

How do they help to lose weight?

They act directly on the water molecules present in the tissues of our body, bringing several benefits:

  • They reactivate the circulation
  • They favor the drainage of liquids
  • They enhance metabolism by favoring the disposal of fat
  • They reduce water retention
  • They favor the elimination of toxins
  • They reduce tiredness and fatigue

Women who have tried anti-cellulite leggings report that they immediately noticed they felt the lighter legs at the end of the day, even after many hours of standing.
This is because, acting on the microcirculation, the Innergy tissue®Helps the lymphatic system to work better and avoid stagnation of liquids, cause of edema and cellulite.
For this reason we recommend them above all to those who have circulation problems, spend many hours standing or sitting perhaps for work, and to those looking for comfortable and shaping leggings for training.
We suggest wearing them at least six hours a day for reactivate the microcirculation continuously, even outside of your workouts.
The technology being incorporated into the DNA of the yarn, it is important to point out that they will never exhaust their effectiveness, not even washing them several times.

In our collection you can find models for every need and in different colors, here we offer you the most beloved:

  • Leggings Push Up Gym Fashion : They are perfect for any sport and for those looking for trendy and shaping leggings. The high V-shaped band makes the tummy flatter and the natural lift thong structure reshapes and lifts the butt, making it appear taller and firmer.
  • Nikita Shape Up Flat Belly : This model is ideal to be worn during everyday life. The even higher fascia reshapes the belly and hips and also in this case the shape up structure highlights the B side making it more toned.

leggings anticellulite fgm04

Body Snellenti

The fgm04 slimming bodysuits are breathable and adapt to your body, reshaping the circumference of your abdomen, hips and buttocks.
Like leggings, they are made with an innovative technology patented Emana®..
It is an intelligent yarn inside which bioactive mineral crystals are inserted that redistribute heat on your body in the form of infrared rays, in order to drain liquids, reactivate circulation and stimulate metabolism simply by wearing it.

It is not the classic containment sheath that makes you sweat: the fit is comfortable and breathable, making it an ideal garment to wear in all seasons and with all outfits.
It has a containing and remodeling effect: it has been specially designed to give a push-up effect on the breast and back, naturally harmonizing the curves of your body, with an immediate effect of a flat stomach and slimmer hips.
Since the minerals are incorporated into the DNA of the yarn, the benefits on microcirculation never run out, not even after numerous washes.
As with leggings, we recommend using them at least six hours a day to get the best results.
Here is a selection of the most requested models:

  • Body Frida Luxury Black : It is the ideal body to show off on special occasions, when you want to highlight all your sensuality. Wrapping your body like a second skin, the shape model will give you an enviable shape. It goes perfectly with tight skirts and trousers thanks to the thong model.
  • Body Frida Drop Black : Latest novelty, the Frida body will help you to drain the tissues without compressing, while at the same time highlighting your femininity thanks to the sensual teardrop neckline on the décolleté. The black color makes it suitable for all occasions and with any outfit, from skirts to trousers, from more summer and brilliant colors to the more elegant and sober ones.
  • Long Sleeve Bordeaux Body : With a warm and autumn color, this garment is perfect for preparing for winter, beautiful combined with a velvet skirt or black trousers. Just like the other bodysuits, wearing it will immediately make you look slimmer, deflating your belly and slimming your silhouette. Being long-sleeved, this model also works on the arms, where it is often difficult to intervene, firming them and making them more toned.

Abbigliamento per dimagrire

Slimming shirts

Unique of their kind, the slimming fgm04 sweaters combine comfort, beauty and functionality.
They are made from the same innovative and clinically tested fabric as the anti-cellulite leggings and slimming bodysuits, so they provide the same benefits:

  • They reshape the silhouette
  • They improve circulation
  • They favor the drainage of liquids
  • They stimulate metabolism by reducing the formation of fat
  • They reduce water retention

They are real trendy garments, comfortable to wear, which at the same time work on the tummy and hips reshaping, draining the adipose tissues.
The collection is rich in models and colors suitable for every occasion and personality:

  • Frida crop top t-shirt : A must in a casual and sporty wardrobe, the Frida crop top is one of the most loved because its versatility makes it suitable for any outfit. Whether you choose to pair it with leggings to complement your workout outfit, or whether you're wearing it over simple jeans, you won't go unnoticed.
  • Bolero Nikita Gym Fashion : Perfect to wear over the leggings to be fashionable even in the gym, but also on top of jeans or a casual skirt, the colors of this long-sleeved model will surprise you with their vibrancy. Ideal for any sport, the second skin effect and natural push up will make you feel beautiful and comfortable.
  • Ikonic Slimming Jersey : Classic slimming technical fabric t-shirt.

Of course, the line is complete with long-sleeved sweaters and cubs for everyday life.

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Discover the whole collection , Made in Italy, and remember that the well-being today also passes through what we wear!!!

Need advice on sizes or to choose the most suitable slimming clothing for you? Write to us Customers @ fgm04.com : We will be happy to help you :)