“Strong of twenty years of experience in the production of cosmetics aimed at professional use, we at FGM04 have finally decided to use the knowledge acquired, in continuous contact with beauty professionals, to produce a high-level cosmetic line… ”

This has been the company presentation that has accompanied us for over twelve years. It is imprinted in our catalogues, in the technical data sheets of our products, it was present in all previous versions of our website.

These are real words that reflect our identity. They represent the evolutionary path we have traveled from a simple cosmetic laboratory to a cosmetic brand synonymous with quality and professionalism.

However... rereading them today we realized that something important is missing from these words.

Our passion does not shine through!

The visceral love for what we do does not shine through!

Through this presentation we will try to correct this shortcoming.  We will do this, not by describing who we are, but by explaining what we do.


A company revolves around its customers, we are well aware of this.

This is why we at FGM04 always put the customer first.

This does not mean that we always try to give him reason to make him feel good, as the famous saying that circulates in the world of work goes. Customer first means that your needs are the reason for our commitment.

Solving your problem is the goal of our work. Obviously we are delighted to have direct contact with our customers and for this reason we are always open to dialogue, friendly and quick to respond.


Sounds like a cliche, but it's not.

We do not create a cosmetic by deciding, once produced, what its application will be:

“What do you think of this formulation? What do you say? We could sell it as anti-cellulite! In this period of the year they are fashionable.”

Absolutely not. This does not happen in FGM04.

It's not uncommon for us to hear conversations like this:

“Cellulite is always a very topical problem… lately even some men are starting to complain about this imperfection.  We should formulate something effective.

Call the lab to find out more, let's test some new formulations.”

Here you are. This is what happens in FGM04.


Producing quality cosmetics means knowing the problems very well and knowing how to solve them.

Obviously this result is not obtained out of nowhere or thanks to luck, but it is the consequence of continuous updating and training.

We know cellulite very well, how fat accumulations are formed or why our face, at a certain point, loses its turgidity.

We keep the secrets for formulating a good anti-cellulite, anti-grease or anti-wrinkle product. But is it enough to have such notions? Stand still in time? Feel satisfied with what we already know? We at FGM04 believe it is important to focus entirely on research and innovation. We strive to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

The essence of the human being lies in progress. It is no coincidence that we were the first to introduce substances such as capsicum resin oil, phosphatidylcholine and visnadine. So, as we have said, research is constant for us!


We work in a difficult field! We know it well. There is a lot of subjectivity.

It is difficult to understand what satisfaction means.

Did the product do its job? Did the customer like the fragrance? Was the texture pleasant?

We could go on for hours.

So what does satisfaction mean?

When our customer trusts us by constantly relying on our products and putting their beauty in our hands, it means that we have definitely hit the spot!


It is an important statement.

We at FGM04 know very well who we are, what our identity is and why we do the work we do.

We are a company that produces high-level cosmetics and cosmeceuticals at an affordable cost. We are not willing to compromise.

It doesn't even exist as a joke that an FGM04 product is mediocre. It would damage the reputation built up over the years. Our image would suffer.

Quality is the first word that must evoke the FGM04 brand.

For this reason we leave nothing to chance.

Attention to detail and the search for constant innovation are the foundations of our success, our distinctive traits.