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Slimming, anti-cellulite and shaping bodysuits to reduce blemishes

Unique in their kind, the FGM04 bodysuits are performing and combine clinically and dermatologically tested technologies. The new FGM04 slimming bodysuits help reduce swelling, water retention and tone. If used for sporting activities, they reduce muscle fatigue while keeping the skin hydrated. It seems impossible? Try them and you will see the results. We suggest wearing them at least six hours a day... you won't be able to do without them anymore.

Do bodysuits make me look thinner?

The FGM04 bodysuits are shaping so they will instantly visibly give you a more harmonious silhouette: flatter tummy and slimmer hips. We offer a wide range of models so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and personality.

Do calorie and fat burners really work?

The fgm04 bodysuits are made with special fabrics, clinically tested and recognized throughout the world, capable of absorbing body heat and converting it into long infrared rays. These rays, also called health rays, reactivate the microcirculation with innumerable beneficial effects such as reduction of blemishes, reduction of water retention. The metabolism is strengthened and facilitated by favoring the disposal of fat.

Can slimming bodysuits help me lose weight?

Weight loss means loss of kg. Wearing the fgm04 slimming and anti-cellulite bodysuits you will notice an improvement in terms of circumference. By giving a draining effect, a weight loss could be felt due to the reduction of fluid stagnation. From today there is a new ally to keep fit. All you have to do is put on our leotards.