The 5 is a magical number that has always been linked to nature and life, a symbol of man, health and love.
Below are the 5 key points to enjoy your FGM04 creation to the fullest:

All FGM04 leggings are made in Italy with precious materials, in which the F.I.R technology has been incorporated into the yarn DNA.

All FGM04 leggings use F.I.R. technology. We added to the yarn DNANatural mineralsWhich allow to convert the heat of the human body intoFar infrared rays (F.I.R.)And reflect it on the skin tissues, allowing toGently energize the cells.

Advantages of F.I.R. Technology:

  • Improvement of muscle recovery after athletic activity.
  • The gentle heat emitted by the fibers invigorates the body, improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Durable and long-lasting: repeated washes will not decrease performance
  • Smell reduction.
  • Greater muscle elasticity

Laboratory tests have shown that bio-active minerals added to the fabric make FGM04's leggings a beauty treatment.

Council 1:She wears our leggings forAt least 6 hours a dayFor 30 consecutive days, to find maximum benefits.


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All leggingsFGM04 are made using Seamless textile technology, which allowsThe almost total absence of seamsIn the leaders. This allowed us to create leggings without the unsightly stitching in the front so hated by women.

The models with rear seamsWere made and designed by our expert modellers,To make the most of theFemale forms.

Council 2:To wear the garment properly, simply raise the leggings along your legs and hips, exactly as you would to wear tights. Do not pull the seam vertically, As it is not a rubber band. These leggings have been made without elastic thread to allow anyone to be able to sew with a simple needle and thread in case of accidental unstitching (due to improper use).


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Having entered the Technology F.I.R. Inside the DNA of the yarn, Allows not to reduce its performance Even after repeated washing, having the certainty that you have not in any way affected the effectiveness of your boss.

Council 3: To extend the life of your creation we recommend washing clothes by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature Max of 30 °C . Remember to always wash the clothes inside out and without rubbing to avoid the abrasive effect that could create peeling.

We do not recommend using fabric softener which, as is well known, could weaken the fibers of clothing. Do not use the centrifuge and dryer.


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The fabric we use in our leggings is obtained from Renewable raw materials , Therefore to the undeniable advantages for your Wellness , Combine the benefits that its use brings to' Environment .

FGM04 Frida leggings have obtained 2 certification of conformity: ETHIC-ET®And ISO 14064.ETHIC-ET® Certifies that Products and processes are chemically safe for the consumer and environmentally sustainable. Finally, GHG emissions (Greenhouse gases) Comply with ISO 14064 -1:2018/UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019.

Council 4: Choose quality products, made by certified companies that you take Care as much about your well-being as the environment in which you live.


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Proud to be Italian, we have always been committed to making our garments with theCare and attention to every detailThat has always distinguished us in the world. Faithful to our origin, the entire production cycle of FGM04 takes place in Italy: from design to choice of raw materials, from construction to sale. The FGM04 bossesThey are all strictly 100% Made in Italy.

Our leaders also got the certificationOEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100Because they mirror theClass 1 standard, The most stringent, attributed to the fabric products for children and infants up to 3 years of age, soFGM04 leggings ensure maximum possible safety.

Council 5:By purchasing a totally made in Italy garment you will actively contribute to supporting the values, care and style that has made us famous all over the world. Also maintain the production process in a limited areaHelps reduce environmental impactCaused by the transport of your boss.


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