How many times, looking in the mirror, have we wondered “But are these pads fat or cellulite?” .. With the arrival of summer fitness becomes a special remark, and achieving the desired silhouette is a real mission.
A battle that must begin with the knowledge of the enemy. And yet, as far as you're talking about it, Distinguish localized adiposity from cellulite is not so easy , Especially when we do not have the differences very clear.
Although very different from each other, in fact, these disorders are located in the same areas of the body and, at first glance, seem rather similar.
The first step to regain well-being and lightness? Learn to distinguish them, to fight them effectively!

Localized adiposity and cellulite: let's discover together everything there is to know!

Localized adiposity is an accumulation of fat tissue In particular areas of the body and varies depending on the physical conformation. A pathology that takes the form of a Increase in the volume and number of adipocytes , But without alterations of the cellular structure or local microcirculation. An increase in “healthy” adipose tissue which, however, involves neither pain nor skin changes.
If you think it's only a female problem, you're wrong.

Adiposity, although in different areas, Affects both sexes ..

In the woman the most marked parts are the hips, the belly, the thighs and the inner knee area. All those areas that make us opt for a nice comfortable dress rather than a tight sheath dress.

In humans, however, the fat deposits accumulate mainly to Abdominal level .. A concrete problem, especially for those who hope to arrive on the beaches with an enviable turtle.

If we talk about Cellulite We mean, instead, a real pathology which, unlike localized adiposity, mainly affects the female sex: an inflammation of the cells of the adipose tissue and local microcirculation, which leads to an increase in hyaluronic acid and therefore to a greater appeal of water. The causes: often genetic and hereditary, sometimes hormonal, in some cases linked to incorrect habits, such as smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, which sclerotic tissues.

As much or as little as it is, cellulite is one of the most hated and fought imperfections by women, feared precisely because of its “democratic” approach. Cellulite , In fact, Can appear even in thin and young people , With no exclusion, peeping after puberty and getting worse as the years progressed.

A phenomenon that is mainly localized on the buttocks and thighs and that tends to present with the typical "orange peel" appearance. With time, then, it can also come to form deeper irregularities, causing real "holes" on the skin, painful to the touch. A nightmare, especially in view of the summer.

coscia con moderata cellulite

Localized adiposity or cellulite? A complete identikit in three steps!

Now that we have defined localized adiposity and cellulite, we learn to recognize them, always paying attention to three factors: Appearance, localization And Compression ..

In the case of Fat accumulations It is good to remember that cells, even if full of lipids, are vital and reactive to stimuli.
Here is in detail What localized adiposity looks like ..

  • Appearance: the skin turns out to be smooth and toned with a normal temperature. There is neither an increase in heat, nor a cooling of the part.
  • Localization: it is generally placed in the area of the hips, belly, knees, but also in the thighs, on the back and on the arms. A widespread distribution that affects the whole body.
  • Compression: to the touch, by compressing the part, the skin does not have the classic orange peel and there is no sensation of pain.
  • In the case of cellulite, on the other hand, there is talk of a real inflammatory state of the cells which involves a reduction of oxygen in the tissues and the consequent accumulation of water and waste. Thus was born the water retention which, over time, generates inflamed bearings and stiffens the subcutaneous areas.

Here's how you recognize yourself.

  • Appearance: the inflamed tissue presents with a dull complexion, the skin is colder than normal and loses elasticity. The evident capillaries increase and the classic “orange peel” appears.
  • Localization: The typical areas where cellulite is formed are the thighs, buttocks and the inside of the knee. The points most feared by women and also the most exposed during the summer!
  • Compression: Compressing the part affected by cellulite results in pain, which can vary in intensity depending on the stage of inflammation. Furthermore, by rolling the skin between the fingers, you will notice the presence of nodules of different sizes.
coscia con cellulite evidente

Controlled nutrition and good habits: localized adiposity and cellulite are numbered

Well-being always starts from within: at the base of a healthy body, free from fat, water retention and consequent cellulite, a correct and balanced diet cannot be missing.
Fruits and vegetables are the best companions to declare war on imperfections , Because rich in mineral salts and vitamins. In view of the summer, bring diuretic foods to the table, such as asparagus and cucumbers, indicated to eliminate toxins from the body. Furthermore, rely on bean sprouts against localized adiposity: rich in vitamins and low in calories, they help the proper functioning of the liver and promote blood circulation. To lighten the tissue, then, Say goodbye to excess salt and sugar : The first increases water retention-and aggravates cellulite-the second overloads the liver which immediately turns it into fat. But not only! Water, preferably alkaline, is the number one ally Of our body to counteract water retention, promote drainage and eliminate slag from the body.
The table has been cleared, Take care of the lifestyle : Banned bad habits like the Smoke -Nicotine damages cells and produces free radicals- Don't overdo it with super spirits -Alcohol strains the liver and compromises microcirculation-and finally, You keep the stress away ..

alimentazione che contrasta la cellulite

Ours are coming!

If Against localized adiposity and cellulite You were afraid of having to do everything yourself, don't be afraid: signed professional cosmetics FGM04 Is always by your side.

In case of localized adiposity, try the brand new Hot Mud : A true beneficial mix of active ingredients for Counteract the imperfections of fat accumulations And for Reactivate microcirculation Strengthening the capillaries, thanks to the blueberry extract. Immediately silky and much more toned skin. Touch-proof!

In addition to the blueberry extract il Hot Mud Of FGM04 contains:
- Ginkgo biloba extract Which, like blueberry, reactivates the circulation;
- Extract of guarana and zedoaria, Lipolytic, firming and purifying action;
- Green tea extract , Stimulating and draining;
- Capstic , Reactivating and stimulating.

How Adipe KO , Specially designed for Counteract the imperfections caused by fat accumulation Subcutaneous. Combined with a healthy diet, Adipe KO Reactivates the metabolism of cells , Accelerates the elimination of the most tenacious fats and defines the skin of the abdomen and hips, making it more toned.
Adipe KO Is an innovative and effective product, rich in active ingredients including:

  • Arginine, with a moisturizing and elasticating power;
  • Creatine, resinate oil of capsic and theobromine, stimulants of fat metabolism;
  • Taurine and valine, with antioxidant action;
  • Caffeinache promotes the dissolution of fats;
  • Visnadine and phosphatidylcholine, which activate the process of lipolysis;
  • Extract of horse chestnut, which improves circulation and protects weakened blood vessels;
  • Ivy, for toning;
  • Cr oil Rice usca Which performs an emollient and nourishing action.

If the problem, however, is cellulite, a valid help comes from CellKO .. A cosmetic gel specially designed by FGM04 To reactivate the circulation and Reduce imperfections caused by water retention , Especially localized on the thighs and buttocks.

A product designed for the female universe, consisting of:

  • Caffeine, stimulant and draining;
  • Vanillyl butyl ether to ignite the circulation;
  • Escina, hesperidin and diosmin, a winning trio against cellulite and fragility Capillary.

Ideal on the thighs, buttocks and hips, gives a silky skin, visibly toned and… scented!

donna che spalma crema suuna coscia

Healthy diet, balanced life and some help from cosmetics: here is the recipe for a healthy body that is always at the top, free from localized adiposity and cellulite!

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