• Increased muscle mass: the best exercises to do at home
  • How to increase muscle mass from home with simple exercises
  • How to train from home without tools
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  • Exercises to increase the pectorals
  • Exercises to increase biceps
  • Exercises to increase triceps
  • Exercises to increase shoulders
  • Exercises to increase the mass of the legs and buttocks
  • Abdominal Exercises
  • Training card to increase muscle mass
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Increased muscle mass: the best exercises to do at home

What increases the Muscle mass ? How to increase muscle mass comfortably from home, without the need to go to the gym and undergo long training sessions? If you are looking for an extremely effective home workout program to gain muscle mass quickly, you are in the right place!

In this article we will show you the most effective exercises that you can do comfortably from home to boost your muscle mass: here's how to get strong without a gym!

How to increase muscle mass from home with simple exercises

How to boost muscles quickly from home? Training from home with the aim of increasing muscle mass means scrupulously following training plans specially designed and conceived ad hoc. To conceive an adequate training program it is first of all important to understand what tools and tools we have available in our homes, to use for the exercises.

If you do not have any equipment, it is also possible to train totally free body and without the aid of tools: however, it is important to point out that training from home without any equipment or tool, often and willingly does not allow to achieve the set goals of strengthening muscle mass.

To increase muscle mass comfortably from home, the best solution is certainly to try (as much as possible) to recreate a small gym within your domestic spaces. Obviously it is unthinkable to think of having all the machines and tools that are usually found in gyms in your home spaces: for some exercises you just need a mat, dumbbells, or even better a gym bench. With some simple basic tools, such as a bench, a rocker, or even a Power rack With dumbbells, you will be able to recreate the ideal conditions for conducting a functional home workout for strengthening muscle mass.

bilancere su power rack

Having equipment is not essential to strengthen muscle mass by training from home: however it is good to point out that if you train only with the help of your body weight, it is not always so easy to strengthen your muscle mass. Without the possibility of adding an extra weight to your load and without the use of tools, to strengthen muscle mass it will be necessary to vary the exercise each time, making it more difficult and complex.

In general terms we can say that the more precisely the exercises are carried out following specific parameters, the more effective they will turn out. It is certainly true that with the use of dumbbells and machines, exercises will be more effective: in these circumstances it will be necessary to add the right load and perform the exercise correctly and consistently.

How to train from home without tools

To train from home without tools, we will have to be inspired by the training techniques of the Big body builder : These great athletes often and willingly in fact train without the aid of tools, but only using their own body weight. The experience of the great body builder athletes therefore confirms how it is possible, with the right approach, to strengthen one's muscle mass in an important way, even from the comfort of home and without the use of special tools and tools.

But don't be under any illusions: training from home without tools or tools is not easy at all. To strengthen muscle mass it takes great commitment, method and perseverance!

A defined and punctual training program always represents the starting point for those who want to strengthen the body mass from home, without the use of particular tools. A calibrated training program must also always provide for a constant increase in the muscle strength used in the exercises. The main challenge of a home workout without tools, is represented by the need to conceive the training program to the smallest detail, constantly acquiring new knowledge and making new movements to increase free body muscle mass. To train without tools you need a great willpower: body weight exercises require great strength in the muscles and gradually become more demanding from a technical point of view: just think of exercises such as squat, push-ups with one arm or jumps.

Finally, it is important to point out that training with free body does not necessarily mean that no equipment is necessary for the exercises: if you do not have a lifting bar, a parallel bar, or rings, it will not be possible to increase muscle mass, using only your own body weight. Of course, a lifting bar is a more convenient accessory than a set of dumbbells or a gym bench.

How to train from home with dumbbells and machines

Let's find out together what is the equipment needed to train from home, with the aim of effectively strengthening one's muscle mass. To make a home muscle mass strengthening workout as effective as possible, it is important to equip yourself with the right tools.

By right and suitable tools we do not mean particular tools that cost important figures. Having a modest basic equipment is the ideal solution to increase muscle mass comfortably from home, performing the most effective exercises for this purpose. Here are the tools we recommend for your home exercises:

  • Two dumbbells with discs (variable weight)
  • One B Ra of traction stabil And
  • Handles or rings for use as a suspension system
  • Set of elastic bands for fitness exercises, equipped with different resistances
squat con bilancere

Exercises to increase the pectorals

There are many effective exercises that you can practice from home in order to boost the pectoral mass. The first exercise that we recommend for this purpose is push-ups (classic push-ups): there are many variations of this exercise to train the pectorals. Push up undoubtedly represents one of the most classic bodyweight exercises. The effectiveness of this training is determined by the working capacity of not only the chest and pectorals, but also the triceps, deltoid and core. Indirectly, the buttocks, quadriceps and stabilizing muscles of the upper section of the body will also work in this exercise.

Another extremely effective exercise for strengthening the bibs is certainly the dip between two chairs: to achieve this exercise, the use of two sturdy chairs or two stools, capable of supporting the weight of your body, will be sufficient. Positioned between the two chairs, supporting the weight of the body on the two hands, holding the feet in front. Lower slowly, until you bring the upper parts of your arms, parallel to the seat of the chairs. Hold for a few seconds and then push your arms up, until the arms are fully extended.

Exercises to increase biceps

We come to the most effective armies from home to enhance the mass of the biceps. The first exercise we want to recommend you is the curl (lateral or other variants of curl with dumbbells). Very effective is also the curl with a fitness band or the curl with rings.

esercizi per braccia

Exercises to increase triceps

To increase the mass of the triceps, all extension exercises are generally recommended, to be performed with the help of dumbbells. Another extremely important tool to enhance the triceps is represented by the extension bar. Even the thrusts back with dumbbells represented an extremely effective exercise to train the triceps one at a time.

Finally, for the strengthening of the triceps we want to recommend the pushdown with rope: this exercise is also very effective to enhance the mass of these muscles. In strengthening the triceps we want to remind you that these muscles will have to be proportionate with the muscles of the shoulders.

Exercises to increase shoulders

The exercises for the increase in the mass of the shoulders that you can carry out from home are multiple. First of all, to all people who want to strengthen the shoulders and their volume we recommend lateral lifting with dumbbells: alternatively for this exercise it is possible to use the fitness bands.

And yet, another effective exercise for strengthening the shoulders is represented by the front lift with dumbbells: also for this exercise it will be possible to use fitness bands as an alternative to dumbbells.

Finally, an important exercise for the strengthening of the mass of the shoulders is the reverse fly with dumbbells: during the execution of this exercise, the muscles involved are the trapezoids, the rhomboid muscles, and again the underfoot and the small and large round. To perform the reverse fly exercise, you will only need two dumbbells weighing appropriate to your training state.

Exercises to increase the mass of the legs and buttocks

Also for the strengthening of the legs and buttocks, the exercises that can be done from home are many. Let's start with the first recommended exercise: the air squat probably represents the basic exercise for strengthening the legs and buttocks. In addition to this exercise you can also perform other types of squats, such as the squat with dumbbells, the goblet squats, or even the pistol squats.

In general terms we can say that even simple lunges with dumbbells represent a very effective exercise for strengthening the muscles of the buttocks and lower limbs.

Finally, an extremely effective exercise is represented by leg extensions on the ground, with the help of fitness bands.

Abdominal Exercises

Turtle-carved abs are a great symbol of male beauty. To enhance and sculpt the abs comfortably from home and without the need to train in the gym we recommend the crunch, the plank, and again the sit-up, the russian twist and the simple leg lift.

All these exercises can be comfortably performed from home, using a simple fitness mat: if performed correctly and consistently, these exercises will allow you to sculpt your belly and strengthen your abdominal muscles in a short time.

Training card to increase muscle mass

As specified in the previous paragraphs, to increase muscle mass with exercises from home it is essential to study a detailed training plan, with its card to be followed scrupulously.

Each training card can be set to a medium or difficult level, depending on the different needs and physical condition of the person.

A training program for strengthening muscle mass from home can be organized and divided into the following cards:

  • Training card involving the use of dumbbells (medium level or difficult level)
  • Training card involving the use of rings (medium level or difficult level)
  • Training card involving the use of dumbbells and rings (medium level or difficult level)

After having drawn up the training program with the related cards, you can finally start your home training for the strengthening of muscle mass.

In conclusion, we want to remember once again how training at home is synonymous with dedication, great willpower and above all perseverance. If you do not feel safe or have doubts about the programs and training cards from home, you can decide to rely on the professionalism and experience of an experienced personal trainer.

If your primary goal is the strengthening of the muscle mass of the whole body and you do not have heavy training loads, the concentration and the method with which you will carry out your exercises will be essential to achieve in the shortest possible time the goals that you will be set.

Products for Muscle Mass Enhancement

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