Cellulite: 5 Doubts to Depel

They suffer over it 20 million Italians : Cellulite is a widespread disorder Which affects, at varying degrees of intensity, about 8 out of 10 women over the age of 18.

A real pathology that can generate annoyance and create embarrassment.

For this reason, many every day wonder about its causes and the best solutions to defeat it definitively.

Here, then, The answers to the 5 most common doubts about cellulite , Along with some Useful advice to get top results in a short time !

  • Is cellulite fighting at the table?

Cellulite imperfections are caused by the simultaneous action of several triggers, including Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissues, the accumulation of toxins and a malfunction of the microcirculation ..

The first rule to eliminate excess adipose tissue and detoxify the whole organism is to Pay attention to the foods we bring to the table , Opting for an anti-cellulite diet.

Restrict or Avoid salt altogether -Which causes water retention-replacing it with spices or herbs to give flavor to foods. Also eliminate all canned products and pickled foods from the table.

On the other hand, the consumption of water and that of Fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants and ascorbic acid , Indispensable for strengthening the capillaries. Among the foods to prefer, fill up Red, pink grapefruit and berry apples , Which improve circulation.

To counteract the typical skin pain linked to inflammation of the sclerotized tissues, then, Reduce inflaming foods : Like those Acid -For example tomatoes-those Fat -Like sausages-and those Fine -Like pasta and bread. In their place, bring ingredients naturally rich in Polyunsaturated fats that help the body to burn : Dried fruits and oily fish are real allies against cellulite.

An extra help?

Fighting cellulite from the inside is easier thanks to Food supplements that assist the proper functioning of the microcirculation And promote the elimination of excess fluid.

How POWER DREN PLUS , A liquid dietary supplement and ready to be taken, by the special Phytoformulation purifying, draining and stimulating circulation ..

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  • Can some clothing make cellulite worse?

The Stagnation of liquids , Responsible for the birth of the dreaded fat pads, can be compounded by some bad habits.

Like those related to clothing: there are not a few, in fact, Clothing and accessories that should be avoided in order not to curb the microcirculation ..

Among the main enemies of a toned and compact skin are the Pants too tight, accused of suffocating fabrics And to block blood circulation.

As well as stiletto heels , Which unbalancing the figure, are harmful to the peripheral circulation of the lower extremities. In their place, Better opt for a moderate heel , Not exceeding 3 cm, able to support the back and help circulation.

Intimate clothing is also not to be overlooked. Avoid wearing briefs and bras that are too tight , Which hinder circulation on the hips and abdomen, and Ban acrylic fabrics , Responsible for not properly oxygenating the dermis.

A virtuous garment?

The new ones Leggings FRIDA , Elegant, very comfortable and effective against cellulite imperfections, thanks to Innergy : An innovative smart yarn , Patented by FGM04 , Which acts in direct contact with the epidermis and fights orange peel skin.

Come? Thanks to the action of special bioactive mineral crystals , Which absorb the body's heat and turn it into far infrared rays, improving skin microcirculation.

What if they get dirty?

Don't worry: i Leggings FGM04 Keep all the beneficial properties unchanged even after numerous washes at 30 °.

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  • Is it true that cellulite only affects women?

One of the main factors that trigger cellulite is of endocrine origin: it is the action of Estrogens , Typically female hormones, accused of being among the first responsible for the hated orange peel skin.

The question, therefore, is intuitive: if cellulite is mainly caused by the increase in estrogen, Does this disorder only affect women?

The answer is No: men are also exposed , In spite of themselves, to the threat of cellulite.

Feared fat pads may show up in men they have A deficiency of testosterone or presenting an increased conversion of testosterone into estrogen , Especially if they are overweight.

How to counteract connective and adipose tissue alterations?

As for women, men who want to get rid of cellulite must also pay attention to behaviors that can aggravate the problem.

Those who lead a sedentary life must intensify physical movement to increase lean mass , While those who have an incorrect diet, must replace the fatty and inflaming foods with Draining foods and microcirculation allies ..

For a Localized treatment With specific action on the most critical points-which for men are frequently Abdomen and hips -It is advisable to rely on professional products.

How VIEW STRONG MAN GEL : A cosmetic gel that Contains Visnadine And whose formulation is ideal to combat imperfections related to the presence of adipe located on the entire abdominal area.

A comfortable cream, thanks to instant absorption, and the Effective lipolytic and draining action ..

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  • Do anti-cellulite creams really work?

Some accuse them of being a mild last minute remedy, others are wary of their real potential: anti-cellulite creams are often under attack.

The main doubt concerns The power of topical treatments to eliminate, from the outside, the imperfections of cellulite ..

Let's immediately clarify: Anti-cellulite creams work, not only in the early stages of cellulite , When the disorder is more superficial and reactive to stimulations, but at every stage of the pathology.

However, for anti-cellulite products to act effectively, it is essential to adopt some Simple rules ..

The first is that of Constancy : Do not panic 30 days after the costume fitting and plan your war on cellulite in time, Starting a valid cosmeceutic treatment in advance ..

Cellulite, in fact, is a Chronic phenomenon Generated by the progressive deposition of collagen fibers between the fat cells. For this, it is It is essential to use cosmeceutic products throughout the year And do not chase the utopia of the miraculous effect.

For an effective beauty routine, it is highly recommended VIEW STRONG WOMAN GEL : An innovative anti-cellulite gel rich in Visnadine. This latest generation product has a Powerful lipolytic effect, favors the blood and lymphatic microcirculation and smoothes the tissues , Reducing the imperfections of the cushion skin.

The extra advantage? Thanks to its gel formulation, VIEW STRONG WOMAN Absorbs quickly And is also perfect for fast morning applications.

Another good habit to maximize the effectiveness of anti-cellulite creams is to Apply them with a targeted message , Performing circular movements that start from the bottom and rise gradually.

A few gestures are enough to promote the absorption of the anti-cellulite cream and to reactivate the microcirculation, helping the tissues to expel the waste retained.

  • Which sports are most suitable for reducing cellulite?

Playing sports is always a great idea for losing weight and firming tissues.

However, for a targeted action against cellulite there are some sports more suitable than others.

Which ones? The ones who Counteract fluid stagnation, attack fat deposits, tone the body and improve circulation ..

If you want to say goodbye to the much-hated bearings, Prefer aerobic sports , Such as jogging, brisk walking and swimming, and Cardiofitness exercises ..

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Perform workouts at medium heart intensity for a duration of at least 40 minutes, with few breaks, Accelerates basal metabolism And, therefore, pushes the body to burn more fat.

To reactivate the microcirculation from the outside and fight the onset of cellulite, also help yourself with ad hoc products. How LIPO STEP WOMAN GEL MIRTILLO , An anti-cellulite product with a light texture , Perfect for improving microcirculation and strengthening capillaries.

Now that we have clarified the most widespread doubts concerning the universe of cellulite, it is time to act: Today is the right day to declare war on bearings And rediscover yourself in shape.

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