Try on Swimsuit, get in shape for the summer!

The hours of daily light increase, the sun timidly begins to make itself felt, the first flowers bloom. Nature awakens lush and begins to send us a clear message. There are 99 days until summer or rather the swimsuit test!

Thus begins that period of the year when the greatest concern of modern man and woman changes. Having evolved from monkeys, according to Darwinian theory, once our basic needs such as eating and sleeping are satisfied, we yearn for something more. We aspire to our social fulfillment and, for us girls, all this passes from the costume test!

Despite having discovered a new galaxy and, perhaps, new forms of life , we no longer talk about natural disasters, stock market crashes or alien invasions. But about the fateful swimsuit rehearsal!

Are you preparing for the swimsuit rehearsal?

I'm sure so! Maybe you haven't started taking action yet, but you're certainly already thinking about summer.

You think about how you will spend it, the clothes you will wear and buy in your favorite shops, the aperitifs you will sip on the beach with your new boyfriend, the evenings spent dancing barefoot on the fiery beaches of the South…

If you have been following our blog in recent months, you will know that since December we have started recommending good practices to get back in shape for the summer.

If, on the other hand, you haven't had the chance to start yet, don't worry, today it's not too late to run for cover!

This article will be a brief excursus that summarizes all the good practices to get back in shape for the summer by brilliantly passing the swimsuit test, committing ourselves without too much effort. This is information that I have successfully applied, simple to follow. Nothing science fiction or impossible, then!

To make it easier to read, I have summarized everything in 3 single short paragraphs. We will talk about healthy nutrition, sports activities and cosmetic products effective.

Try swimsuit and… healthy diet

prova costume sana alimentazione

To get back in shape for summer you must first of all focus your goal.

We are what we eat, my colleague Marco often repeats. He's right, it all starts from our table: if we forfeit inferior products, our body will also react accordingly, slowing down and suffering more when it is asked for the maximum.

What can we eat to keep us in line?

  • White meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are fine, don't worry: green light.
  • At the red light we meet cured meats, bar snacks, refined foods and above all foods rich in salt which help to increase water retention.
  • Salt is practically everywhere, so reducing salt intake is essential for our health.

In addition to reminding us to follow the three main meals correctly (abundant breakfast, moderate lunch to be able to work in the afternoon, light dinner before bedtime) we can insert two snacks. In this way our metabolism will remain active and we will burn more calories, remaining efficient!

Every day we try to drink at least two liters of water a day (many foods contain water, so is an impossible goal). Water, through urine, favors the elimination of waste from the body, without straining the kidneys as happens with hyper-sugary and carbonated drinks that we find in vending machines and at the supermarket.

Swimsuit test and... atsports activity: running and pilates

Imagine yourself already there, lying on the beach sunbathing, enjoying some well-deserved relaxation! We are always willing to say "I'll start the diet tomorrow!" Flowers bloom and we find ourselves in June frighteningly late for our goals, including the dreaded swimsuit test.

What are you willing to do to start moving? Sporting activity will help you to eliminate, in a general way, those extra kilos that you have accumulated in these months spent under the plaid between cuddles and steaming hot chocolates.

The first thing you should ask yourself is: how much movement do I do daily? How determined am I in my goal? We begin our review with two "gym" sports: running and pilates.


corsa perdita peso

It is very cheap to practice and you can do it practically anywhere. Cities, parks, countryside… just find a path and follow it! Choose two comfortable and, if possible, "sprung" sneakers so that, during the strides, the heel is assisted in recovery, reducing fatigue and any problems.

Start off with a few kilometers a day, gradually increasing. In this way you will educate your body to work progressively, avoiding muscle tears and/or cramps caused by wanting to overdo it from the very first trip.

Listen to some music: it will help you keep the pace, motivating you in your progress towards your goal.


The trendiest sport of recent years, loved by us women. It is a combination of exercises that involves all
muscles of the body, including the buttocks. It allows you to stay fit to the sound of music, in company in the gym near your home. Ideal for maintaining firm and sculpted buttocks.

Swimsuit test and... atsports activity: swimming and skating

We continue our review with two very complete sports to achieve our goal: swimming and skating.


nuoto in piscina. attività sportiva prova costume

The sport par excellence, recommended for all ages.
Swimming prepares you for all sports, but no sport prepares you for swimming.

My instructor Rebecca said so, and over the years, I've realized how right she was.
It is an excellent anti-stress, it involves all the body muscles and allows you to enter a new dimension, water.
It's wonderful to dive in and go back up, to rotate freely by canceling (so to speak) the force of gravity and playing on all dimensions.

Frontstroke, breaststroke, backstroke, dolphin… whichever style you prefer, if done correctly, is a great workout for your physique.
It must be done, like many physical activities, at least twice a week for it to show its fruits.

Compared to the gym, the results come in the medium-long term but at a muscular level it is the most complete.


pattinaggio sport ed esercizi prova costume

It is the most complete sport after swimming because, practicing it, we move all the muscles, including the buttocks. A pair of skates and you're done, ready on the track to hurtle at the speed of light. Also ideal in company, it is the perfect match for having fun while practicing physical activity.

If you are looking for specific exercises for the buttocks to improve your results follow our guide!

Swimsuit test and... effective cosmetic products

In this article we showed you what to eat and how you can train to pass the swimsuit test.

But at the beginning we also talked about effective cosmetic products. So here is the entry into the field of the gel at a topical level.
Adipe KO is a topical gel that exploits and enhances the thermogenic action of the body.

You can apply it before and after training or, if you decide to skip it to enjoy Grey's Anatomy, in the morning and in the afternoon.

Having a localized action it allows you to lose weight in well-defined areas, where physical exercise and a correct diet fail because they act on a generalized level. Thighs and buttocks will no longer be your problem, thanks to this gel which, being rapidly absorbed, can also be applied a few minutes before going out with friends and boyfriends.

Does not affect the thyroid gland and has a good fragrance. I was very satisfied with it and I also invite you readers to try it, sharing your experiences in the comments!

We invite you to stay with us to receive more suggestions and advice, see you next time!