What is sclerotic cellulite?

Cellulite, or more precisely the edemato-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy, is a degenerative alteration of the connective tissue, formed by the stagnation of lymphatic or circulatory origin liquids. These liquids mix with elastin and collagen fibers assuming a geloid nature, until they form fibrous and painful nodules to the touch.

Sclerotized cellulite represents the last, substantially irreversible, stage of cellulite. With sclerotic cellulite, the imperfections of orange peel skin, such as flabby skin and troughs on the legs, thighs, buttocks, belly or arms will be clearly visible, regardless of the lights, the position taken or whether or not we press the skin. Fortunately, the process to get to the last stage of cellulite is rather slow and it is possible to prevent it thanks to diet, healthy lifestyle, massages and the use of specific anti-cellulite cosmetic products.

Symptoms and causes of sclerotic cellulite

Sclerotic cellulite can be assimilated to a real disease of the adipose panniculus and subcutaneous tissue, which goes far beyond the aesthetic problem. The signs and symptoms of sclerotic cellulite are as follows:

  • Macro cellulite nodules that press on the nerve endings causing pain at the slightest touch;
  • Flabby and toneless skin;
  • Skin defined as “Orange peel” or “mattress” clearly evident, even without compression, changes of position (if you are standing or lying you can see the same) and regardless of the incidence of light on the parts affected by the blemish;
  • Bruises may appear, a symptom of circulation defects;
  • Venous insufficiency, lymphatic, edema of tissues (water retention);
  • Pain to the touch;
  • Cold skin;
  • Skin dychromies.

The causes of sclerotic cellulite are to be found in a less severe cellulite (imperfections may appear since adolescence) not treated promptly.

Cellulite sclerotizzata

At what stage is sclerotic cellulite?

Sclerotic cellulite represents the last stage, the fourth, of cellulite. In fact, before arriving at sclerotic cellulite, the only really difficult to fight, the evolution of imaestheticism will follow, with a certain gradualness, four different stages:

  • Stage 1, edematous cellulite: It is the cellulite of the very young, of those who are very lucky or of those who manage to manage the imperfectionism before it begins to show obvious signs. Orange peel skin is only just hinted at and is only visible if you press the skin or stiffen the muscle. The skin can be cold to the touch and the water retention is mild. Stage 1 is completely reversible;
  • Stage 2, fibrous cellulite: Fluid stagnation becomes more consistent and small nodules of adipocytes, collagen fibers and elastin begin to form in reaction to the stagnation of liquids and toxins in the interstitial spaces, while the skin tissue begins to lose tone and elasticity. Orange peel skin begins to show more noticeable signs, and areas affected by cellulite can be sore to the touch and colder than nearby areas due to inflammation of the tissues themselves and compression of the nerve endings. Cellulite stage 2 is still reversible;
  • Stage 3, soft sclerotic cellulite: Cellulite nodules are larger and sore to the touch, the skin is even more flabby and toneless than the previous stage. Symptoms of defective blood and lymphatic circulation, such as bruises and fragile capillaries, become evident. However, stage 3 of cellulite is also reversible;
  • Stage 4, sclerotic cellulite: Sclerotic cellulite is the culmination of progressive alteration of connective and adipose tissue, with hard and increasingly large cellulite nodules and a worsening of all symptoms seen in the previous stages. Cellulite stage 4 is the only almost irreversible one and can only be cured with targeted medical treatments.

prevenire la cellulite sclerotizzata.

How to prevent and treat sclerotic cellulite

Cellulite is a completely (or almost) female problem due to the "fault" of the estrogens that make the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels more permeable and therefore more inclined to pour liquids between the interstitial spaces of the fat cells with all the consequences observed so far, In a crescendo of gravity that leads-if not cured-to sclerotic cellulite. Then there are hereditary factors. Observe your mother and/or grandmother: do they have cellulite, perhaps sclerotic? If your answer is yes, don't waste a minute more even if you are very young and your cellulite is barely hinted at. In fact, it is estimated that liquids begin to infiltrate tissues during adolescence, especially if the right rules of life are not followed.

If alongside the family predisposition we put on poor nutrition, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight and stress, you will hardly be spared from the skin blemish most hated by women. Even if you are no longer 20 years old and you recognize yourself in one of the stages that precede sclerotic cellulite, it is never too late to free yourself from cellulite forever.

So here's how to cure cellulite and prevent sclerotic cellulite:

  • Healthy and balanced diet: the well-being of the whole body starts from within. The anti-cellulite diet must include healthy foods such as: fruit and vegetables, fish, white meats, whole grains, legumes, spices and extra virgin olive oil for seasoning. Avoid fried, sweets, bread and pasta produced with refined flours, pre-packaged products, excess sodium and sugars;
  • Drink lots of water: at least 1.5 l per day;
  • Draining teas: if you love herbal teas, choose those with draining and anti-cellulite action such as: dandelion, weed, nettle, green tea. They will also contribute to the intake of more fluids;
  • Fight constipation: take high-fiber foods and drink plenty of water;
  • No to smoking: cigarette smoking worsens lymphatic and blood circulation, contributing to the aggravation of cellulite;
  • No to sedentary life: even if you work all day on the PC, try to get up and walk around the room for at least 5 minutes every hour to reactivate the microcirculation;
  • Do not stand upright in a static position: even standing for too long without moving prevents the venous return. As soon as possible always take a few steps or go up and down on the balls of your feet;
  • Do not cross the legs: this vice can worsen cellulite because the compression on the tissues prevents the right lymphatic and blood circulation;
  • No to clothes that are too tight and 12 heel shoes: unless you are invited to a Gala dinner, avoid subjecting your body to unnecessary torture that favors cellulite by wearing too snug dresses all day that compress and too high shoes that prevent venous return;
  • Do low-impact sports: The best sports to prevent sclerotic cellulite are swimming and brisk walking;
  • Do cosmetic treatments at home: mud, gels, creams and anti-cellulite oils are great home-made solutions to fight water retention and reactivate blood microcirculation. The sludge, like the Cold sludge Of FMG04, will help you drain toxins and excess fluid from tissues affected by cellulite with an immediate deflating effect. The Creams And anti-cellulite oils thanks to their active ingredients and the power of self-massage dissolve even the most resistant cellulite. If you want extra treatment against cellulite and do not suffer from capillary fragility, anti-cellulite cups are excellent to use in combination with anti-cellulite oil, such as the FMG04 Active Cell Kit ;
  • Wear anti-cellulite clothes in Emana fabric©Or Innergy©: These revolutionary clothes, comfortable and practical, contain inside their fibers minerals capable of absorbing heat and returning it in the form of far infrared rays that reactivate the blood and lymphatic microcirculation, effectively contributing to the prevention of sclerotized cellulite. Depending on the part of the body you want to treat against cellulite you can choose from the wide range of anti-cellulite clothes from FMG04: not only Leggings and shorts , But also Tops tops And Bodysuit In many models and fashion colors, suitable for doing sports or to be worn at any time of the day.

Now you know all the secrets of preventing and fighting sclerotized cellulite. With daily perseverance and commitment, thanks to our advice you will get legs, buttocks, arms, belly with smooth and toned skin: start immediately to say goodbye to cellulite!