No drama, Get back in shape after the holidays You can.
Small vices, dinners with friends and a lot of relaxation: on vacation, thanks to the little movement and an unregulated diet, it is easy to take a few pounds.
And, surprise, it's also very easy.
Let's discover together a short and complete guide that collects the smartest tips for Lose weight and regain tone and line ..

The right motivation

Do you remember your stubbornness in losing weight in the spring, to prepare for the dreaded “costume test”? Similarly, even disposing of extra pounds and purifying the body of summer extravagances requires conviction.

Prepare mentally for the goal, to deal with the period of energy Fitness. The ideal approach for Get back in shape after the holidays In a simple way, fast and without trauma combines:

  • Constance

No crazy impulses of the first days, and then surrender to a slow shutdown. For Get back in shape after the holidays Regularity is needed. Give yourself a Chili target To lose: by setting expectations, it will be easier not to be satisfied with the first results.

  • Balance

It is useless to overdo it with a Diet Very privative and a Exercise To the limits of endurance. Getting back in shape after the holidays Means setting up a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, to be followed, potentially, forever. Be moderate and avoid excesses: too much never pays.

  • Combined approach

For Get back in shape after the holidays The best choice is to take advantage of all the levers available: food care, movement, targeted cosmetics and ad hoc supplements. A perfect mix to effectively drain slags and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins!

The diet to get back in shape after the holidays

principali vitamine e alimenti che le contengono

Getting back in shape after the holidays The first element to control is, without a doubt, the power supply. If on vacation you have indulged in a few too many extravagances, indulging in sweets, snacks and high-calorie drinks, it is time to get back on track.

Estremismi niente , But. In order not to make metabolism lazy and slow down weight loss, it's good Feed in a light, nourishing way, do a little movement and use some natural supplements.

How to do? Choosing the right foods for Get back in shape after the holidays ..
Upon returning from vacation, brought to the table Seasonal foods , Favoring fresh fruits and vegetables. Green light also to lean proteins, such as white meat, fish and eggs.

Better to avoid, in this first phase, Sausages , Dairy products , Carbs And Legumes Which risk swelling and irritating your intestines. After a first detox phase you will be able to reintegrate them, in small quantities, into the power supply.

For breakfast, start the day with a serving of fresh seasonal fruit, a handful of organic nuts or almonds and a checkmate of dark chocolate, with cocoa over 80%.

Between meals, to keep your metabolism active, break your appetite with a snack consisting of 15 grams of almonds with peel or a basket of red fruits.

Before the two main meals, to deceive hunger, indulge in a small green aperitif.

A portion of not too sugary fruit or one smoothie Of apple, carrots and celery, are a smart solution to tickle the palate and avoid overdoing it at the table. For lunch and dinner, space for vegetables-to be consumed in free quantities-combined with 150 grams of white meat or 200 grams of lean fish. For Get back in shape after the holidays Conclude with pineapple or pomegranate: two precious allies for defrosting and burning fat.

ananas melograno lamponi

Hydration: the key to getting back in shape after the holidays

The Hydration Is a fundamental ally for Get back in shape after the holidays And regain beauty and well-being.

  • It eliminates slags and toxins.
  • Elasticizes fabrics.
  • It favors digestion and diuresis.
  • Helps maintain a tan for a long time ..

But what, and how much, to drink during the day? Here are some suggestions!

  • Water

Lots, lots and Better if with alkaline pH , More than 7. For deep hydration, take care to drink at least two liters a day, preferably between meals.

In the morning and in the evening do not forget to drink a glass of warm water in which you will have squeezed the Juice of half a lemon .. The benefit? Thanks to the intake of vitamin C and pectin fibers, lemon increases the sense of satiety and burns fat. But that's not enough: citrus improves the enzymatic function of the body, helping the liver get rid of slags and toxins. A quick and simple solution for Get back in shape after the holidays In a natural way!

  • Draining Supplements

For Get back in shape after the holidays Rely on the power of the Draining supplements ..

There are numerous on the market Natural phytoformulations , Ready for use and easy to take, specially designed to purify the body, promote water exchange and eliminate waste.

A special recipe? The one based on natural and powerful elements including birch, chestnut, horsetail and milk thistle. A mix indicated to expel toxins and fill up on minerals and vitamins, which support metabolism.

Among the most effective products, it stands out POWER DREN PLUS : A dietary supplement to be taken diluted in water and to sip throughout the day, like any thirst-quenching drink.

  • Extracts

For a delicious but healthy break, try the Cold extracts : Healthy drinks and multivitamins, low in fat. Ideal for Get back in shape after the holidays , With taste!

The benefits of extracts? They hydrate, detoxify and regenerate , Thanks to the numerous virtues of fruits and vegetables. And cold extraction, unlike centrifuge, keeps micronutrients intact, such as antioxidants and vitamins.

Choose apple and tomato, for an energy boost. Or parsley and carrots to re-oxygenate the blood and fill up on potassium and iron. Pineapple and spinach, on the other hand, offer an intense draining action.

What's your favorite mix?

estratti di frutta e verdura

Do we want to get back in shape after the holidays? Let's move!

Altolà laziness: for Get back in shape after the holidays No time to waste. To help the body dispose of toxins and regain tone, it is important to move.

And if intensifying sports is the best solution to turn on the metabolism, there are solutions even for those who have little time. Small tricks are enough to modulate the lifestyle and Get back in shape after the holidays Without too many sacrifices.

The first rule is Walking ..

Just eliminate the lift, avoid public transport for short distances and give up the convenience of the car, to lose weight quickly. According to the WHO, in fact, they are enough 10,000 steps per day (The equivalent of about 1 1/2 hours of walking) to stay healthy and lose weight.

The second rule for Get back in shape after the holidays Is doing smart exercises, at home and in the office.

Do you want to restore tone to the B side?

Sitting at the desk, contract the buttocks for 10 seconds, holding even the abs firmly. After the time release and take a break for another 10 seconds. Repeat in series of 15, several times a day.

ragazza al PC

At home, in the kitchen, with the excuse of taking objects from the bottom shelf of the cabinet, practice squats. With your legs slightly apart and feet parallel, go down with your buttocks as if you would like to sit, keeping your back straight.

And again, as you brush your teeth in the morning, who prevents you from making lateral leg leaps? 30 reps per leg are enough, every day, to slim down the inner thigh and strengthen the abs.

No excuses: Get back in shape after the holidays And find the silhouette you can!

Supplements and specialized cosmetics: a valid help for Get back in shape after the holidays

Getting back in shape after the holidays is easier with the help Specific supplements And with The best of cosmeceuticals ..

Among the active ingredients present in specialized products for beauty and well-being, here are some to favor:

  • Carnitine: stimulates, drains and melts fat;
  • Caffeine: ignites the metabolism and helps to expel excess slags;
  • Phosphatidylcholine and visnadine: they act on localized fat and accelerate its dissolution.

An irreplaceable beauty cure for Get back in shape after the holidays And rediscover, in a short time, momentum and lightness.

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