Do Phosphatidylcholine-based Creams help reduce Cellulite?

When we talk about creams based on Phosphatidylcholine we think of a useful product to reduce cellulite. This is a step that happens especially when we are informed about the causes of cellulite on the thighs and the methods to solve this problem.

But is it really so? How to quickly get rid of cellulite on the legs? Is a cream or bandages based on Phosphatidylcholine enough to make this impediments go away in a short time? Maybe in two weeks? Before giving clear answers on the subject, we need to deepen, trying first to understand what is the topic we are facing.

Phosphatidylcholine to dissolve fat, what is it?

It is a molecule isolated for the first time in 1850 in the egg yolk and is particularly present in soy, from which it is extracted by mechanical process. But it is also found in other foods such as peas, liver, milk and, in fact, egg.

The wide presence in a wide range of foods is directly proportional to the usefulness that this component may have in the human diet. In fact, Phosphatidylcholine can be used to lower cholesterol and ensure the proper functioning of the liver.

But what interests us here is the fact that this component has been studied, evaluated and used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of localized fat.

It is no coincidence that Phosphatidylcholine has been used since the second half of the nineties as a remedy for dissolving localized fat when it is injected into areas affected by edemato-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy. Namely cellulite.

What is Phosphatidylcholine and its care for?

One of the basic principles of Phosphatidylcholine (sometimes known as lecithin although it is not exact as a definition) is its ability to dissolve fats. Hence the possibility of using this phospholipid in the targeted action to eliminate excess fat on specific points of the body. In the first place this can be done with microruns in the fabric.

In this way the Phosphatidylcholine, in contact with the fat cells, is able to dissolve and reduce the volume of the relative cells. In this way it is possible to counteract cellulite and that is why a series of products have been born such as creams based on Phosphatidylcholine. Which work, of course. But only if there is coordinated work at the base.

How to use Phosphatidylcholine products?

The first intake of this element to dissolve cellulite occurred with mini-injections into adipose tissue. And even today it is possible to use this solution, although the use of these small needles to activate lipodissolves techniques is not without contraindications. Such as, for example, small hematomas and irritation of areas.

That is why today are so used methods of taking Phosphatidylcholine by other means, for example, with bandages or drinking vials. Particularly suitable for localized slimming and anti-cellulite targeted action are ointments and sticks such as AdipeKO Unisex Gel From 200 milliliters acting directly on the affected area.

This product speeds up the slimming of the belly, legs and hips thanks to Phosphatidylcholine but also Creatine and Caffeine contribute to the result, also it is unisex.

Alanine cleanses the skin and Taurine acts as an antioxidant. As you can understand, you have a number of benefits from this product, just as it happens with Lipo Phosphatidylcholine Strong Oil Which stimulates the slimming of localized fat and cellulite.

Agree use with your doctor

Before using any product always check the list of ingredients and in case there are any doubts consult your trusted doctor. The advice is similar to what is given when using products such as Fat burning thermogenic creams And other cosmetic products or supplements for Slim hips Or Reduce bacon And cellulite: when in doubt always ask your doctor.

How to get rid of cellulite?

Certainly not only using creams, vials, pills, bandages and multiinjectors of Phosphatidylcholine. Products based on this principle must be used in coordination with a series of physical activities and food attentions that can help you free yourself from this imperfection that is often found on women's legs. Where do we start?

What causes cellulite on the thighs?

The effects of cellulite on the legs and hips we know them well. The most important is the classic orange peel that characterizes the skin making it imperfect.

But why does this blemish appear? Is it just subcutaneous fat that can be melted by doing so much gymnastics? In reality the causes of cellulite are different, in some cases we speak of genetic predisposition but there are also other factors:

  • Excess of toxins.
  • Hormonal dysfunction.
  • Circulation problems.

But the main problem is the combination of a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and unhealthy habits for the body, such as alcohol abuse and smoking.

What foods cause cellulite?

The creams based on Phosphatidylcholine work against cellulite if accompanied by a healthy diet that includes, in the first place, the need to drink so much water (an adult should reach 2 liters per day). Then you have to reduce the salt and:

  • Abundate with fruit
  • Eating lots of vegetables
  • Snacking with dried fruits

To avoid cold cuts with a lot of salt, aged cheeses, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Of course, you should avoid canned foods, mayonnaise, foods with a lot of sugar and fried. Excess coffee should also be evaluated, better not to smoke.

Exercises to dissolve cellulite

Are there any physical anti-cellulite activities? Improving muscle tone and blood circulation in the areas affected by cellulite-which are mainly concentrated on the thighs and buttocks-is a good point in favor of the fight against this blemish.

The creams based on Phosphatidylcholine help reduce cellulite when they are included in a complete program that includes good nutrition and physical activity. But what are the most effective exercises against cellulite?

  • Squats (pushups on the legs).
  • Bridge with or without weight on the basin.
  • Ground deadlifts with barbell or dumbbells.
  • Lunges with alternate legs.

To complete the work you need to add a good aerobic activity, such as running or jumping rope. Obviously, to get precise information-both for training and for nutrition-you need to consult the respective specialists. Namely personal trainer and dietician. Only one this way can you organize an effective cellulite-burning path.

Creams based on Phosphatidylcholine: do they reduce cellulite?

The synthesis is clear: yes, they help fight gynoid lipodystrophy (scientific name of the classic quilt or orange peel skin) but to have the maximum results it is better to combine them with a complete work of diet, nutrition, sport and exercise. Without forgetting the healthy life and good habits that always help, even to live well.