Summer has finally arrived and here among the beaches, light dresses, shorts and swimsuits, one of the worst nightmares of us women peeps out at this time of year. cellulite. I bet the idea of ​​showing yourself with the most exposed skin doesn't drive you crazy, right?

But don't panic: luckily nature always has a solution and here too we find in her a precious ally to fight the annoying orange peel.

We are talking about anti-cellulite mud, one of the oldest natural remedies to reduce the imperfections of water retention: their regenerating, detoxifying effects and draining are now consolidated. Their composition has the ability to reactivate the microcirculation with positive effects on the whole body, reducing the stagnation of liquids.

Let's find out more about how anti-cellulite mud works, its benefits and which are the best products on the market.

Anti-cellulite mud

Anti-cellulite mud is a slimy compound made up of three main ingredients:

  • Thermal water: rich in mineral substances which are absorbed by the mud
  • A solid fraction: usually a inorganic component (clay, mud or peat) to which an organic component (bacteria, humus, algae) is mixed.
  • Functional active ingredientsnatural extracts  are added which enhance the draining function. Blueberry, gotu kola, horse chestnut, green tea and ginkgo biloba, for example, have an important anti-inflammatory action and reactivate the microcirculation.

Types of cosmetic mud

Tipologie di fanghi anticellulite

We can divide the most effective anti-cellulite muds into three main categories:

1. Clay mud

Clay is a granular compound of natural materials which, once activated with water, turns into a cream with a pasty consistency.

Very rich in mineral and natural salts, clay exerts a exfoliating and remineralizing action, eliminating dead cells and absorbing impurities . In nature there are different types of clay, but the most used in the cosmetic field is the green one.  

2. Ftrue angles

The mud has a mineral origin and is oxidized in natural mineral water to be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. The fundamental component is sulfur, which reveals all its effectiveness in reducing oxidative stress of cells, one of the deepest causes of cellulite. One of the best known and most sulfur-rich muds is that from the Dead Sea, also used in the treatment of muscle inflammation, arthritis and respiratory problems.

Unlike clay, sludge does not need to be activated with water since it already comes in a pasty form.

3. Mud with peatopri

Peat is an organic compound derived from the slow maceration of herbs, plants and microorganisms in humid and marshy environments. Following chemical and natural transformations, the vegetables are transformed into a mixture rich in cellulose and oligominerals, substances that make the skin tissues more elastic and compact.

Does anti-cellulite mud work? What are the benefits?

Anti-cellulite mud works because it works through osmosis: penetrating the skin, the active ingredients perform a lymphatic drainage and detoxifying action, reactivating circulation and stimulating the elimination of excess fluids.

In particular, here are the 5 main benefits deriving from their use: 

  • They improve circulation: the mud enriched with essential oils increases the resistance of cell walls, reactivates circulation and counteracts the stagnation of interstitial fluids.
  • Eliminate excess liquids: the draining properties of the mud reduce water retention, with the immediate effect of lighter legs.
  • Detoxify the body
  • Remove dead cells: muds are effective natural exfoliants. After the treatment, the skin will be smoother, toned and more elastic.
  • Reduce stress and muscle pain, which are among the causes of cellulite.

These benefits translate into a general improvement of the skin: in fact, from the first treatment it is possible to notice a much more compact and smoother skin, and it is also for this reason that the use of mud is increasingly depopulated as a remedy against the imperfections of cellulite.

It is good to clarify that it is a temporary effect and not the definitive solution to cellulite: the properties of the mud act on an aesthetic level, but must always be combined with a healthy lifestyle and be used consistently if we want to achieve a real improvement in our skin.

I fanghi anticellulite funzionano

Side effects and contraindications

Usually mud does not have side effects, on the contrary, as we have seen they perform various beneficial actions to which a pleasant relaxing effect is also added. Don't worry if during the processing time you feel a tingling, tingling or slight redness on the treated area: this is a good sign due to the effect of the mud on the microcirculation!

Who are muds not suitable for?

As much as it is beneficial, mud treatment is not suitable for everyone. In general, the application of mud to pregnant or breastfeeding women is not recommended. Furthermore, those suffering from hypertension or hyperthyroidism must be careful to choose muds that do not contain seaweed: their high content of iodine, vitamin K and sodium could interfere with the thyroid and worsen the problem.

The best anti-cellulite mud

Treatment with mud to combat cellulite blemishes is increasingly popular and used, and today you can find anti-cellulite mud almost everywhere: at supermarket, pharmacy, spas or many physical and online stores.  

Among the best anti-cellulite muds on the market we find the exclusive formula of Anti-cellulite Cold Mud branded fgm04. Unlike other products, it is a natural mud of mineral origin which does not contain algae and therefore does not interfere with the thyroid, thus making its composition suitable for everyone.

The formulation enriched with numerous natural extracts that act on the microcirculation (including blueberry, ginko biloba, green tea, zedoaria) performs a draining and firming action on localized fat deposits. The mint essential oil gives it a cold effect, for a pleasant refreshing effect on the skin, perfect for the summer season.

It is a professional anti-cellulite mud that you can easily apply at home, giving yourself a moment of relaxation and body care.

The application is really simple:

  • Deploy the product on the area prone to cellulite (thighs, buttocks, calves) evenly
  • Wrap the area in the cartene sheet (included in the package, alternatively you can also use transparent film)
  • Leave it to act for 25/30 min. Just enough time to watch an episode of your favorite TV series!
  • When finished, remove the film and cleanse the skin with warm water

trattamento con fanghi anticellulite

We advise you to repeat the application 2-3 times a week, but after the first treatment you will notice legs more deflated, smooth and compact. A real shock treatment!

In addition to combating orange peel, the cold mud fgm04 is also effective for slim down localized fat, making it a product suitable for both women and men eager to find an extra cosmetic ally in weight loss.

Not just mud: tips for fighting cellulite

As we have seen, the constant application of mud is an effective method in the fight against cellulite blemishes.

When used alone, though, you can't expect them to work miracles!
Muds can certainly help on a superficial level, but cellulite is a problem that must be tackled at 360°, without thinking that a single product is the panacea for all ills .

If you want to tackle cellulite seriously, combine mud with:

  • a balanced diet, with the right amount of sodium
  • a daily workout built ad hoc for your body
  • a good one hydration
  • anti-cellulite massages
  • a constant commitment to the application of anti-cellulite products

    Remember: the watchword is constancy! Only by taking care of your diet and leading a healthy lifestyle with a daily commitment can you hope to significantly reduce cellulite. Ditto with the application of creams and muds: only continuous use ensures the best and above all long-lasting results.

    What are you waiting for to test the effectiveness of anti-cellulite mud?

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