Practical and comfortable to use, i Anti-cellulite sludges Are one of the most effective methods to reduce the skin to orange peel.

Applied on areas affected by cellulite, they perform a draining and slimming action, while their active ingredients contribute to Reactivate the microcirculation And to promote venous return.

It is in fact the poor circulation, linked to a lifestyle that is too sedentary, that is the first cause of cellulite.

But how to apply anti-cellulite mud to obtain appreciable results? For how long and How many times a week to use them? Let's find out! 

Anticellulite mud: How and when to apply them

Composed of a clay base and water, the sludge comes with a soft, spreadable texture.

Depending on the active principles Of which they are enriched, the anti-cellulite muds perform a slimming or draining action, and can be hot or cold. Here's what they are and how to use them in detail:

Hot mud

The hot effect sludge has a concentration of active ingredients that help reduce cellulite while acting on the Localized adiposity.

In particular, the Anticellulite Hot Mud Of fgm04 contain the following natural extracts:

  • Blueberry: protective of capillaries, reactivates the microcirculation
  • Ginko biloba: promotes circulation
  • Sweet orange: reactivating and vitaminizing
  • Green tea: stimulating and draining action
  • Zedoaria: lipolitic and slimming action
  • Capsic: stimulating and reactivating action

fango caldo sulla pancia

How to use them

Hot mud is ideal for those who want to reduce cellulite's imperfections and at the same time Slimming fat pads.. It is Therefore a product also suitable for men and can be used on Legs, calves, buttocks, belly and hips.

When to use them? We recommend that you apply them 2-3 times a week, for 20 minutes, for a shock action on localized adiposities.

Cold mud

With a pleasant refreshing effect, the cold sludge plays aDraining and lipolytic action. They are perfect to use especially during the summer, when you need a shock treatment against cellulite imperfections and you want to get immediate relief from swelling due to heat.

The active ingredients contained in Anticellulite Cold Mud Of fgm04 (blueberry, ginko biloba, green tea, zedoaria, mint essential oil) have draining, firming and lipolitic properties.

This means that they favor theElimination of liquids In excess and at the same time reactivate the microcirculation, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the lymphatic system and toexpulsion of toxins From our body.


How to use them

Perfect for those who want to obtain the light legs effect and reduce the imperfections of cellulite, the cold sludge of fgm04; unlike the others, they can be applied on Calves, thighs, buttocks. As with hot sludge, we recommend applying it 2-3 times a week, with 20 minutes of installation.

If desired, you can use in combination the cold and hot sludge, alternating them to obtain a Slimming and draining combo effect.

Sludge before or after physical activity?

Many of you will wonder when it is better to apply sludge: before or after training?

Actually choosing one moment rather than another does not affect their effectiveness, so you can use them when it suits you and you have some time for yourself.

Anyway we advise you to apply them after a nice relaxing shower, so that the skin is ready and receptive To absorb the sludge in depth, Taking care to cover the mud-smeared areas with a plastic wrap.

Contraindications of sludge

Despite the many beneficial properties of sludge, their use is not suitable for everyone.

As a precaution, pregnant or lactating women are advised to always consult their doctor before undergoing aesthetic treatment with new products.

Even those who suffer from Hyperthyroidism Should pay attention to the INCI: it is recommended to use only sludge that does not contain algae in order not to worsen the problem.
In this regard, we remember that The sludges fgm04 They have a formulation Seaweed free And they do not interfere with the thyroid, so they are a product that is easily usable by everyone.

How to increase the effect of anti-cellulite sludge

Summarizing what has been said so far, cold and hot sludge can be applied 2-3 times a week, for 20 minutes of installation, to reduce cellulite's imperfections and at the same time streamline those parts of the body on which the fat pads are concentrated.

But how to maximize the effects of sludge?

cellulite prima e dopo

Recall that the appearance of cellulite is caused by multiple factors, including a sedentary lifestyle that leads to a worsening of blood circulation, poor hydration and an unbalanced diet.

So the first step to get improvements is to act on these factors.
If, on the other hand, you already have a healthy lifestyle, here is that it makes sense to integrate sludge and other cosmetic products that help us give a Boost our fight against cellulite.

Weekly routine with anti-cellulite products

In the FGM04 catalog you will find a section specialized in products that help counteract the imperfections of cellulite.

Below we propose a Diy weekly routine With some of the must-have products to boost your circulation and get rid of orange peel skin: 








Cold anti-cellulite mud

Massage with Active Cell Oil

Hot anti-cellulite mud

Massage with Active Cell Oil

Cold anti-cellulite mud

Massage with Active Cell Oil

Hot anti-cellulite mud

You can follow this routine for a shock treatment in the first two weeks, after which you can decrease the sludge 3 to 2 times a week, depending on the condition of your skin.

Do not be frightened if it seems like a big job: remember that it is enough to keep our sludge on for 20 minutes to be effective, while the anti-cellulite massage with the Active Cell Oil kit Takes place in 10 minutes. You can do it comfortably in the evening, while relaxing on the sofa with a cleansing herbal tea. 

The kit composed of specific anti-cellulite oil and silicone cup exploits the principles of massage with cupping, a practice used since ancient times to improve lymphatic circulation and reduce swelling, acting with a powerful drainage on the tissues.

You do not need expensive beauty treatments to get rid of cellulite: the secret is to have a lot of constancy in applying Professional products with effective active ingredients, Making it a little habit and cuddles daily. Your skin and blood circulation will thank you!