• What is sporty chic?
  • How can I look stylish and sporty? The garments for a sporty chic look of envy
  • When to wear sporty chic style
  • Ikonic sporty chic line: the new 2023 models

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Sporty and stylish look? All the secrets of sporty chic

Dressing sporty, but with a touch of elegance? From today you can! Among the New trends 2023 , The Sporty chic Is catching the attention of an increasing number of men and women who wish to dress in style without sacrificing the convenience of sportswear and casual wear.

From world catwalks to our personal wardrobe, see how you too can Dress sporty but elegant In a few simple moves!

What is sporty chic?

Sporty chic is that style based on the match between Sports clothes And Classic and elegant garments .. A fashion that is increasingly emerging in Italy and in Europe and that responds to the needs of millions of people: by whom He works in the office every day And prefers to dress comfortable while maintaining a chic look to the Woman over 40 Who wants to regain a youthful appearance until the Man on the move ..

Here sporty chic then becomes the perfect solution for Amaze on multiple occasions : Wearing comfortable and comfortable garments is no longer the prerogative of moments of leisure, but a concrete possibility for our daily life, keeping intact-and indeed, sometimes further enhancing-one's charm and authority.

How can I look stylish and sporty? The garments for a sporty chic look of envy

But how to dress sporty and look stylish? The secret is Mix just enough , Without exceeding.

Some sporty chic combinations recommended for the Woman Are for example the sneakers with Elegant bodycon Or with a corolla dress or sweatpants with a maxi sweater or historic sweatshirt and sneakers or, alternatively, amphibians and even heeled shoes. Then there is the dress code Chic jogging , For all those dynamic women looking for relaxation at all times of the day.

As for the Elegant but sporty man , Once again in the center there are them, the sneakers, to be preferred in sober colors (white or black) and to combine with a beautiful equally sober jeans (to avoid patterns, splits and particular seams) or a chinos model. And for the above part? Yes to a solid shirt along with a jacket to leave open. If you really can't stand shirts, ok for a classic polo shirt.

When to wear sporty chic style

The sporty chic style is becoming a common choice for people who have habits and uses among the most disparate and for the different stages of the day. As we have seen above, this new trend that brings together elegance and sportiness in a bright and fashionable outfit lends itself well for those who perform a Employee job , Both in contact with the public and in the back office, but also for women and men who move to meet clients, who participate and chair meetings and, why not, who are preparing to enjoy an outing with friends or couples, both day and evening.

As for the Working environment , Before reviewing your wardrobe make sure that your company does not foresee a Well defined dress code .. Then you can feel comfortable and comfortable in the new look!

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FGM04 sporty chic line: the new 2023 models

FGM04 also participates in the sporty chic revolution! After the Slimming leggings I Still loved today by women looking for a comfortable clothing, high quality and effective results, we are happy to present the New line Ikonic And our Cool jumpsuit To match your favorite classic pieces, for a Sporty chic outfit to scream !

Among the most requested garments we point out:

  • Frida Ikonic jogger pants : These pants are a concentrate of comfort and versatility to use in all seasons. In 95% cotton and 5% elastane , They are well combined with sweatshirts and sports t-shirts, but also with wide sweaters, long sweaters and pullovers as well as sneakers, amphibians or heeled shoes. Made in Italy;

  • Ikonic sweatshirt : To match the jogger pants or a Our leggings , This original sweatshirt gives you momentum and comfort for every moment of the day;

  • Elephant flared leggings : To match with Female tops like Ariel And Top goth For an evening at the disco or a shirt or sweater for a more relaxed look;

  • Denim effect leggings : The joker par excellence.

What are you waiting for? Order the products of the Ikonic FGM04 line And receive them at home: we ship all over Italy and Europe in maximum 4 working days with our trusted couriers. We also offer the possibility of Personalized payments in convenient interest-free installments Thanks to Scalapay , An innovative payment method to split online purchases by receiving your merchandise right away.

FGM04 Is the Italian company always on your side. For any questions we are at your complete disposal: + 39 059 56 78 93 - + 39 393 454 2587 - + 39 393 454 2587 (Whatsapp) - Customers @ ..

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