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Working out at home or working out in the gym? That's the dilemma.

Whichever team you are part of, in this period of closing the gyms we have no choice but to strive to do gymnastics at home. But who says it can't be as fun and motivating as gym training?
A few tools are enough, a training program and... clothing so comfortable and stylish that it makes us want to train just to wear it!

Let's see How to dress for gymnastics at home And what are the favorite clothing items from Fitness influencer in 2021 .. For a selfie-proof home workout on Instagram!

Training at home: tips for comfortable dressing

Password: comfort! The first rule for training at home is Choose comfortable and breathable clothes To feel at ease at all times. Better to prefer a technical fabric to classic cotton, which dries slowly and can cause contractures or muscle pain.

Avoid too tight clothes that compress the skin: in addition to limiting freedom of movement, they can worsen circulation and increase the formation of cellulite or edema.

So what to wear to train at home? Certainly comfortable, breathable clothes that offer the right support depending on the sport, such as technical leggings, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and sports bras.

ragazza che si allena

Dress like an influencer: do gymnastics at home in style!

Ok to dress comfortable, but without forgetting the style!
Choosing a fashionable sportswear And that you feel comfortable is the first step to face each workout with the right charge.

To find out what is fashionable now as clothing in the gym, we can only look at the queens of style: I'm talking about fitness influencers, girls who share videos and photos of their workouts on their Instagram pages in always impeccable, colorful and sexy.

Who better than them can recommend comfortable and at the same time fashionable clothing to do gymnastics at home?

Here The most loved sports outfits by influencers in 2021 :

Sports Leggings & Top

The ultimate sports outfit that drives Instagram crazy? Simple: super comfortable leggings and matching sports top!

A sexy look that few have the courage to dare in the gym. Why not take the opportunity to show it off at home and begin to finally feel comfortable in this irresistible pairing?

The colors of the season range from black to pastel colors, up to brighter colors such as purple, green and deep blue.

Leggings and technical t-shirt

The slimming shirt Ikonic sport Is made up of the same technical fabric as the leggings and uses F.I.R. to tone the décolleté.

t-shirt maglia snellente ikonic sport di fgm04

Leggings Push Up Gym Fashion

There are many leggings on the market, but the Push Up Fashion Leggings Gym They are one of a kind: not only do they dress like a second skin accompanying the movements without over-compressing the tissues, but thanks to the Push Up line they lift the B side making it appear firmer and toned.

In addition, thanks to the material they are made of, the innovative INNERGY fabric® , They perform a powerful anti-cellulite action: they improve circulation, stimulate fluid drainage, eliminate toxins and promote the disposal of water retention and fat.

Because it's the Influencers' favorite leggings ?
Simple: their versatility and their anti-cellulite effect that acts at all times. The Fashion Gym leggings are not only suitable for all kinds of sports, but are also beautiful to wear on any occasion of the day!

Just replace your gym shoes with simple sneakers or heels and you're immediately ready to go out with girlfriends.

As you relax and enjoy the evening, the special fabric of the leggings actively works to drain liquids and activate the microcirculation: in other words, lighter and deflated legs at all times of the day.

Daniela con leggings push up Gym fashion di FGM04

Bolero Nikita Gym Fashion

Combined with the leggings are the Bolero Nikita Gym Fashion And the Top gym fashion ..
The long-sleeved bolero is perfect for every workout at home. From technical and breathable fabric, it offers excellent support thanks to its push up effect and guarantees maximum comfort thanks to its seamless fabric.
The Gym Fashion top is in the same technical fabric as the leggings and uses F.I.R. to tone the décolleté.

Play with colors and match it with your Leggings favorite To create the perfect home workout outfit!

Leggings All Up

I Leggings All Up They have high straight fascia, no writing behind and are INNERGY fabric® , Thanks to which They perform a powerful anti-cellulite action.
They wonderfully match crop tops and tops featured on the site.

leggings all up, crop top fgm04 su fiordelisi

Sports Shorts & Tops

A classic for those who want to stay comfortable and cool without sacrificing style are the timeless elastic shorts combined with the sports tank top. For an enviable look-yes, even within the walls of the house!-the rule of lengths applies: the shorter the shorts, the higher the waist must be. To combine with tank tops, but green light also for sporty tops!

Here are this year's fashion must-haves:


A must have of our home workouts are Small caps And cyclists .. From the 1990 s with furore, to the time they were worn by a gorgeous Lady Diana In casual walks through the streets of London, today they are the sporty chic accessory preferred by supermodels and influencers such as Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni.


Unmissable in summer outdoors and beloved all year round for indoor training, many of the most beloved models of FGM04 are also available in the shorts version: Shape Up, All Up solid or maltined, ribbed, animalier, denim effect, melange and even camouflage ..

Like leggings, shorts lend themselves well to be worn on multiple occasions: very comfortable to use for your workouts at home, paired with a Top, a crop top or a technical t-shirt , They become a stylish accessory when worn with heels and blazers.

Their particularity?

While the model values your shapes, the INNERGY fabric®Of which they are composed performs a draining and slimming action on the accumulations of fat on the belly and hips while wearing them.

shorts e top dellla linea calipso verde prato di fgm04

So, are you ready to face your workouts at home with the right charge?

Remember: the important thing is to have the right motivation, and if feeling comfortable in training clothes can help us find it again, well... I hope this article has helped you Choose your next favorite sports outfit !