• What is the best magnesium and potassium supplement?
  • Magnesium, what is it
  • The properties of magnesium
  • Potassium, what is it
  • The properties of potassium
  • Why it's important to take magnesium and potassium supplements
  • The main symptoms of magnesium and potassium deficiency
  • Magnesium and potassium when taking them
  • Intake magnesium and potassium: contraindications
  • The best magnesium and potassium supplements

What is the Best Magnesium and Potassium Supplement?

Magnesium and potassium Are two of the most important minerals for the well-being of our body. In particular, these two minerals play a fundamental role in the functioning of our body, with particular regard to the energy reserves, vitality and strength with which we face everyday life.

Today we will give you some tips and directions to help you orient yourself in the choice of Best supplements Of Magnesium And potassium. We will also try to shed light on the specific functions that magnesium and potassium perform in our body.

Magnesium, what is it

Before going into the merits of our advice for the purchase of the best magnesium and potassium supplements, it is good to understand what these minerals are and what their specific function is.

Let's start by saying that magnesium is an essential mineral for our body, indispensable for ensuring the proper functioning of certain processes. The Magnesium Is a Mineral salt Essential for the performance of certain physiological functions of the body: in particular this mineral is fundamental for the synthesis of a large number of enzymes. Without the right levels of magnesium, the human body is not able to absorb other important mineral salts such as potassium.

The properties of magnesium

Let's see below the main Properties of magnesium And the benefits that this mineral salt is able to bring to our body.

  • Magnesium intervenes in lipid metabolism
  • This mineral salt is crucial to help reduce adrenaline secretion
  • Magnesium allows our body to produce more energy
  • Very important the vasodilating action of magnesium
  • Magnesium is able to perform a relaxing and calming action, directly affecting the excitability of muscles and nerves
  • This mineral salt is able to support the resolution of muscle cramps
  • Magnesium counteracts irritable bowel condition
  • The mineral salt is able to intervene on blood clotting and help the body in case of tachycardia
  • Magnesium helps the body in case of the onset of stomach pain Mineral salt is able to intervene on the metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Magnesium relaxes tensions and plays a calming action in case of migraine and nervousness
  • Magnesium is crucial for bone consolidation, formation and growth
  • Thanks to magnesium, our body can maintain the pH of the blood balancat

Potassium: what is it

Potassium is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals of our body as it performs several fundamental functions for our well-being. Potassium is commonly defined The mineral of the heart , Precisely because of its important benefits to the cardiovascular system.

It is also important to underline how this mineral salt plays a fundamental role in regulating the balance between minerals and fluids, both inside and outside cells. Potassium helps to mitigate the effects of sodium, also boasting a regulatory function on blood pressure.

The properties of potassium

As stated in the previous paragraph, potassium is certainly one of the most important minerals for our body. Here are its main properties and benefits.

  • Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure and consequently heart function
  • Thanks to its dosage in the blood, potassium is useful for assessing the presence of some cardiac arrhythmias
  • Potassium promotes the metabolism of nutrients
  • Proven ability of ore to impact improving mood is
  • Potassium reduces the formation of plaques on arteries and thrombi
  • Mineral salt reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis
  • Potassium regulates the natural production of energy in our body
  • In case of arrhythmia potassium is able to improve the general condition of the subject
  • The mineral intervenes on the transmission of muscle impulses and nerve impulses
  • The ability of potassium to counteract the feeling of fatigue is known

Why it's important to take magnesium and potassium supplements

Once you know the important Properties and benefits of magnesium and potassium It is possible to understand how important it is to integrate and assume the right amounts of these mineral salts in our body.

Magnesium in particular is able to positively influence our mood, overall improving our psycho-physical balance and counteracting states of nervousness and restlessness, sometimes typical of the state of anxiety or hypochondria.

It is also not to be underestimated the ability of magnesium to strengthen the levels of resistance and endurance of people, making them overall less aggressive by means of the modulation of their excitability.

Magnesium is able to positively influence our organism, from the physiological point of view.

Regarding the intake of Potassium We can say that it is very important, especially with regard to the Improvement of the cardiovascular system .. It is worth pointing out that our body is not able to independently produce this mineral: for this reason, in certain circumstances, a daily or periodic intake of this mineral is necessary.

The main symptoms of magnesium and potassium deficiency

Among the main symptoms related to the lack of physiological levels of magnesium and potassium in our body are: chronic fatigue, constipation, worsening of mood, depression, migraine and muscle weakness and a state of anxiety and nervousness.

It was also found in some subjects with magnesium and potassium deficiency, the presence of peripheral edema that can affect the ankles and feet, the latter sometimes swollen. Last among the symptoms of Magnesium and potassium deficiency There is in some cases the difficulty of breathing.

Magnesium and potassium when taking them

How and when magnesium and potassium should be integrated In the diet? Magnesium and potassium supplements can be taken at all ages, starting from the first year of life.

There are moments in a person's life when it is necessary Integrate to the Own Diet magnesium and potassium And especially when we experience the symptoms of deficiency of these minerals, during pregnancy or in old age.

Reintegration of magnesium and is also recommended Potassium to sportsmen Who practice constant workouts and characterized by particular physical stress (long-time workouts). For women, the reintegration of these mineral salts is recommended especially in the premenstrual phase. The hormonal imbalances that sometimes occur in the female body represent a condition that favors the deficiency of magnesium and potassium.

In general terms we can say that after 40 years it would be good to proceed with the periodic reinstatement of these mineral salts within the body.

Intake magnesium and potassium: contraindications

As for the Side effects Relating to the Intake Of Magnesium and Of Potassium Generally we can say that supplements of these mineral salts are not characterized by particular Contraindications ..

The only case in which it is certainly better to rely on the opinion of the doctor before taking magnesium and potassium supplements is that relating to people suffering from kidney failure.

Magnesium is in fact eliminated from our body by means of sweat and urine. In the condition in which the kidneys fail to work in a physiological way, one would counter the risk of an excessive accumulation of this mineral salt.

The best magnesium and potassium supplements

Magnesium and potassium supplements are readily available commercially. It is possible to buy them both in pharmacies and in herbal medicine and in many Physical and digital stores These supplements are available in tablets, powder to be dissolved in water or even in vials ..

Among the supplements of Magnesium and potassium Of better known quality there is certainly Polase .. This supplement is indicated for all people in whom there is a loss or deficiency of potassium and magnesium. Polase is a supplement formulated with the help of vitamins, ginseng, caffeine and guarana. Thanks to its particular formulation, the supplement is able to act quickly and provide support to the body even in the long term.

Other supplement of Magnesium and potassium Quality is Massigen .. This mineral salt supplement is particularly suitable for restoring the levels of magnesium and potassium in our body after an intense session of physical activity. The supplement also provides a share of antioxidant vitamins capable of reducing oxidative stress affecting the muscular system.

Today you can buy Magnesium and potassium Even at some supermarkets, such as for example Eurospin and Coop .. Our advice, before buying a supplement at the supermarket, is to read up, perhaps by consulting product reviews online.


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