Not only that: the epidermis, in full hormonal upheaval, is naturally also more exposed to phenomena of Photoaging , With the appearance of dark spots.

A situation of fragility, to be faced with delicacy: the female beauty routine in Age menopause It has to change, becoming more Gentle and nutritious ..

Starting from the Cleansing , Which must not be too aggressive to safeguard the natural hydrolipid film and do not spoil the skin barrier.

Moisturizing and nourishing creams, day and night , Enriched by anti-aging formulations

The cosmetics Anti age To be used in Age menopause Must be rich in substances that favor the process of Regeneration of the stratum corneum , Like the Fatty acids Repairing cell membranes, weakened by hormonal decline.
Among the Ingredients to be preferred in cosmetic formulations Of beauty products for the face, stand out:

DMAE: an antioxidant active ingredient and anti free radicals, which promotes the firmness and tone of the skin, giving the face a younger appearance;

Hyaluronic acid: encourages the natural production of collagen, hydrates and tightens the skin;

Vitamin B6: regenerates the skin tissue and carries out an important anti-aging action; Rice oil and shea butter: they act, in a gentle and emollient way, on the skin by oxygenating it, nourishing it thoroughly and promoting cellular metabolism.

And to counteract the appearance of dark spots in Age menopause ?

Choose cosmetics with a good Sun protection factor -Precious in the city too! -And with a dose of Caffeine , Able to repair cells damaged by UV rays.

All these active ingredients are contained in the Anti Age Over 40 DMAE Cream , Formulated by FGM04 for mature skin, physiologically drier, opaque and toneless.

Ideal in Age menopause , This face cream is not only a great Anti wrinkle , But it's perfect for preventing and Counteract the action of aggressive factors , Such as smog and pollution.

Living the menopausal age at its best: a possible mission The arrival of the Age menopause It's a complicated time for the woman.

Hormonal changes, physical transformations and the Social significance of the end of the fertile period Feminine, make this stage of life extremely delicate.

To experience this special period of profound evolution at its best, however, is possible. Treating nutrition and lifestyle , Protect the intimate sphere And Safeguard beauty External gestures are simple, but very important, for Learning to love each other And prepare for a new, wonderful phase of life.

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