Jogger Ikonic FW 23/24 Black

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Stiamo procedendo a cambiare tutte le etichette esterne da "Frida04" in "FGM04". Potresti trovare prodotti con etichette diverse, ma sono entrambe originali! 🖤


The cult trousers available in a new version 23/24 FW even more fashion is finally back. The Ikonic Joggers with leg swap gives freedom of movement while the tighter cut to the ankles makes it fashionable and captivating.

The brand “FGM04” printed on the leg makes it current and trendy as only FGM04 can do.

This garment is characterized by the high quality MADE IN ITALY, 100% cotton, making it a perfect garment in every season.

The Ikonico Jogger is an essential trend element to give personality to your ATHLEISURE outfits: for you who love to wear casual clothing even in the most Glamour contexts.

The attention to detail and the high quality of the fabrics will make the Jogger Ikonic the protagonist of your looks.

The trousers IKONIC contains in a practical garment and suitable for all occasions a status symbol that is back in fashion since 1990.

★ Black color symbolizes elegance, prestige and independence.

The inscription FGM04 gives authenticity to a 100% Italian product.

-The 6 cm fascia with drawstring ensures stability and freedom of movement.

Product features

Realizzato in Italia
Pantalone modello Jogger
Colore : Nero con scritta FGM04

Taglia XS-S:
Lunghezza gamba 104 cm

Taglia M-L:
Lunghezza gamba 106 cm

Size guide

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VITA: Prendere le misure nella parte più stretta sopra l'ombelico

BACINO: Prendere le misure nella parte più larga del giro gluteo