• How to have a nice butt in a short time: a dream come true
  • Program to tone your buttocks: try it now!
  • Warm-up exercises before firming the buttocks
  • Simple Squats
  • Bridge to the ground (intensive exercise)
  • Lunges
  • Toning creams for firming the buttocks

Magazine glute dreams? Have you tried for some time, but with poor results? Find out our tips for getting Buttocks firm in a week And reach in no time at all the goal you 've always wanted!

How to have a nice butt in a short time

Marble buttocks: what a passion! A goal that is not easy to achieve, yet desired by millions of people around the world. The good news is that having a nice butt in a short time is certainly not impossible, it is enough to engage and practice targeted physical exercise with constancy. 

And that's not all: of primary importance too Hydrate well Drinking at least 2 liters a day of still water and follow ahealthy eating. To know what good habits to adopt at the table read our article Diet, foods and nutrition to eliminate cellulite”. 

Let's go back to exercise: you are curious to know a good program for Toning your buttocks in a few days? Keep reading!

Program to tone your buttocks: try it now!

Together with nutrition, physical activity is the other fundamental step to achieve your goals of aesthetic and, why not, spiritual well-being. Because liking yourself outside increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

So here's a good training program to firm your buttocks, one Simple sequence of exercises To be performed comfortably at home without necessarily having to join the gym. 

Away with the heating!

Warm-up exercises before firming the buttocks

Muscles, joints and breathing must gradually prepare for physical activity, be it intensive or not: for this reason before starting any sport it is strongly recommended to dedicate 10 - 15 minutes to warm up the body.

Among the warm-up exercises before toning the buttocks we recommend a small sequence that includes:

  • A few laps of the race (running on the spot is also fine);
  • Jumpin jack;
  • Skip with high knees (on the spot);
  • Rotation of the legs;
  • Oscillation of the arms;
  • Oscillatory movements of the head and neck, to be performed very gently in different directions (right-left, forward and backward, oblique).

Have you warmed up enough? Let's now move on to phase B, that of individual targeted exercises for the firming of the buttocks.


Simple Squats

The prince of exercises for Have small and firm buttocks in a week Is definitely the squat. The Simple Squats, Or if you feel like you can also opt for other types of Squats such as the Jump Squat

The basic rules for one Effective Squat I am:

  • Feet should be placed at the width of the pelvis;
  • The knees should not push beyond the tips of the feet and should be flexed until the thighs are parallel to the ground;
  • During the execution push back the buttocks as much as you can, imagining that behind us there is a chair; 
  • Always keep your back straight;
  • Carrying the weight on the heels;
  • During the ascent the buttocks must be maximally contracted.

The squats are repeated in series. Here you have many possibilities: the first is that of the Tabata squat, Or 20 ″ squat + 10 ″ recovery repeated for 8 - 12 series (tot 4 - 6 minutes of work). A second alternative that allows us to focus even more on the buttocks is to Make every repeat last 10”: Drop in 4 ″, stay in position for 2 ″ and then go up again in 4 ″.

Bridge to the ground (intensive exercise)

ponte glutei

A second exercise for the buttocks, a little more intensive, is the Ground bridge. We all had fun doing it as kids, but how to properly run a bridge to the ground to Butt toning?

  1. Lie on your back on a mat or a rigid surface;
  2. Keep your back well aligned on the ground and arms extended by your sides. Keep your knees bent;
  3. Exhale, contract the buttocks and lift the pelvis while keeping the upper back, shoulders, arms and head resting on the ground;
  4. Hold the position for a few seconds;
  5. Inspire and return to the initial position by slowly lowering the pelvis.

Even the bridge on the ground goes Repeated in sequence. We recommend 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each, with a break of 30 - 40 seconds between each set. 


Like the squats, even the Lunges I'm really Useful for firming buttocks and legs. You can do the exercise by holding dumbbells, or if you do not have them using small bottles of water. Alternatively, simply bring your hands to your hips.

For an ideal execution of lunges keep your back straight and look in front of you horizontally. The knee of the front leg should not go beyond the tip of the foot, in a 90 ° angle. Lunges must also be done in sequence: we suggest 10 lunges on each leg, alternating the legs with a break of maximum 30 seconds, all for 4 - 5 series.

Toning creams for firming the buttocks

Finally, we point out that there are on the market of toning creams for the buttocks with a very effective action. Among the remedies proposed by FGM04:

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Keep Me Up Gel Glutei 200 ml, Unisex product that hydrates and makes the skin more compact. Ideal for preventing the formation of stretch marks and blemishes caused by skin relaxation. It nourishes in depth and plays an anti-aging effect. To be applied once a day until complete absorption.

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