• Differences between creams and gels.
  • What are ointments?
  • What are creams?
  • What is gel?
  • What is the difference between cream and serum?
  • Difference between cream and gel.
  • Difference between serum and gel.
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Differences between creams and gels

In this article we will discover the main Differences That there are Between creams and gels : Surely at least once in your life you will have found yourself buying a cream or a gel and ask yourself which product is better and what are the respective differences between the two products.

Nowadays it is possible to find on the market a wide variety of products, formulated and conceived with the most varied use of active ingredients. We try to clarify by providing you with some information relating to the characteristics of the main products available on the market.

What are ointments?

For Ointments Generally means products whose formulation makes use of the use of oil, or a decidedly fatty ingredient characterized by a limited water content.

Ointments, due to the important presence of fats, are particularly suitable products to be applied to dry skin that constantly require hydration and nourishment.

Characteristic and peculiarity of these products is their ability not to be immediately absorbed by the skin, leaving a layer on the surface of the latter, capable of trapping moisture, thus counteracting the tendency of the skin to dry out quickly.

Again due to the presence in their formulation of fatty substances and little water, the ointments are able to exercise their action for a relatively prolonged time. Being present in the ointments a quantity of water close to zero, in these products there are no preservatives, due to the difficulty of microorganisms to colonize the substance that composes them.

What are creams?

Unlike ointments, the Creams Products whose formulation is constituted by the presence of oils and water: these are products in the semi-solid state, characterized by an emollient and lubricating formulation.

The creams are absorbed with great ease by the skin of our body and thanks to the presence of water, their application is very simple. The presence of water also allows the creams to be applied in particularly extensive areas of the body. These products are usually used to lubricate and increase the state of skin hydration and relative softness.

Creams have considerable application in the pharmaceutical sector and in the cosmetic field: as regards cosmetics, creams are particularly recommended for basically fat skins, due to the important presence of water in their formulation, which facilitates the speed of absorption.

What is gel?

For gel ( Moisturizing gel And Gel cream ) Refers to a colloidal biphasic and elastic material, consisting of a liquid incorporated within a solid phase. The liquid is in fact confined and inhabits the solid structure: the latter exploits the surface tension of the liquid, thus avoiding to collapse.

A gel may have an organic or inorganic origin.

immagine di gel di aloe vera in una tazza di vetro

What is the difference between cream and serum?

The main difference between cream and Serum It is to be found in the different time of action of the respective products: the serums are in fact characterized by an almost immediate action, since they bring the water in a direct way. The effectiveness of a cream is instead appreciable more in the medium term. The serum, on the other hand, is immediately effective, but its effectiveness does not persist over time as it does for a cream.

For the application of these products on the face, it is worth pointing out how some dermatologists recommend a synergistic application of serum and cream: for example an application of serum in the morning and an application of the cream in the evening, before bedtime.

Difference between cream and gel

What is the difference between cream and Gel ? We often use and apply both cream and gel on our body. However, there is a substantial difference between these two products: first of all, the gel is characterized by a gelatinous and transparent appearance, a sort of cross between a solid and a liquid. To tell the truth, the consistency of the gel is definitely closer to the liquid state than to the solid state, while behaving in fact like a solid: this mainly depends on the presence in the product of some molecules that prevent a constant flow.

Most commercially available gel products feature water in their own formulation: These products are also marketed under the name of hydrogel.

The composition of a Gel Can predict the presence of many substances, with the addition of water and thickeners. The latter are often and willingly polymers or polysaccharides.

Creams are more common and commercially available products for longer than gels. As stated in the previous paragraphs, most of the creams available on the market are characterized by the presence of water. However, it should be noted that the formulation of some creams provide for the presence of oil.

The creams compared to gels are much thicker and therefore require a longer time of absorption by the skin of the body. Before the advent of the gel, creams were also applied to the hair. Today, with the introduction of the gel, a great many variants of hair products are available.

On the market it is possible to choose between creams that contain oil and creams that contain only water. Creams that contain oil are usually lanolin or petroleum jelly. A cream, unlike a gel is never transparent.

Difference between Serum and Gel

Regarding the difference between serum and gel we can say that serums are usually used after toning or before applying a cream. The gel, just like the serum is usually devoid in its formulation of the fat component and is more or less rich in active ingredients.

A gel can be pure (for example, hyaluronic acid) or treated with active ingredients.

For example, our Anti Age SINERGY Programme Also includes 2 serums to apply morning and evening before the creams.

The FGM04 Cosmetic Gels

FGM04 offers a wide range of Gel cosmetics Specially conceived and formulated for the treatment of each part of the body.

We prepare mainly Cosmetic products in gel form , As it facilitates faster absorption from the skin. The gel formulation also allows us to insert a greater percentage of functional active ingredients into the product.

All products Cosmetic gels proposed by FGM04 , Compared to other gels on the market, do not stick.

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