How to Drain Excess Liquids in Pregnancy: 5 Remedies

During the period of pregnancy, about 70% of women complain of suffering from water retention and swelling, especially in the legs, hands and feet. The numerous hormonal changes, weight gain and increased blood pressure can in fact cause fluid stagnation in the tissues and in some cases the formation of cellulite. If this is also your case, do not panic!

As we will see, it is normal to experience a certain increase in fluid during pregnancy. Fortunately, however, it is a problem that can be solved.
In this article you will find 5 natural remedies and tips for Drain excess fluid in pregnancy And reduce the sense of swelling.

Symptoms of water retention in pregnancy

First of all: what are the symptoms of so-called water retention in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period that every woman's body faces differently, and usually water retention manifests itself already in the course of the first months.

Many women experience an unpleasant feeling of swelling in the legs, with enlarged ankles and feet. You can also have swollen hands and fingers; in some cases, swelling also affects the face. Usually the Swelling in pregnancy Especially in the evening, with the symptoms increasing as the pregnancy proceeds its course, with a peak during the last three months of gestation.

The causes of swelling in pregnancy

During pregnancy the body is subjected to a real transformation, in which hormonal and non-hormonal changes occur. Such changes, alas, can be a cause of swelling and water retention. Let's see what are the most important changes and the Causes of swelling in pregnancy

  • Increased progesterone: In the course of pregnancy and especially during the first trimester, the body produces more progesterone. This increases vasodilation, which, in turn, causes fluid stagnation and swelling.
  • Metabolic changes: In pregnancy, the metabolism slows down and some changes occur in the level of function of the kidneys that leads to edema and water retention especially in the legs.
  • Increased blood flow: In order for the fetus to have sufficient nutrition, it increases blood flow to and from the uterus. In this way the venous circle is overloaded and swelling can form. Furthermore, the uterus, increasing in volume during pregnancy, crushes the blood vessels of the legs making it more difficult to return venous.
  • Weight gain: Even natural weight gain can cause venous circulation to slow down, causing water retention and cellulite.

5 natural remedies to drain fluids in pregnancy:

Water retention in pregnancy is one of the most common problems affecting pregnant women. Although in the absence of other symptoms it should not be considered a worrying problem, excessive Swelling of the legs in pregnancy Can bring annoyances and hinder normal daily activities. So let's see some tips and effective remedies to reduce swelling and How to drain excess fluid in pregnancy.

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes that do not dress too tight is a valid help to avoid the stagnation of fluids throughout the body. Choose clothes that fall soft on the body and do not compress the legs. You can fight water retention even in the postpartum period, choosing the right clothing: leggings Nikita Shape Up They are perfect for helping belly tissues regain tone, thanks to the high waist fascia and innovative tissue-embedded technology that helps reactivate leg circulation.

Also pay attention to the shoes you wear: heels, in the long run, can lead to a worsening of the circulation and lymphatic system.

2. Get moving

Also during pregnancy it is important to keep the body active and healthy with regular physical activity. For example, the Long walks With comfortable shoes are particularly suitable for the period of pregnancy, as the low-impact movement stimulates the circulation favoring the venous return from the bottom up, helping to reduce the sense of swollen and heavy legs. If you go to the gym and you want to know if you can keep doing Weights in pregnancy, We recommend that you contact your doctor: he will be able to give you information on which exercises you can continue to do in complete safety, perhaps slightly modified, and for which ones you will have to wait for the post-birth. Even the Yoga in pregnancy Can be practiced, under the supervision of the doctor.

3. Follow proper nutrition

Never as in the period of pregnancy it is important to follow a correct diet, for your health and the correct nourishment of the fetus. Stick to your doctor's directions and hire Foods rich in folic acid, Calcium and iron, In addition to the fibers to regularize the intestinal activity and attenuate the sense of swelling.

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4. Use creams/gels

The perennial feeling of heavy legs and feet can be really annoying to bear. If you are looking for immediate relief from the sense of swelling, a good solution are the Creams or Gel cleanser To use in pregnancy. Choose products that are dermatologically tested, paraben-free and that contain the most well-known natural ingredients for their invigorating properties.

As for the gels, CellKO Gel Is the most loved anti-cellulite product by Italian women: first of all, it does not contain sources of iodine and therefore does not interfere with the thyroid. It can also be used in pregnancy, naturally avoiding the belly and hip area. It also contains all the most effective natural active ingredients to stimulate circulation: caffeine, escin, diosmin, hesperidin. In addition to being a powerful ally to drain excess fluid and reactivate microcirculation, it can also be used by those suffering from fragile capillaries and varices. It is enough to apply it with a light circular massage starting from the feet to get to the top of the legs.

To get aImmediate feeling of lightness and freshness in the legs, We suggest you cold draining products such as the Gel Icegel Plus, the fango e i Cold bandages.

5. Get some rest!

The period of pregnancy, with all its transformations, can also lead to a strong stress in the woman's body... and stress, as we well know, is also one of the causes of water retention and swelling. The password in this case is: rest!

Take moments all for yourself, when you are lying down, spread your legs upwards with the help of a few pillows to reduce the sense of heaviness, drink a relaxing herbal tea to help your body drain fluids, but above all you listen to your changing body, Observed without judging you and enjoy this magical moment of your life.

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