Wrinkles on the Neck: How to prevent and treat them.

Lightness belongs to the rising age, wisdom to the setting age”, said Cicero. In short, over the years the lightheartedness typical of youth fades, but there is a positive aspect: you gain experience.

Yes, because every phase of life has its flowers to pick. You just need to know how to do it right.

Daily cleansing: not just the face

Many women - but also many men - are particularly keen on maintaining youthful and soft skin as as long as possible. They do it first of all with a daily cleansing of the face, a beauty ritual that allows you to hydrate and cleanse the skin and protect it from atmospheric agents and pollution.

Nourishing and purifying the dermis every day is essential for achieving effective beauty results and prolonging our outer youth over time and feeling at ease with ourselves. A ritual that must involve not only the face, but also the neck, among the areas of the body most exposed to the elements and to the action of external factors.

Yes, the neck! Sometimes we forget about it, yet it is together with the face one of the areas most involved in the onset of the first wrinkles. But what are the alarm bells to pay close attention to?

Symptoms of neck aging

Among the the most common symptoms of aging of the neck are:

Loss of skin elasticity

Over the years the skin tends to lose its elasticity: unfortunately this is normal. On the neck this turns into loose skin and less tonic tissue. An even more evident effect compared to other areas of the body: the skin of the neck is in fact much thinner and poor in sebaceous glands and for this reason it is an easy target of premature aging.

Appearance of horizontal wrinkles

donna rughe sul collo

Connected to the loss of elasticity of the neck skin is the appearance of horizontal wrinkles. An annoying "natural necklace" from which the name "Rings of Venus" by which this phenomenon is known.

But why do horizontal wrinkles arise? It is easy to say: yielding to the force of gravity, the skin loses its structure and tends to let itself fall. Another reason could be poor hydration.

Appearance of vertical wrinkles

In order not to miss anything, horizontal wrinkles can be accompanied by vertical wrinkles. Once again favored by the loss of tone and elasticity, vertical wrinkles have an easy life in those who tend to sleep in the wrong position, keeping the neck bent.

Sleep cannot be controlled, we know it: however, there are pillows on the market specifically designed to help us assume a correct posture during the night.

Sagging skin under the chin

Another sign of neck aging is sagging skin under the chin. The reduction of collagen, as normally occurs with growing age, leads to excessively relaxed skin, far from its original firmness.

Exercises and gymnastics to remove wrinkles from the neck and décolleté

There are natural methods to remove or at least reduce the neck and décolleté wrinkles? Yes of course! With a little perseverance you can get really brilliant results. Here are some recommended exercises:

Exercise 1

Sit on a chair, keep your back straight and bend your head backwards pointing your chin towards the ceiling. Close your mouth and then slowly move your lips pretending to chew: the facial and neck muscles will begin to be felt!

Exercise 2

Sitting again on a chair with your back straight and close to the backrest, keep your neck stretched out and bring your lips forward by exaggeratingly simulating the letters "o", "u" and "x" for at least 5 seconds each. Repeat this exercise 10 consecutive times.

Exercise 3

Let's exaggerate again! Stand up and close your mouth and then let yourself go into a wide smile, as wide as you can, being careful to keep your lips closed. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then push your lips forward as if you were kissing someone. The more you overdo the movements, the more tension you will feel in your neck muscles.

Exercise 4

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with a self-massage: stretch the neck with the palm of your hand, as if you were thickening smearing the cream. Perform slow pressures and gentle movements, proceeding from bottom to top with slow and soft pressures. You will feel your muscles more relaxed and you will help your circulation improve: try it!

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Prevent and counteract neck and décolleté wrinkles

After thoroughly cleansing your skin, don't miss out on an excellent anti-aging moisturizing cream with a lifting effect. Consult our catalog of face and neck creams and choose the one that best suits your needs: at your disposal the cream unisex anti-age and the unisex anti-age cream specific for over 40, but also the Lifty Party Dmae Unisex for an immediate lifting effect.

Always remember to distribute the product with delicate massages, going up from the décolleté along the neck towards the chin: this will improve the elasticity of the your skin and will counteract the loss of gravity.

Have a good beauty routine!