Buttocks Sodi: Exercises

Today I want to share with you the most effective exercises for the buttocks. I documented why in a few days it is spring and you have to start taking out mini skirts and shorts from the wardrobe.

The critical points of us women are essentially three: the thighs, the belly and the buttocks.
Who wouldn't like to have a perfect butt?

There are girls who are lucky enough to be born with a decidedly wow B-side, but if you are not among the lucky not desperate. There are exercises for the buttocks to do at home or in the gym that will allow you to have what you have always wanted. It is enough to have constancy and determination!

Exercises for the buttocks to do at home

The exercises for the buttocks that I am about to describe to you are targeted and suitable for people who do not like to go to the gym and prefer to work out in the privacy of their own home. I recommend doing the routine at least twice a week.


Use this exercise to warm up. Just use a step, a chair or a step. Exercise is very simple. Go up and down the step alternating the foot you leave with for at least 5/10 minutes.


Lie on your right side and place your head on your arm. Bend your resting leg and ground at 90 °. Now raise your straight left leg up. Then turn around and perform the exercise with the other leg. I recommend at least three sets of 20 per leg. As the days go by you can increase the intensity by wearing an anklet.


Get on all fours on the floor. Lean on your knees and forearms. Stretch your right leg backwards, contract your buttock and bring it higher than your back. Be careful not to arch your back. Repeat 20 times and then move on to the left leg. I recommend three reps of 20 per leg. In this case, too, you can increase the intensity by helping yourself with an anklet.


He holds two bottles full of water. Step forward with your right foot. Bend your left leg until it touches the floor with your knee. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg. Perform 15 repeat per leg.
When you return to the starting position, remember to push the leg in front with the heel. This will involve the buttocks more.

Exercises for the buttocks to do in the gym

In this part of the article I will show you a routine of exercises for the buttocks to be carried out in case you decide to attend a gym.


The stepper is nothing more than the machine that simulates the steps. It is a classic and now every gym is equipped with it. It starts with 20 minutes and as the days go by the intensity increases. This will serve you as a heating.


This tool is for the hamstring. When it comes to exercises for the buttocks, you cannot neglect the hamstring, those muscles that fit right under the buttocks. To have a firm butt it is necessary that the femoral biceps act in synergy with the muscles of the buttocks.

The execution of the exercise is very simple. It consists of bringing the ankles closer to the thighs and then returning to the starting position. Movement must be done slowly one leg at a time.

There is also the variant from lying down but lately finding it in gyms has become rare.


Hand hold a handlebar. Start from an upright position and step back with your right foot until you touch the floor with your knee. Return to the starting position. Repeat the execution with your left leg. This exercise acts intensively on the buttocks so you will feel the affected area burn.


The best exercise for the buttocks if you want a high and firm butt.
Take a barbell and place it resting on your shoulders. On your feet, spread your legs shoulders wide. Slowly drop down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Knees should not exceed the tips of the feet. Again perform the movement slowly.
I recommend 3 sets of 15.
I am sure that following these buttock exercise routines for at least a month you will see a marked improvement in your B-side.

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Exercises for the buttocks: the best sports

If you're not a weight lover, Here are some alternatives for you ..
These are sports involving the muscles of the buttocks.


It's definitely one of the hottest sports in recent years. It is a combination of exercises that involves all the muscles of the body including the buttocks. It also allows to have advantages also from a not purely aesthetic point of view.


If you like outdoor sports, running is definitely the sport for you. Headphones with a little music are enough and you can practice anywhere in the city and in the parks.


Considered the most complete and suitable sport for any age. It allows to put in motion all the muscles of our body. Recommended at least twice a week. Also great for stress.


It is considered the most complete sport after swimming because practicing it put in motion all the muscles of the body and especially those of the buttocks. Just a pair of skates and that's it. Also you have a lot of fun if done in company.