Exercises to train at home

Losing weight and toning the body , Without going to the gym: the Fitness Becomes flexible for those who decide Of Training at home ..

A smart solution for those who want to improve their health, but always have an excuse ready.

I have little time”, “I don't want to spend a fortune to go to the gym”, “Once you get home, who wants to get on the bag and go out again?”.

Don't worry: to lose weight you don't need to go far or invest too many resources.

Streamlining the figure and firming the body are goals at hand even without taking a step outside the home.


Come with us to discover the most effective exercises for Training at home And save time and money.

What does it take to train at home?

Training at home Is very simple: for a basic but effective workout, you do not need to buy fitness accessories.

What you have at home can be transformed, with a little creativity, into a training tool.

Water bottles can become dumbbells from a couple of kg each.

A chair can turn into a bench on which to make lunges and push-ups.

Therefore, organize a medium large space in the house, moving the objects in the way and spreading a towel on the ground to soften the surfaces.

And to fill up with energy and vigor, enrich your diet with some Supplements Based on Phosphatidylcholine And Carnitine , As FOSFADRINK : A panacea to increase energy and burn excess fat.

Now everything is really ready for Training at home ..

Let's get started!

donna esegue esercizi di fitness per il bicipite

Training at home: let's warm up!

Before we start Training at home , It's important Turn on the metabolism with a session of Aerobic activity , Ideal to set the body in motion and prepare it for the exercises to come.

Let's start with classics Jumping jack , An evergreen of cardiovascular fitness, always effective and very simple to perform.

Standing, we leave with closed and stretched legs, and arms along the body. In a single jump we spread our legs and raise our arms, slightly flexed, above the head. We repeat, rhythmically, for 3 minutes.

This apparently trivial exercise involves a long series of muscle districts, such as buttocks, abdominals, calves and dorsals. If that's not enough, the jumping jack promotes circulation and quickly raises the heartbeat, confirming itself as a perfect start for Training at home ..

We continue the heating with one High skip Interspersed with a low one ..
To perform the high one, stand up and jump in place, alternately lifting your knees, ideally bringing them to your chest.
After a few minutes of running with high knees, switch to Skip bass : With your legs together, jump and hit your buttocks with your heels.
Continue, at a rapid pace, for at least 4 minutes.

Workout at home and tighten buttocks and legs

If too sedentary life has flattened your side B, it's time to declare war on gravity.

Training at home Is also very effective for Firming the buttocks and sculpting the musculature of the thighs and calves, Working accurately on the most critical areas.
A very effective exercise for Training at home And take advantage of the domestic spaces, is to perform Lunges in one leg , With his foot resting on a low cabinet.

Approach a TV cabinet or the seat of the sofa: give it your shoulders and rest the instep on the surface, flexing the knee backwards.
Make sure that the leg left on the ground is firmly and planted, so that it can support you effectively.
At this point, hold your arms in front of you, for balance, and bend your leg to the ground so that the trunk is raised and lowered, as in a squat.
Perform 10 repetitions, then change your leg.
During the lunge make sure that you do not bend the load-bearing knee inward and do not arch your back, maintaining an upright position.

For Training at home And have toned legs and firm calves, don't forget to also perform the Lateral lunges.
Starting from the standing position with stretched legs, upright torso and parallel feet, spread outwards one leg, Lowering the pelvis at the same time And forming a 90-degree angle between the thigh and calf.
Replicate the lunge with the opposite limb, and repeat the movement 10 times, completing at least 3 sets. This apparently simple exercise is a panacea for having Leaner and stronger legs , As well as Buttocks and adductors toned in the deep ..

esercizi fisici a casa: gli affondi

Exercises to train at home and tone arms and shoulders

Who thinks that Training at home Be less effective than going to the gym, will have to change his mind!

With constancy and continuity, it is possible to work on all muscle bands of the body, including shoulders, arms and trapezoid.

To say goodbye to flaccid and not very toned fabrics, here are some exercises for Training at home And firming the upper body.
Arm yourself with small weights-if you have any-or a couple of bottles of water.

Let's start with a Scapular plane lift ..
Stand tall, with an erect torso, legs slightly apart and feet at shoulder level.
Bring your arms along your body and grab the weights with your palms facing inward.
Fleck your elbows, slowly lift your arms to the front of your chest and opening them slightly, forming a V.
When your arms are parallel to the floor, stop.
Raise your shoulders slightly, bring them to your ears, hold the position for a few moments and then return to the start. Repeat 15 times in sets of 3.

In order not to incur excessive tears or efforts:

  • Sc Always have weights within your reach;
  • Avoid rotating your back during movement;
  • Do not lift the weights too high: reach your arms parallel to the floor, stop.

For Training at home And also tighten the inside of the arms, proceed with some Side risers ..
From standing, with legs slightly flexed and apart, and arms extended along the body, grip the weights with the palms facing down.
Lock your elbows in a flexed position and keep your wrists steady, so as not to waste work on other muscle areas such as the trapezius or front bands, weakening the exercise.
Raise your arms sideways, until they are parallel to the ground and never above your shoulders.
Performed 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

In order not to risk involuntary movements, which can strain the dorsal muscles, you can Perform this exercise even while sitting , Taking care to lean well on the back of the chair and to form a 90 ° angle between legs and torso.

donna fa esercizi a casa per le scapole

Training at home using isometry

Perfect for those with little space, the Isometric training Allows for Training at home Without the need to make broad movements.

This type of training, in fact, consists in the prolonged assumption of a position of body tension capable of strongly soliciting a large number of muscle bands and making them work optimally.

One of the most popular exercises of this branch of physical discipline is undoubtedly the Plank : A mix of balance and resistance that stimulates the abdominal and dorsal fascia, and tones the buttocks, arms and shoulders.

From a position on all fours, place your palms under your shoulders, bend your elbows and forearms and point your feet on the ground. Exhaling lift the body in a taut manner, creating a straight line perfectly parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, then relax. Ripete 3 come back.

To strengthen the buttocks and the inner thigh, then, try it Wall isometric squat : Rest your back against the wall, spread your feet slightly and bend your legs, as if you wanted to sit, forming a 90 ° angle between your knees and thighs.

Hold for 20 seconds, then come back erect. Repeat at least 5 times.
If exercise is too strenuous, ease the effort by slightly opening the corner of the knee.

donna fa le flessioni sul tappetino yoga

The chair: a precious ally to train at home

If the chair seems to you a perfect antithesis of the concept of fitness, and much more suitable for relaxation and idleness, be ready to change your mind!
This simple piece of furniture, in fact, is a versatile and very functional accessory for Training at home In an almost professional way.

Did you know, for example, that with a simple chair you can Strengthen the triceps ?
Sit on the edge of the chair and rest your hands next to the pelvis. Move the weight of the body forward, stretch your feet and bring your legs extended in front of you. Support the body with the strength of your arms. Inhaling, descend and bring your pelvis down, flexing your arms and legs and keeping your elbows tight. Exhaling sit back to the starting position.

Training at home Using a chair is also a perfect training for Tonify the abdominal area ..
Sit on the edge of the chair and spread your legs out in front of you, resting your heels on the ground.

Grasp the profile of the chair firmly with your hands and exhaling perform a synchronized movement: tilt your back backwards and at the same time raise your knees, slightly flexed.

Hold for a couple of seconds, then, inhaling, return to the starting phase, with legs extended and torso erect.
Made 3 sets of at least 15 repetitions.

ragazza fa esercizi a casa con una sedia

You are impressed by the variety of exercises and the benefits in the Training at home ?
What are you waiting for? Today is the right time to start your Path to a new well-being !