How to eliminate abdominal fat: a difficult, but not unattainable goal

All men, as well as women belonging to the biotype android ("apple" body shape), those in menopause or simply stressed, tend to accumulate fat right on the belly. The causes of female abdominal fat can depend on: age, a sedentary lifestyle, food intolerances, improper diet, hormonal factors and stress. But we must not give up: regaining an enviable waistline will give us benefits not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also and above all for our health. The accumulation of fat on the abdomen, which is distinguished in visceral fat (the one that surrounds the internal organs, the most dangerous) and subcutaneous fat that is the most superficial, including the classic bacon located on the lower abdomen, in fact exposes us to various health risks such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The most effective strategies for burning abdominal fat, for both men and women, include healthy diet, exercise, but also massages with cosmetic products based on active ingredients with fat-burning properties.

What to eat to lose abdominal fat

A healthy and balanced diet is the first step to achieve the goal of a flat stomach together with the conquest of a general state of psycho-physical well-being. To succeed in this intent it will not only be important how much we eat, but also what we eat. With the same calories, there are foods that more than others favor the reduction of visceral and subcutaneous fat located on the abdomen. Conversely, other foods will be avoided as they favor inflammation, abdominal bloating and digestive difficulties, which contribute to worsening the problem.

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Foods that reduce abdominal fat:

  • Proteins: Are the most important macronutrient for weight loss and abdominal fat reduction. Protein foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, but also legumes and dried fruit have a high satiating power and speed up metabolism;

  • Vegetables: Source of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, have very few calories, but allow us to feel full for longer, favoring natural intestinal regularity;

  • Fruit: Despite their sugar content (fructose), whole fruits (not pre-packaged fruit juices, even if without added sugar) are an extremely healthy choice as they are rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins, which mitigate the possible negative effects of fructose;

  • Whole Foods: We choose bread and pasta, rice and whole grains, rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients, which satiate and contribute to intestinal regularity;

  • Dark chocolate 70% minimum: One square a day will give good mood, antioxidant polyphenols and a small charge of energy (contains caffeine and theobromine, alkaloids with stimulating properties, as well as fat burning);

  • Tea and coffee: These are the ideal drinks to give sprint to the metabolism by virtue of their content in caffeine, but they also contain antioxidant substances (polyphenols) beneficial for our general health. Sweeten with stevia or honey; 

  • Waterfall: We drink 1.5-2 l per day of water in order to maintain the right degree of hydration and combat water retention;

  • Abdominal fat burning herbal teas: An alternative way to hydrate and at the same time purify the body, fight water retention and stimulate metabolism are infusions and herbal teas based on medicinal herbs. The most effective herbal teas against rolls of Abdominal fat Are: dandelion (deflates and drains), ginger and lemon (purifies and increases metabolism), karkadè (fights swelling and water retention) yerba matè (burns fat and reduces nervous hunger), green coffee (reduces fat absorption);

  • Herbs and spices: Let's use them at will to reduce the consumption of salt, an enemy of our health and our physical fitness, especially prefering those with slimming properties such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, chilli, black pepper, cardamom, saffron;

  • Extra virgin olive oil: The only seasoning granted in small doses (3 tablespoons per day), extra virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and phytosterols beneficial for our general health;

  • Supplements To dissolve abdominal fat: for our fight against abdominal rolls we can also take (after medical consultation) some natural remedies that will help us not to assimilate fats, by virtue of their fiber content, or to burn them more quickly, thanks to their thermogenic properties, such as: bitter orange, Green coffee, tea, chitosan, matè, guarana, glucomannan, psyll.

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    Foods to Avoid to Reduce Abdominal Fat

    • Sweets and sugary drinks: Foods with added sugars can cause weight gain, increased inflammation and have harmful effects on metabolism by promoting the accumulation of visceral fat and in the liver. Sugary drinks, such as fizzy drinks and pre-packaged fruit juices, are the worst choices in this sense, as the brain does not register the calories coming from liquid foods in the same way as solid calories, so we risk ingesting too many;

    • Refined carbohydrates: Avoid the intake of foods with a high glycemic index such as bread and pasta obtained from white flours;

    • Junk food: Fast food, fried and fatty food are a must to avoid if we want to slim down the waistline. They, in addition to making you fat due to the high calorie intake, cause inflammation and promote the accumulation of fat precisely at the abdominal level;

    • Sale: Use it in great moderation, remembering that the daily sodium requirement is only 0.4g, corresponding to about 1.5g of table salt.

    Exercises to dispose of abdominal fat

    Our strategy against abdominal fat cannot fail to include exercise. However, it is not enough to perform endless series of abdominal exercises to get rid of the unsightly bacon. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise will reduce fat throughout the body, which is ultimately already a great achievement in itself. Yet there are aerobic sports that more than others favor the reduction of abdominal fat, such as:

    • Walking: not a simple walk, but at a rather sustained course, to be practiced for at least 30 minutes a day;
    • Running: not less than 3 times a week for about an hour;
    • Swimming: 3 or more times a week for at least an hour.

    Constant training, combined with a healthy diet, will give us an enviable physical shape and prevent us from recovering the lost kg. Plus exercise will help reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels and improve other metabolic problems associated with excess abdominal fat.

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    Fat burning gels and creams

    Further help to eliminate abdominal fat faster are the Creams and gels specially formulated with active ingredients with slimming properties, Draining, toning, reactivating the microcirculation. Fat-burning cosmetics are applied on the belly, massaging in a circular sense, until complete absorption and have the advantage of acting directly on the area where the most difficult to dispose of localized adiposities are accumulated. The most effective active ingredients against abdominal fat and that we can find in the INCI of the best slimming creams and gels, are:

    • Vanillyl butyl ether: Is an oil-soluble vanillic alcohol ether capable of penetrating the epidermis lipid barrier until it reaches the vanilloid receptors (TRPV1) to which the vanillic functional group binds. This causes the release of various neurotransmitters that trigger a gentle heat sensation on the skin, with reactivation of microcirculation and increased metabolism of subcutaneous fats;

    • Caffeine: This alkaloid possesses lipolytic action, stimulating, draining. Caffeine is particularly effective against localized fat as it is able to inhibit the activity of an enzyme produced by our body called phosphodiesterase, which usually prevents the degradation of fat cells. Thanks to caffeine, deposit fats are mobilized and burned to produce energy;

    • Phosphatidylcholine: This phospholipid has the function of dissolving localized fat, reducing the volume of cells containing it, adipocytes;

    • Capsicum Resinate Oil: This chili pepper derivative has microcirculation and metabolism reactivating and stimulating effect

    • Theobromine: Alkaloid derived from cocoa, similarly to caffeine has the property to stimulate metabolism, favoring the elimination of localized adiposities;

    • Visnadina: This extract from Ammi visnaga has vasodilatory properties and improves lipolysis in fat cells;

    • Spirea ulmaria: Performs astringent, toning, vasoprotective, draining action;

    • Horse chestnut: Drains liquids and improves skin microcirculation;

    • Ivy: Has toning, anti-cellulite effect.

    Men and women slimming gel: which is the best?

    With the premise that no cream alone will be able to magically make our bacon disappear, there are numerous slimming creams and gels for men and women on the market, but it is not always easy to choose the best and most effective. Regardless of the cost of the product, which can sometimes be quite high, reading the INCI (the list of ingredients) can help us to identify the best fat burner, remembering that the concentration of the ingredients is in descending order: If the functional substances are placed at the end of the list for sure the gel or cream we are evaluating will contain very few. The quality of a cosmetic also depends on the absence of potentially harmful or irritating substances. Let's make sure that the slimming gel or cream we are about to buy is WITHOUT: parabens, Edta, Formaldehyde, BHA/BHT, ethyl Alchol, petroleum derivatives (petrolanum, paraffinum liquidum), dyes, lanolin, Methylchlorosothiazolinone, Methylsothiazolinone, Sless/Sls.

    A product that fully meets all these characteristics and has one of the best quality/price ratios is AdipeKO Gel By FMG04. This slimming gel, suitable for both men and women, is delicate on the skin (the appearance of a slight redness after its application is an indication of its thermogenic action and stimulating the microcirculation), but extraordinarily effective against the fat localized on the belly, hips and thighs, as evidenced by the many satisfied customers.

    The constant application of AdipeKO Gel, Along with a healthy diet and physical activity, they will help men and women to get rid of abdominal fat forever and finally show off a healthy flat stomach.

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