It is difficult to have a definition of the best supplement of vitamins and minerals in absolute terms. The reason is simple: we are talking about a support to the organism that must be chosen according to its own characteristics. And to the activities that the individual carries out during the day. There are different needs and different multivitamin supplements.

There are those who need a valid help to combat fatigue, those who instead seek the good balance between vitamins and minerals. Looking for the best brands does not necessarily mean getting exactly the ideal product for your needs.

This is why you need to know how to choose a complete supplement of vitamins and minerals for your own characteristics. In order to get good results in the gym, perhaps doing bodybuilding, or solve the problems that arise from a specific deficiency.

Remember, before reading this guide dedicated to the best supplement vitamins and minerals, that all this does not represent a medical opinion. See a dietician or doctor before any decision involving your diet.

What are vitamin and mineral salt supplements

These elements represent, as the name suggests, products in the form of a capsule or sachet that have the task of making up for a certain lack of food. So they manage to make a specific contribution to their own body.

There are supplements of vitamins and mineral salts for different purposes, after we will see some specific cases. It must be said that-albeit with different tasks-these categories of supplements do not represent a medicine. You will definitely have heard of Polase, Supradyn and Optisana Vital: they are technically food products.

So they can be bought at the pharmacy counter without problems, in some cases supplements can be found at the supermarket. This does not mean abusing or taking them without a reason: there is always a need at the base and the attention to be respected.

Do these supplements have contraindications?

In principle, vitamin and mineral salt supplements do not have great contraindications. Overdose also has limited effects but this does not apply to everyone, especially for those suffering from specific diseases such as kidney.

The speech is very important for pregnant women who must pay attention to taking these supplements. In any case, it is always right to take these products according to the recommended doses and after consulting medical advice.

What are multivitamins and supplements for?

Technically they have the opportunity to make up for the shortcomings of the organism. Deficiencies can be linked to different causes. In some cases there are obvious physical deficiencies, diagnosed by medical advice.

In other conditions, however, it is only a question linked to incorrect nutrition or particularly heavy commitments to which the body is subjected. Do you want to go into the specifics and understand the usefulness of the best vitamins and mineral salts supplement?

Vitamin supplements

Vitamins are indispensable elements to make the human body function properly. The deficiency can cause various disorders-for example anemia and hematomas for those with little Vitamin C and osteomalacia for D.

But in principle a balanced diet can solve every need. Not always this is possible, so you solve the problem with dedicated supplements or multivitamins. That is, products capable of making a contribution on different fronts.

Mineral Salts Supplements

Compared to the previous ones, they have a real value to improve sports activity. This happens because of the conditions in which some continuous sports are practiced such as:

  • Marathon
  • Cross-country race.
  • Cycling
  • Triathlon

For example, for long-term activities and with hot/humid environments to deal with, the contribution of a mineral salt supplement can be decisive. Because in the meantime the body can lose a large amount of chlorine, sodium and potassium.

The first point to highlight is the need to drink a lot, especially during physical engagement. But it is fair to point out that the first mineral salt supplements are fruit, vegetables and without forgetting cheeses, meat and eggs. In short, once again the balanced diet helps to achieve good results. But what if that's not enough?

Why take supplements of salts and vitamins?

As pointed out at the beginning, there may be several reasons. There is no absolute best vitamin and mineral salt supplement because there are different symptoms that may require different solutions. Such as fatigue, physical activity and study.

We do an analysis of what could be the required solutions and the need to call into question the various natural food supplements in sachet and capsules.

Personal health

The first reason that should push a person to choose the best supplement of salts and vitamins should be medical advice. Or a specific dietician.

In some cases, in fact, there may be treatments that suggest integrating with certain mineral or multivitamin elements. Perhaps to be combined with a specific diet, rich in vitamins and minerals to increase the immune system.

In some cases the Food supplements They can be designed to activate different aspects of the body, from the well-being of one's metabolism to that of the legs. Just what the description of our suggests Aloe 200:1 With Honey ..

What are its essential characteristics? First, the task of this aloe vera-based food supplement has the ability to purify the body by regularizing intestinal transit and purifying the intestine, cleaning it.

Grapefruit serves as an antioxidant and draining, while various vitamins give health to teeth, bones, energy metabolism and psychological functions. To all this you can add an important detail: it is a good drink to drink.


One of the reasons that lead individuals to take vitamin supplements is exhaustion. In fact, in certain moments of one's daily activity there may be moments of fatigue, weakness and exhaustion.

Here multivitamin food supplements can come into play, such as Supradyn Ricarica designed precisely for these unfavorable conditions.

There may be solutions designed for weak conditions to be crossed in hot climates. Those who, for example, work outdoors at particularly hot times of the year may need supplements of vitamins and minerals outlined for those who sweat.


Even those engaged in mental work related to the study may need multivitamin supplements capable of supporting moments of fatigue and periods of exhaustion linked to exam sessions, maturity and questioning.

All this without forgetting that studying in times of stress can become an accessory load for activities such as work, it happens above all to off-site students who usually also have to face demanding journeys and journeys for the mind and body. In these cases it is possible to choose specific supplements for the study.


It is impossible to ignore one of the most widespread uses of supplements, namely sports. As we have already pointed out, those who do certain sports need mineral salt supplements to make up for the loss of these substances.

Think of the marathon or cycling, activities that take place for hours and perhaps during hot days: in these cases it is very important to give the right elements to the athlete because a lack of mineral salts can lead to limited performances ranging from fatigue to cramps, up to real muscle spasms.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that taking mineral salts when doing sports is always useful, and that it can somehow give extra advantages: they are useful in specific conditions-when doing prolonged sports in hot and humid climates-and to maintain constant performance. What are the best solutions?

Much depends on the goals. Menarini Sustenium Plus, for example, offers sachets of food supplements based on creatine and arginine that also contain vitamins, mineral salts and beta-alanine. While Pool Pharma Vis Full Sport focuses on mineral salts to replenish losses related to sweating.

Is there also the use of multivitamin for those who do bodybuilding in the gym? Of course, especially in the morning the use of these supplements is widespread among sportsmen who seek maximum performance. As always, and also in the case of high-dose multivitamins, it is advisable to agree on the use with the doctor.

What is the best supplement of salts and vitamins?

The one designed to make the right contribution to the shortcomings or needs of the condition. There are natural multivitamin supplements but the goal is always to take what you need according to the situation.

Just like with supplements used in diets for control and weight reduction, or those for the greatest intake of proteins for bodybuilding. What are the names we recommend? Replacement Meal Diet Protein Mix 700 gr , Practically perfect for those who want to lose weight and take what you need.