Slimming or slimming leggings. Why they work and how they are made.

For years now, slimming leggings have been on the market: yes, you read that right, real clothing that serves to help streamline the thighs, legs and buttocks. The question that many ask themselves is: Slimming leggings really work ? They really are Effective for weight loss ? There are lots of models of slimming leggings on the market with different technologies: in this guide you will discover what are the best models of slimming leggings, what they are and how they work.

How slimming leggings work

Slimming leggings are much more than just a piece of clothing. These are anti-cellulite leggings which, if worn regularly, can Help you lose weight and make your legs slimer .. There are different types of slimming leggings on the market, let's see the main types:

Neoprene slimming leggings

The very first slimming leggings were made of fabric of Neoprene : The same fabric of which diving suits are made, so to speak. They promised a rapid weight loss; in fact, after the first uses you could see improvements, but only because they did sweat a lot and therefore there was a significant loss of body fluids. The main disadvantage of neoprene leggings is constituted precisely by the fact that They make a lot of sweat And therefore they are not very comfortable to wear in everyday life.

Caffeine Slimming Leggings

Some slimming leggings add to the fabric of micropearls enriched with anti-cellulite ingredients, such as the Caffeine Or vitamin E. Although these natural elements are actually absorbed by the skin and can favor anti-cellulite action, unfortunately the real effectiveness of these slimming leggings is lost after the first washing in the washing machine.

Slimming and anti-cellulite leggings: the effective fabric INNERGY®

Finally, the latest novelty on the slimming leggings market is the anti-cellulite leggings produced with the innovative INNERGY yarn®..

How does it work? This revolutionary fabric produced in the laboratory contains within it natural minerals defined as bioactive. They are able to absorb the heat of the body and reflect it in the form of Long infrared rays (FIR), which act directly on the water molecules of our body.

tecnologia FIR del filato Innergy

The result is not long in coming. I Slimming leggings Developed with this technology bring many Benefits Such as:

  • They improve the Blood circulation

  • They increase the Metabolism

  • They favor the Weight loss

  • Reduce cellulite and the Water retention

  • They play a Relaxing action On the legs

  • Firming Legs and buttocks

  • They favor the Drainage Of liquids

  • Contribute to eliminating toxins

I Slimming leggings INNERGY fabric®Differ from other products in that their technology is incorporated into the yarn, therefore They will never lose their effectiveness Not even after numerous washes.

But then How these work Slimming leggings ? Simple: all you have to do is wear them for at least 6 hours a day to get an improvement in body composition. Especially those who spend so many hours standing or sitting will be able to enjoy a remarkable lighter legs effect at the end of the day: trying to believe.

And above all, goodbye to the annoying Sauna effect Anti-aesthetic leggings!
In addition to being a product that can help you with weight loss, INNERGY slimming leggings®They don't make you sweat at all. Indeed, they are formulated to be real clothing items to show off with elegance during everyday life: curious to discover all the favorite models of the moment?

ragazze con leggings anticellulite snellenti FGM04

The best models of slimming leggings

As promised, in this guide we show you what are the best models of slimming leggings. Falling in love with it is easy: there are so many that it is impossible not to find the right one for you. Wear them to go to work, while going out with friends or when you work out in the gym: the slimming leggings will constantly activate your circulation, giving you a feeling of cooler and lighter legs, reducing cellulite blemishes and promoting natural weight loss.

The slimming leggings selected here are all produced with INNERGY fabric®, But differ in some fit features:

  • Nikita Push Up Black : From the classic color and timeless, this black slimming leggings is ideal to accompany you in everyday life. The Natural lift thong structure remodels and raises the B-side, giving you a natural push-up effect without unsightly padding or stitching. A must-have to have in your wardrobe!

  • Shape Up 2.0 Flat Belly : Are you looking for an anti-cellulite and slimming leggings that also has a containing effect in the abdomen and hips? Then this is the model for you: in addition to raising the B-side, the even higher fascia at the waist reshapes your belly and hips, making you look more slender and toned. Dizzle with colors: you can find it in burgundy, black, blue, brown, gray and green.

  • Leggings Push Up Gym Fashion : Perfect for those looking for slimming leggings with an immediate shaping effect, to wear while training in the gym or for any sport. The fit is comfortable and breathable, while dressing like a second skin: like the other models, the high waist fascia also allows you to reshape the abdomen area and contain the belly, immediately making you appear more toned, with slender and sinuous curves. You find them in multiple colors: coral, blue, purple, green and black.

  • All Up : This model leggings is a joker: model the buttocks like the model Gym Fashion But the band is straight and has no writing. It is available in a dozen different colors.

On the FGM04 website you will find many other different models, all beautiful and with the same effectiveness: with ribbed texture, Animalier , Melange , Jeans effect , Camouflage , Massage pattern ... Follow us to discover our new features!

Slimming leggings: the opinions of those who have tried them

I love the Nikita leggings Effect Push-ups By Fgm04. In addition to being beautiful, they are comfortable and ideal for my workouts because they are not transparent, so they can be perfectly matched even with short tops! In addition to this they help me to drain the liquids and highlight the side B *-* In short, a super purchase to feel beautiful and fit!
Matilde Caridi

They are super comfortable, soft and when I take them off the skin look is great! I personally recommend especially the Push up leggings Nikita, try them on and you can no longer do without them… as for tops and bodysuits, they can also be worn without a bra, they shape the waist and hips and also make a beautiful breast! I love it.
Sharon Di Stefano

I bought the leggins shape up and Cellko cream two weeks ago. I must say that after just a few days the skin was smoother and more toned, but now after two weeks, the cellulite has almost disappeared. The quality of these products is excellent.
Ida Fusco

ragazze con leggings anticellulite e top FGM04