Summer I do not fear you! After seeing some simple rules to fight cellulite in the post Christmas binge, let's discover together the most effective remedies to eliminate cellulite in a short time and feel at ease during the summer between light clothes, shorts and swimsuit while relaxing on the beach or in the pool.

Before getting to the heart of the advice, let's focus on What is cellulite And his Different types ..

Cellulite: what it is and what types exist

Cellulite is the common term that in the aesthetic field indicates Localized adiposity .. A phenomenon that mainly affects women in which a 'Alteration of localized metabolism Leads to an increase in fat cells and water retention between intracellular spaces. The result is what we all know: the annoying effect of Orange peel skin Which mainly involves the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Generally considered an aesthetic and painless problem, cellulite can worsen up to Compromise blood and lymphatic flows .. This is why it is important to know that there is no single type of cellulite: the scientific community has classified 3 different stages of cellulite , Each with its own peculiarities and a different alarm bell.

The 3 stages of cellulite and when DIY is possible

3 stages of cellulite are distinguished:

  • The stages: edematous cellulite .. First phase in which edema caused by a stagnation of liquids emerge. The skin is still toned and elastic. At this stage it is easy to intervene with DIY, assuming healthy habits and using the right cosmetics;
  • Stage II: fibrous cellulite .. It occurs when the fluid deposit becomes chronic, leading to inflammation and a hardening of the surrounding area. At this stage, greater attention is required to physical activity and the contribution of targeted treatments, also on the advice of one's beautician, to eliminate edema that suffocate tissues and transform fat into energy;
  • III stage: sclerotic cellulite .. It is the most advanced stage and is sometimes accompanied by pain and circulatory difficulties. The invitation is to contact a qualified specialist doctor.

To find out more, we refer you to This deepening on cellulite and its stages. In the meantime, we want to reassure you: for most women the challenge to win is to face cellulite in stages I and II. An intense journey that often culminates in one Amazing success , As long as you stick to precise indications that we now list you.

Are you ready to Reduce cellulite in a short time ? Follow our advice!

Eliminate cellulite in a short time: targeted exercise

Let's start with the Debunk one of the many myths of cellulite. Normally associated with overweight, cellulite actually affects even women of fit weight who perform regular physical activity. Added to this is the fact that often real cellulite is confused with simple fat deposits, even easier to eliminate.

Whether it is real cellulite or lipid sediments, it is necessary to carry out Targeted exercises Able to reduce fat deposits and say goodbye to bearings.

Among the main Anti-cellulite sports We report Fast walking , Nordic walking , Hydrobike, water aerobics, bicycle, exercise bike .. Also Skating And Kickboxing Are recognized for their ability to counteract excess fat and reactivate the lymphatic system.

bici donna rimedio anticellulite

Then there are specific exercises that you can safely carry out at home. Here's a list of Best exercises to fight cellulite :


The squat is The ideal ally of thighs and buttocks .. But beware: doing a perfect squat is not as trivial as it seems. This video explains the technique of the exercise well.


Lunges are highly recommended, to be performed in different ways: on the spot, walking, jumping, etc. The video shows you how to carry out a correct Walking long.

Jumping Jack

The inevitable Jumping jack , Dynamic exercise within everyone's reach.

The ideal would be to perform Exercises in sequence With the Right breaks , Preceded by a Good muscle warm-up And with the following of the excellent Stretching .. If you're looking Anti-cellulite workout Youtube is the platform for you: you will find hundreds of Video with full training sessions Explained by qualified personal trainers. A little patience and a lot of consistency will allow you to Reduce cellulite in a little temp Or And recover tonicity and slenderness: Click here for anti-cellulite video exercises ..

Anti-cellulite diet. The right power supply to reduce bearings

Proper nutrition is fundamental in the life of every individual. But it is even more so when we need to protect any conditions that make us uncomfortable with our body, such as cellulite.

Eating well is a very important choice, although it should be made clear that There are no magic recipes : What matters most is to adopt one Healthy lifestyle , To feel good about themselves and with others taking into account any situations to be improved.

ragazza che sorride - stile di vita sano

If you have come this far, it is because you have probably decided to change your habits at the table, with the primary goal of reducing the fat localized on the hips and buttocks. Congratulations: you are in the right place! Here's a list of Basic foods Promoted by experts for Anti-cellulite diet and pads.

Anti-cellulite diet: the advice of experts

The most suitable food categories against cellulite are:

  • Fruits and vegetables , To be taken in large quantities and for almost exclusive use in the first two weeks of the diet, the so-called "cleansing phase";
  • Skinny Protein : White meat and eggs promote muscle development, tissue renewal and the formation of antibodies;
  • Fish : A cure-all rich in minerals and Omega 3, fats with infinite beneficial properties at 360 degrees (for example on sight, on the circulatory system, on the skin);
  • Whole grains : Absorb toxins and give a sense of satiety;
  • Tea and herbal teas: They purify and detoxify the body and drain excess fluid.

The best Vegetables Against cellulite are carrots, eggplant, spinach, celery, cauliflower, tomatoes, fennel. Among the Fruits Kiwi, pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, blueberries and red fruits in general win.

As for The Water supply , Privilege the Natural water For at least 2 liters per day.

Foods to avoid to fight cellulite

In the face of numerous "yes", a diet to be fixed also implies many "no". Small and great sacrifices to be faced with serenity in function of a noble purpose: the Cellulite reduction And your General well-being ..

For an effective anti-cellulite diet you must keep yourself as far away as possible from salt, butter, sweets, cold cuts, red meats, pizza, large leavened products, fried foods, sugary drinks, alcohol. It is also necessary to moderate the use of coffee.

Examples of anti-cellulite diets

Given that for a tailor-made diet it is good to contact a nutritionist biologist or a dietician, we report by way of example some anti-cellulite diets available online:

cibo sano per dieta anticellulite

As you can see, eating in a balanced way does not mean suffering from hunger: the quantities are often generous (for example 150 gr of white meat or fish), to which are added the very important Mid-day snacks And an abundant Breakfast , Unfortunately underestimated by too many Italians.

Gel, sludge and anti-cellulite oils. The best remedies on the market

We now come to the third effective advice for Eliminate cellulite in a short time : The cosmetics.

The cosmetics market is always looking for anti-cellulite remedies. Natural panaceas alternate with antidotes created in the laboratory to offer women all over the world a definitive cure for the cellulite problem.

We at FGM04 also wanted to take the field with the intention of helping our customers. How? Selecting for you prodigious Anti-cellulite creams Considered by us to be the best on the square. A very accurate selection to give you a concrete contribution to Low prices , With the security of a staff always at your disposal for any doubts.

Our Anti-cellulite product catalog Consists of:

  • Cold anti-cellulite mud : Mud with draining and firming active ingredients in a practical 650 gr package. To be distributed and allowed to act for 20 - 30 minutes;
  • Hot anti-cellulite mud : Flavored mud that acts against imperfections and localized adipose tissue. Of natural origin, it does not contain algae;
  • 3 types of anti-cellulite gel: CellKO , Visna And Lipo Step .. Three excellent gimmicks that attenuate the orange peel effect by protecting the capillaries and reducing water retention.

Attention: these products are not to be considered substitutes for a healthy and balanced life. In order to have the best possible result, a very important Constant application To be placed side by side with a Proper feeding And to a Frequent sports activity .. For any questions please write to Customers @ ..

Natural solutions against cellulite

We now come to the fourth and last solution to be put in place to get brilliant results and find perfect hips, thighs and buttocks.

Not just creams and gels: there are so many Natural remedies against cellulite To be performed in DIY mode or with the support of a professional. We have here collected for you the most appreciated by women, easy to carry out at home.

Cold baths or cryotherapy

A short stop in cold water speeds up metabolism, improves skin appearance and Attenuates the swelling of the fat pads .. There are many medical and aesthetic centers where cryotherapy can be performed; if you opt for a home bath, dive 3 times a week for 5 minutes in the water at 23 °.

bagno freddo rimedio per cellulite

Auto car

Highly recommended to facilitate the penetration of cosmetics into the dermis, self-massage can be performed even without product application. The classic scheme involves the clutch of the skin with a moistened horsehair glove, and then proceed from the ankles to rise with the hands arranged in a ring while maintaining moderate pressure. Once on the hips and buttocks area, tap with your fist. If you don't feel safe book a session from a Expert massager That can act in a targeted way by stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation.

Of the products available on our site ideal for a Lymphatic drainage massage We advise you Active Cell Oil , The kit inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and composed of anti cellulite oil + cup. Cupping promotes the stimulation of blood and lymphatic flow, and is also used by many athletes. Trying to believe!

Scrub anticellulite

Many women find great results in Anti-cellulite scrub , To be performed at least once a week.

The web returns thousands of hundreds of recipes: we suggest a salt-based scrub enriched with essential oils. You will thus achieve a double guaranteed result from salt, great for draining and eliminating toxins, and from the properties of the essential oil of your choice.

Among our Favorite anti-cellulite essential oils There are the Lemon , With decongestant and astringent effects, and the Rosemary , Able to stimulate lipolitic action and accentuate the drainage of liquids.

Sludge to clay

Used since ancient times, clay Purifies the skin Increasing tissue tone and delaying skin aging. Very easy to find on the market, just mix the clay in a wooden bowl together with a little water until you get a creamy mixture. Apply it all to your thighs and buttocks and let it act for 20 minutes-your mud is done!

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