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Water retention: the main remedies for the man's abdomen

What are the Main Remedies against the Water retention In the Abdomen Of the Man ? Water retention is a problem that does not only concern the Women : There are in fact many men who suffer from this discomfort and who are looking for a concrete solution, capable to remedy it.

In this article we will show you the main Remedies To the Water retention , Even the most Drastic And slightly invasive. Continue reading to know everything about Water retention Of the Abdomen Of the Man ..

What is water retention?

The Water retention Is a frequent problem that grips thousands of men and women. But What is Really the Water retention And what does this problem originate from? Let us try to answer this question as exhaustively as possible.

We could define water retention as the tendency of the body's cells to retain fluids, mineral salts and toxins. The problem of water retention is almost always caused by an imbalance between two specific mineral salts, which are respectively potassium and sodium.

In particular, when the sodium present in the body is in large quantities higher than potassium, the human body will naturally tend to retain liquids. The disturbance of water retention also affects the alterations of the venous and lymphatic circulation.

The pathological phenomenon of water retention is in fact an accumulation of liquids that occurs in the extra-cellular space (interstitial), due in part to an insufficient lymphatic drainage and in part to the increase in sodium levels in the body.

The state of Water retention Gives rise to a stagnation of liquids that occurs in particular areas of our body, naturally predisposed to the accumulation of fats. These areas are in particular:

  • addome
  • Thighs
  • Glutei

An altered blood circulation gives rise, in addition to the stagnation of liquids, also to that of toxins. In these circumstances, therefore, an alteration of cellular metabolism occurs, already partially compromised by an oxygenation deficit.

The limited drainage of liquid is a phenomenon that occurs in particular during the summer season or in people who usually spend much time of their days sitting or standing.

However, the rumor according to which water retention is able to influence body weight is a false myth. The weight certainly increases in people suffering from water retention, but because of the Fluid accumulation Same and not for the increase of fat mass. It is also true that overweight and obesity are conditions that contribute to slowing down correct diuresis and consequently favoring pathological phenomena of water retention.

All overweight people therefore risk stimulating the phenomenon of water retention more than all those who are in a healthy weight condition.

Causes of water retention

Let us now examine the main causes that determine the phenomenon of water retention. In the previous paragraph we have told you how an imbalance affecting the venous and lymphatic circulatory system is able to give rise to the phenomenon of water retention.

Despite overweight and obesity slow diuresis, even in cases of absence of specific diseases, water retention can arise as a result of a lifestyle not very balanced and in particular:

  • One Low-calorie diet Particularly low in protein
  • Excessive consumption of foods rich in sodium or salty
  • Life too sedentary and devoid of physical activity
  • Alcohol, smoking or caffeine abuse
  • Too much time spent standing
  • Use of overly tight clothes and dresses and heels that are too high

We would also like to underline that in particular, all those activities that force us to spend a lot of time standing, due to gravity, worsen the conditions of those suffering from venous return. So-called venous stasis occurs in conditions where blood, instead of rising naturally toward the heart, tends to stagnate in tissues.

If you do not suffer from particular problems or serious pathologies, our advice is to change your lifestyle, leading a healthier and more balanced existence, so as to solve the problem of water retention more easily.

Water retention caused by pathologies

The Water retention In the Man As in the woman can be directly caused by the onset of certain pathologies, such as:

  • Chronic inflammations
  • Dysfunctions affecting the heart or kidneys
  • Ipothyroidism
  • Artrite
  • Premenstrual syndrome in women
  • Diabetes
  • Some types of allergies

Symptoms of water retention

What are the main symptoms of water retention? One of the main signals that indicates the onset of the problem of water retention is represented by a condition in which the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body causes a swelling (edema and swelling).

In addition to the typical swelling, water retention can be determined by the onset of reduction of regular urinary flow, tenderness of the limbs affected by the problem, and even fatigue, exhaustion and tingling sensation.

To understand if you suffer from the problem of water retention, you can undergo an examination of the specific weight of the urine. A test that can instead be conducted safely at home is the following: press with discreet force with your thumb on the front of your thigh, for two or three seconds. If once the thumb is removed, its imprint will remain well visible on the thigh, it is very likely that you will suffer from the problem of water retention.

How to cure water retention in the abdomen of man

To treat and treat the Water retention On the Abdomen Of the Man And of the woman, used AdipeKO Unisex Gel , The ideal product to locally counteract the adiposities that accumulate on the critical points.

AdipeKO Gel presents countless properties and benefits:

  • Important acceleration of the reduction of persistent fats on the belly, hips and thighs
  • Reactivation of the skin microcirculation and important slimming action
  • Remarkable improvement of the elasticity and tone of your skin
  • The product does not interfere with the thyroid in any way

Adipe KO is a special and innovative easily absorbable gel formulation, specially designed and conceived to provide people with a valid ally to counteract the imperfections caused by the accumulations of liquids and fat, often and willingly located in the areas of the belly, thighs and hips.

Adipe KO is a product capable of acting in depth and able to fully meet the expectations of those suffering from the unpleasant problem of water retention.

Unlike the other products available on the market, in Adipe KO there are those active ingredients really effective and scientifically tested, able to solve the problem of imperfections caused by water retention and fat accumulation.

The use of Vanillyl butyl ether, phosphatidylcholine, visnadine, makes ADIPE KO the absolute best product for all those people who intend to embark on a localized weight loss path.

Then there are other simple ones Remedies To counter the Water retention Of the Abdomen , Which can be combined with the application of Adipe KO. For example, it is possible to take foods characterized by draining, diuretic properties and characterized by a low sodium content: among these foods there are pineapple, watermelon, asparagus, and even cucumbers, onions, lettuce, apples, blueberries and tomatoes.

FGM04 formulated 4 Supplements Able to help counteract water retention:

  • 4S bromelain Uses the active ingredient present in pineapple. It helps to counteract water retention and localized states of tension. Adjuvant against edema caused by internal and external factors.
  • Power Dren Plus Is a phytoformulation aimed at purification, drainage and the elimination of excess fluid.
  • Aloe 200:1 It is a purifying drink that allows, at the same time, to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system.
  • Reduxdren It is a natural high-concentration dietary supplement useful to promote the elimination of liquids that stagnate in the body and increase metabolism

Among the Effective remedies To counter the Water retention There is the important daily consumption of water, which helps the disposal of excess fluid. Unlike what many people believe, water intake does not contribute to swelling but, on the contrary, stimulates diuresis and fluid disposal.

As always, a balanced lifestyle between nutrition and physical activity will always bring benefits to our body.
Let yourself be helped by cosmetic products, but always put a pinch of your commitment!

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