• Workout at home: what is Total Body?
  • Exercises for Total Body. The benefits of working out from home
  • Home workout card for beginners: the recommended exercises
  • Advanced full body card
  • Plie squat to upright row - 20 reps
  • Wood Chops - 15 repetitions per side
  • Skaters - 1 minute
  • Up / Down plank - 20 repetitions
  • Booty kickbacks - 20 reps per side
  • Total Body and Power Workout
  • Total Body Workout at home: pick the right outfit!

Total Body training: how to train and stay fit from home

Many of us in recent months have for the first time approached the world of Total body workout To be practiced comfortably Home .. Let's see the tricks for Practice perfect And Achieve fast and long-lasting results ..

Workout at home: what is Total Body?

Also known as“ Full body workout ”Or“ Total body training ”, The Total Body is a type of training that based on the concept of multi-frequency and repetition involves all parts of the body strengthening and toning the muscular system and leading over time to a complete physical transformation. A true concentration of well-being that in addition to increasing the strength and tone of the muscles allows you to improve the general condition and the ability to recover and resistance to efforts. And with the right exercises you can also work on the theme of slimming!

Increasingly at the center of the physical activity of men and women and suitable for both beginners and experts, the Total Body foresees Bodyweight exercises And, in some cases, the use of Simple tools That you can find at home or buy in sports shops for a few euros. As we have seen in fact for Getting in shape It is not necessary to enroll in the gym and buy expensive equipment: a mat and a few other aids that we will discover together are enough.

Exercises for Total Body. The benefits of working out from home

Before getting to the heart of Total Body home workout cards , Let's see why the amazing success of the full body workout:

  • Total Body training programs marry with all types of preparation: beginner, intermediate, advanced;
  • You can practice from home in a quiet environment, free from constraints and schedules and without necessarily having to enroll in the gym;
  • Technical learning is very simple;
  • You do not need expensive tools;
  • The training involves all areas of the body, allowing you to achieve great goals in a short time almost "at zero expense".
  • At the end of the exercise you can immediately take a shower in the bathroom of your house.

Home workout card for beginners: the recommended exercises

Let's start with seeing a possible Full training board Total Body for Beginners To practice at home. Very interesting that Which we report below:

Step 1 : Heating: 10 minutes walk on the Treadmill (or on site).

Phase 2 : Super mix consisting of high intensity and isometric exercises. Each exercise must be repeated one after the other for 60 seconds , With pause of 120 seconds at the end of each cycle. All for 4 times ..

  • Jumping jacks;
  • Bending of the torso;
  • Dynamic plank with hops;
  • Wide-handed push-ups with support;
  • Low skip on the spot;

If it seems too tiring at first, recover for 15 seconds between exercises.

Step 3 : At the end, always remember to practice some Stretching ..

Another fine example of Total Body training for beginners Provides 6 exercises without tools For the total body workout to be repeated with the same timing as the previous one:

  • Squat Jump
  • Hyperextensions
  • Sit-up
  • Burpee
  • Leg Raise
  • Push-up

Advanced full body card

We now come to examples of Total Body training for experts .. We suggest the card of Workout Italy , With 5 high intensity classical exercises Which require the use of dumbbells or, alternatively, plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

The card is to be repeated at least 3 - 4 times a week, starting with a little warm-up (running on the spot and/or jumping jack) and ending with 5 - 10 minutes of stretching.

Plie squat to upright row - 20 reps

The perfect exercise to train inner thigh, buttocks and arms. Maintaining proper posture and contracted abs will also benefit the core area, which includes abdominal muscles, paraspinal muscles, square of the loins, pelvic floor muscles, buttocks and hip flexors.

Wood Chops - 15 repetitions per side

Perfect for working the oblique abs, they put quadriceps, arms and shoulders to the test at the same time. Very effective to reduce the waistline.

Skaters - 1 minute

Let's all come back to children and have fun with skaters, ideal exercises for buttocks, oblique abdominals and flexor muscles of the leg. This exercise also helps to strengthen the organism and ligaments.

Up / Down plank - 20 repetitions

Among the most "feared" exercises, the up / down plank is very suitable for reaching the finish line of abs and arms to scream. Along with the Side plank And to the High plank shoulder taps , It is one of the most common variants of the traditional plank. Discover more dynamic planks ..

Booty kickbacks - 20 reps per side

Do you want to work on the buttocks? Booty kickbacks are what they do for you! To be performed free body or with anklets to increase the intensity.

Total Body and Power Workout

As we love to remember, a good training program must always be accompanied by a Correct lifestyle and food ..

For some advice on how to feed your organism you can refer to our article“ Diet, foods and nutrition to eliminate cellulite ": You will find useful tips not only to prevent and solve problems related to cellulite, but also to preserve your body in health and reach the prestigious goal of feeling fit every day.

Total Body Workout at home: pick the right outfit!

To train effectively it is important to have a sportswear that is comfortable and does not hinder your movements. And if it also has the slimming function, so much the better.

But where I find comfortable and even slimming clothing ”, You must be wondering.

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  • Reduction of imperfections;
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