Edratous, fibrous, sclerotic cellulite: all differences

Let's go back to talking about Cellulite , A theme that affects millions of women (and even some little man!) All over the world. This is a topic that is very close to our heart: for years we have been investing time and resources in the development of specific Anti-cellulite remedies Such as creams, muds, anti-cellulite gels that every day help many people in countering this dreaded blemish.

Today we make a small theoretical excursus, very important to act effectively and in a targeted way: let's see in detail the Different types of cellulite ..

What are the various types of cellulite?

An obstacle with multiple facets. As already mentioned in the article“ Quickly reduce cellulite: 4 effective solutions ", They exist in fact Different types of cellulite .. The scientific community has identified Three different forms of cellulite , Each of which represents what in the jargon is called a "stage":

  • The stages: edematous cellulite
  • Stage II: fibrous cellulite
  • III stage: sclerotic cellulite

Each stage has specific characteristics and requires different types of intervention. Let's find out together.

Exematous, fibrous and sclerotic: the stages of cellulite

If you also suffer from cellulite, the first thing to do is try to Envy the stadium .. Yes, because, unlike what many think, there is cellulite and cellulite: only by framing the exact type will it be possible to decide the Resolve strategy To be implemented and, if necessary, refer to the right expert who can help us solve the problem or at least bring back the alarm bell.

Edematous cellulite, how it presents itself and what are the remedies

Most known and widespread type, edematous cellulite is the one on which it is easier to intervene with Diy remedies , Using appropriate creams and reviewing their lifestyle in time.

Edematous cellulite comes with Small edema , That is, unsightly swelling caused by a Excessive accumulation of fluid and fat In the intracellular spaces which gives rise to the annoying imaestheticism. The most affected areas are legs, buttocks and abdomen.

But what is this fluid stagnation due to? The causes can be different: among the most frequent there are Hormonal problems , Bad eating habits , Genetic and hereditary factors , Attitudes that increase the pressure on the legs such as sitting for a long time Crossed limbs ..

Among the remedies to prevent and eliminate edematous cellulite we suggest a Healthy and balanced diet , Draining sludge , Constant targeted physical exercise Such as brisk walking, cycling, hydrobike, water aerobics, stationary bike and drinking lots of water.

We take this opportunity to answer one of the most popular questions, namely:“ Does edematous cellulite cause pain? ”. The answer is Usually not : The only way to notice his onset is to make a Visual check up Or appeal to your trusted beautician to report any abnormalities in the tissues.

glutei con cellulite

Fibrous cellulite what it is and what are the remedies

We now come to the second stage of cellulite, the so-called “fibrous cellulite”.

Natural evolution of untreated edematous cellulite, in fibrous cellulite the edema caused by the stagnation of liquids are transformed into real Nodules under the skin , Hard to the touch and that over time become increasingly difficult to eradicate. This is the reason for the name: “fibrous” indicates the Formation under the skin of real fibers , Annoying and sometimes painful. In practice, the accumulated fats tend to solidify and create an increasingly impenetrable barrier, with unsightly repercussions and possible malfunctions of the circulatory system.

From the visual point of view, therefore, we begin to go beyond the mere “orange peel effect” that emerges with the manual compression of the skin. And not only that: also the Range of action Widens. It is in fact frequent to find fibrous cellulite, as well as on the thighs, buttocks and belly, even on the Arms , Especially in the case of obese subjects.

In addition to the remedies listed above, to combat fibrous cellulite we invite to resort to Anti-cellulite wraps , Anti-cellulite draining bandages , Anti-cellulite cups , Anti-cellulite creams And back to the Mud therapy .. It is also recommended to continue practicing exercise, of Drink at least 2 liters of water a day And to further refine their own Anti-cellulite diet Making extensive use of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, fish, whole grains, teas and herbal teas. To avoid or minimize the intake of salt, butter, sweets, cold cuts, red meats, leavened products, fried foods, sugary drinks, alcohol. Here's an example of Effective and simple to follow anti-cellulite diet ..

Fibrous cellulite is a Irreversible cellulite ? It depends from person to person: we have many cases of happy customers who with great tenacity and the right remedies have managed to find a soft and silky skin in a short time, saying goodbye to nodules under the skin forever.

gambe con cellulite

Sclerotic cellulite, how to recognize and treat it

Finally, let's move on to the third and final stage of cellulite, the one called "sclerotic cellulite". Considered the most serious phase and of greatest difficulty in overcoming, sclerotic cellulite is characterized by forming under the skin of Medium-large plaques Which lead to a transformation of the skin which becomes rigid, hard and often painful to the touch. This is the considered stage Irreversible ..

Sclerotic cellulite is very easy to identify: the depressions and protuberances are unfortunately clearly visible even without compressing the affected areas, while the skin becomes harder and more compact.

In this third stage cellulite implies a Severe tissue suffering : Fat cells increase in both number and volume, while fibrous septa stiffen and tend to retreat. The effects on circulation can be quite serious: not only does the overall quality of the skin worsen, but you can also easily witness bulges and increases in volume in the hands, feet and limbs. This is because the vessels, compressed and occluded, block the passage of oxygen.

I Natural remedies for cellulite to the third Stage they aim to limit damage and reduce tissue compression. The first fundamental factor is certainly movement: the important thing is to move and not stay still. To this can be added targeted exercises to tone the buttocks and legs and thus promote circulation.

Natural remedies to treat sclerotic cellulite can be added to the movement. For example, very useful are essential oils that help circulation and tone thighs and buttocks. The oils can be massaged directly on the skin or can be added directly in the bathtub. Perfect in this sense are the essential oil of lemon and rosemary.

To solve the problem, it is highly recommended to contact a qualified professional, usually a Dermatologist Or a specialist in Aesthetic medicine .. Specific treatments for third stage cellulite include:

  • Electrolipolysis : Vaguely recalls acupuncture and consists in inserting into the skin pairs of thin needles that send electrical impulses at very low voltage. The needle draws blood in the area and starts a process of spraying resulting in melting fat;

  • Mesotherapy : Consists of microinjections in the areas most affected by cellulite that carry substances used for the dissolution of cellulite, while improving the tone of the tissues;

  • Lining : Particular type of massage that aims to eliminate the captive water of the tissues. It can be manual or performed with electronic massagers and electrostimulators;

  • Liposuction : Among the most popular interventions in the field of aesthetic medicine, liposuction is used to correct defects due to localized adiposity and cellulite. It consists of an ultrasound probe that is inserted into the tissues going to cut the fibrous shoots of cellulite. For the delicacy of treatment, it is absolutely necessary to turn to a qualified professional with proven experience;

  • Ionophoresis : Two plates carry the appropriate drugs in depth, through a light alternating current technology. Substances have the goal of improving drainage and dissolving cellulite knots.

Remedies for cellulite: stay updated!

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