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How to increase and boost muscle mass from home

How to increase muscle mass from home ? This is the main question of all those people who do not have time to go to the gym, but who still want to boost their body. All these people need to know that today it is possible to strengthen one's muscle mass directly from home, without the need to bear the expense of a gym subscription.

In this article we will give you some important tips and tips for Increase Yours Muscle strength .. Finally we will give you some notions related to the right Power to increase The Muscle mass .. Here's everything you need to know.

Exercises to increase muscle mass without tools

First of all it is important to point out that increasing muscle mass is possible even without the aid of the tools we find in the gym. For this purpose, the first thing to do is to identify a relatively spacious room within your rooms, in which you can move freely: you can decide to train in the living room, in the cellar or in the garage.

An accessory that could be very useful to your workout is the classic mat for exercises from tergo or yoga. The mat is the perfect solution to avoid slipping during exercises and to protect your limbs thanks to the presence of the padding.

Once you have identified the place of your workouts you can start by making a Card Or program of Increase training The Muscle mass .. For Increase muscle tone without weights And tools the best thing is to create a plan on which to use the weight of the body to work the different muscles: in this way you can create a Workout Suit For muscle groups at home. Thanks to a detailed training program you can increase your heart rate and eliminate calories.

How to increase muscle mass: exercises for the whole body

Before each workout aimed at increasing muscle mass, our advice is to use a truly unique product capable of maximizing the work of the muscle group concerned, to increase its mass. Strong Pump Cream Preworkout 200 ml Is a product that can guarantee three important actions:

  • An immediate pumping of muscles;

  • Produce an incredible vascularization of muscles and tissues;

  • Increase in the amount of nutrients benefit the muscles.

Strong Pump Cream is a product specially formulated with the help of valuable active substances combined in a complex formulation: the latter is able to promote skin microcirculation in the area of application, giving rise to an important stimulating effect of your muscles.

Strong Pump Cream is the perfect product for both professionals and beginners who intend to increase their mass with home workouts.

Here's how to perform complete exercises thanks to the exploitation of the weight of the body

Here is a series of extremely useful and effective exercises for Increase muscle strength: You will be able to work on every single muscle without the need to use any tool. In addition, a lot of space is not required for this type of exercise: you can do the work even in a small room.

Bridge Exercise

The exercise will have to be repeated in several series. Start by lying down with your back on the ground and knees bent: assume the “bridging” position by lifting the buttocks from behind. Then lift your left leg, taking care to keep the hips raised; finally bring the left leg to the ground and then repeat the movement with the other leg. Performed 10 repetitions for each leg respectively.

Arm Bends

Then you can practice some bending: choose between classic advanced bending and bending. Start with 10 basic repetitions or if you are already trained with a higher number. The bending is very effective for the Boost Of the Arms ..

Squat bulgaro

Another effective exercise to increase muscle mass is the Bulgarian squat: to perform this exercise you must place the front foot flat on the ground, while the back foot on a rise (for example on a table or sofa). Once the position is configured, proceed to lower into the squat position, and then return to your feet. To keep your balance, you can spread your arms wide while making the movement, or alternatively keep your arms positioned on your hips. Also in this case performed 10 repetitions for each leg.


At this point you can move on to the abs with extended legs: lie on your back using the mat, keeping your legs stretched and straight. Then raise your arms towards the ceiling and perform the abdominal. Then lower your arms trying to touch the tiptoes and then slowly return to the ground. 10 repetitions also for the abs.


The push-up plank is another extremely effective exercise to increase body mass and strengthen muscles. Put yourself in a plank position with your arms aligned to your shoulders and your feet at the same distance as hips. Then lower yourself to the front of the arms, assuming the plank position on the forearms, and then return to the classic plank position. Also carried out in this case 10 repetitions.

Finally, another extremely useful exercise to strengthen muscle mass without the aid of tools: lower yourself on all fours and raise one leg upwards and outside (in a 90 ° position). Perform 10 repetitions for each leg.

Exercises to increase muscle mass with tools

rastrelliera con pesi

To the exercises described above you can also add physical work performed with the help of some weights: you can buy the latter in sports shops specialized in the sale of tools for physical training and body building, or directly on Web ..

Dumbbells are certainly the most useful tools for training at home, helping you a lot in strengthening your muscles. Also in this case you can draw up a Table Training to boost the Muscle mass.

As an alternative to weights, you can decide to use other items that you have at home (for example a bottle of water or a storage box) can replace gym dumbbells.

Biceps Curl

The first exercise that you can do with the help of two dumbbells is the biceps curl: this exercise is effective to strengthen the muscles of the arms. To perform the exercise correctly, you will need to keep your feet at hip distance and your knees slightly flexed. The back must be extremely straight.

Exercise with resistance band

uomo che si allena con fascia di resistenza. Cavan Images

Another easy-to-find tool with which you can perform multiple exercises is the Resistance band : A valid alternative to the classic dumbbells, since it offers you the possibility to perform a wide range of exercises so to speak with low impact. The Exercises With the resistance band are very practiced by the Women to increase The Muscle mass ..

With this tool it is possible to perform biceps curl in lunge: place the resistance band below one foot and walk one step back with the other foot. As you lower yourself for the lunge, perform a curl with your right bicep. Performed 15 repetitions and then changed foot and arm.

Bending with resistance

Another exercise that you can perform with the resistance band is represented by the bending with resistance. To perform this exercise properly, wrap the tool around the top of your back. As you assume the bending position, put the garments under your hands. Performed 15 consecutive repetitions.

Push squats with resistance band

Finally, with the resistance band you can perform squats with push. Take on the classic squat position, with the tool positioned under your feet. The handles of the band will have to be held respectively at shoulder height. At the moment when you do the squat, push your arms above your head to lower them then slowly when you return to your feet. Also performed in this case 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Training card to increase muscle mass

Following a good training board in order to increase muscle mass is extremely important, both for exercises conducted without tools, and for work performed with dumbbells and other tools.

A training card will help you set goals and try to achieve them and then increase the intensity of physical work.

To a precise training card you can decide to match a Protein diet , Which will help you increase the Body mass .. By protein diet we mean a protein-rich diet in the form of eggs, fish and lean white meats. Decreasing your carbohydrate intake will help you to pursue your goals.

In writing the training card, our advice is to always perform weights first, compared to cardiovascular exercises. In this way you will increase the development of the body musculature to the maximum.

Constancy rewards

These are the main tips and exercises to help you increase your body's muscle mass relatively quickly. We are sure that by following our advice you will be able to achieve your goal without great effort and difficulty.

Increasing muscle mass today represents a goal within everyone's reach: the increase in muscle mass can be achieved with a little commitment and will, safely from home, without the need to go to the gym or spend an important amount for the purchase of tools, accessories and products.

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