Many think that to remove fat from the waist you need to do a lot of exercises for the abs, others even think that they need to resort to surgery. Actually to get rid of the hips of men (obviously it also applies to women) there is a need for a combination of exercise and diet. Everything must be seasoned with commitment.

Because the fat on the back and side hips, in addition to the classic bacon, accumulates easily in humans. And it's difficult to lose weight at those points, the more you look for ways to slim down quickly and the greater the disappointment when you discover that there are no shortcuts. Indeed, often slimming the hips is a real challenge for men.

If you want to address this topic you have to become aware of the fact that there will be a lot of sweat. But the results will come. So how to get rid of men's hips?

Why do love handles form in men?

The answer is simple: the hips, in the male gender, represent the point where fat reserves are deposited. Of course there is the problem of wide hips and love handles for women too, but it is a typical physical characteristic of the male gender. Why all this? What are the causes of fat on the hips in men?

This is actually a natural process because the body needs energy supplies and fat accumulation is this: the human body's attempt to create a store of energy to use when it needs it. But sometimes it goes too far.

And while women tend to accumulate fat on their thighs, causing the classic "pear-shaped" shape, the problem of abundant hips manifests itself above all in men. Which of course everyone wants to fix. But how to reduce these points?

Can you lose weight and slim your hips quickly?

Side and lower back fat deposits spoil the male silhouette which includes broad shoulders and narrow waist. If you add a little bacon to all this, you certainly have an imperative: to lose weight in a focused, precise way.

In reality, it is difficult to work on localized weight loss with extreme precision, especially if immediate results are demanded. You do not lose weight easily right on the hips because the human body is programmed to protect those areas: they are the last supplies to be sacrificed. But the last word is not spoken, the way to slim the hips exists.

Eliminate fat on the man's hips with surgery

Let us begin by addressing one of the possible quick fixes to the love handle problem. How to get rid of man fat hips fast and effectively? We often talk about surgery, but there must always be the extremes to do it.

In these cases we speak of abdominoplasty, which can be of different types according to the needs. This therapy - invasive and demanding for the human body - is taken into consideration for those who have excess skin problems after a major weight loss.

Love handles and liposuction

Another solution that is often taken into consideration to help men eliminate fat from their hips is liposuction, which requires minimal hospitalization for an operation that has a less incisive course than other types of interventions. It remains to be stressed, however, that liposuction is a full-fledged surgery with its risks.

How to eliminate fat on the hips of men: exercises

Clearly an essential component to slim the back and sides of the back concerns the work to be done in the gym. There are specific exercises to train the core, the central part of the body, and you can get great results from these movements. First, however, it is useful to clarify the cardio activity to reduce love handles.

Aerobic workout for weight loss

Abs exercises can't do much on their own against the layer of fat on the hips, it's a losing challenge. So you need to decrease fat with good aerobics.

Like boxing, running and cycling. Rope, exercise bike, treadmill and swimming are also fine. These activities should be done for a minimum of 30 minutes and 3 times a week.

Exercises to get rid of wide hips

Clearly there is also a part dedicated to specific training to strengthen the muscles of the hips, and to do this you can aim for all the exercises that allow you to work on the core. That is to say the central part of the body and that needs specific training. Here is an example you can follow to train all areas of the affected area:

  • Frontal crunch.
  • Crunch obliqui.
  • Reverse crunch.
  • Central Plank.
  • Side plank.

With this combination you can train the abdominal area consistently, without leaving anything out. The advice is to dedicate two days a week to these workouts, with 3 sets of 30 for each exercise with a 20-second break between rounds. Obviously the numbers can increase or decrease based on the experience and possibilities of individuals.

To learn more : Here are the best exercises for abs

Exercises necessary for body strength

When working out in the gym you should never focus on a single muscle group or type of workout. How to get rid of men's hips with good physical activity?

come eliminare i fianchi degli uomini

Make sure that there are exercises on the card not only to get rid of wide hips but also to develop a strong, muscular and well-balanced body. And that it is able to burn fat quickly. What are the dynamics to always respect in the gym?

  • Flat bench for pecs.
  • Squats for the legs and core.
  • Ground deadlifts, legs and core.
  • Strings and rower for the backbones.

These are the exercises that must never be missed if your goal is to slim and slim your hips. Success also comes from training the most important muscle groups, and these are the exercises that must never be missed.

Remember that in these cases you can use a product Like the Pre Workout Cream Which allows to improve the vascularization of muscles and the absorption of nutrients. It's small attentions that can make the difference when you train at the gym.

How to get rid of fat on hips for men

  • Adipeko: Is a unique and effective treatment that can help reduce Fat cells contained in the hips .. The gel is absorbed by the skin and contains ingredients that help stimulate collagen production Reducing fat in the hips , With the result of a firmer and smoother skin. Additionally, the gel helps improve circulation by reducing inflammation. Adipeko helps to give a younger and healthy appearance.
  • Lipo Phosphatidylcholine Forte: Unique oil containing phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance that helps make the skin taut and compact, keeping it smooth and hydrated. In addition, phosphatidylcholine is known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

To stay on the topic of cosmetics and supplements, you can combine hard work in the gym (always essential to obtain the desired result) with a series of products that can speed up and help you achieve the goal of slim hips.

These products help to thin the skin on your abdomen, firm your hips, increase your tone and improve your metabolism. But above all, they allow you to maintain the coveted results over time. And they have finally arrived.

Waist exercises with stick

To thin the hips there is the possibility of using one of the most common tools, which can also be used at home: a very normal wooden stick.

How to lose weight on the hips? You can do the classic lateral twists, either with a stick placed on your shoulders or by carrying it up and then proceeding with your arms raised to increase the difficulty. Clearly these exercises are not enough

To lose weight on the hips of a man or woman, you need a complete workout, like the one illustrated. Often the idea of being able to locally affect a certain area with an exercise arises, but training with a stick can help tone up. However, it is not enough to determine a thinning of the lateral areas.

What to eat to lose weight on the hips

cosa mangiare per dimagrire i fianchi

Let's start with an important point: there is no magic recipe to quickly tighten love handles and reduce fat on the hips. As anticipated, this is a storage area and will hardly be affected by just one action.

But it is also true that, accompanied by good physical activity, nutrition can give excellent results. Obviously, to get specific advice, you must always consult a professional dietician and what we can give here is only a generic indication on the type of diet to follow to reduce lateral fat.

Diet for weight loss on the hips

The first approach is that of continuity: do not skip meals but balance breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in the mid-morning and afternoon to reduce the sense of hunger. You must never arrive at the table hungry, it is better to consume small balanced meals and avoid prolonged fasts that lead to large carbohydrate binges.

Well, this is an interesting topic. Carbohydrates are often considered enemies of good shape, and are eliminated completely to try to lose weight quickly from the hips and back. In reality this is not the line to follow because carbohydrates, as well as fats, are part of the normal food balance. So it is recommended:

  • Prefer a dinner based on lean meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Pack up a lunch that focuses on complex carbohydrates.
  • Make room for protein and fiber. Cut down on toppings and sweets.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day.

How to slim men's hips? Among the most suitable foods for those who want to slim the waistline and eliminate fat from the back we find chicken breast, with a low protein/fat ratio, spinach which leaves a great sense of satiety, beans and legumes in general since are rich in protein and fiber, rolled oats, whole wheat pasta and avocado. The latter is a source of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

The diet for the hips also depends on what you drink

To increase the results of a diet designed to slim the hips, you must work well with personal hydration. In summary, you always need to drink a lot. Because water activates an internal process in the body that allows you to burn fat.

Clearly we must not exaggerate, as for everything there is a balance. We can say that an adult man must drink two liters a day, even two and a half. Perhaps with the help of drinks such as green tea which gives excellent results to those trying to lose weight.

Supplements to lose weight fast

Along with these general indications (remember that for a professional diet that aims at targeted weight loss you need to consult the dietician) you can combine food supplements.

They are ideal for optimizing and improving the fat-burning process that leads to sculpted and slim hips. Such as a protein-based meal replacement for those in the process of losing weight and a control for the sense of hunger. Some ideas about the products:

How to eliminate fat on the hips: good habits

Wide hips in men are often part of the constitution, sometimes instead it is only the fault of the combination of poor diet and sedentary life. So you can eat well to lose weight on the sides and back as well, and do good physical activity to slim down that area. But there is one point to add: to obtain and maintain the results you have to change register.

So get rid of bad habits, such as excess alcohol and sweets, but walk as much as possible. Avoid taking the car or moped if you can reach a place on foot and consider taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Any concrete examples?

Engage yourself in gardening, housework and DIY. Then avoid whole hours on the sofa watching television or smartphone: change starts with small things. This matters when it comes to slimming your hips and lower back.

A goal that, once achieved, must be maintained over time. That's why it's essential to lose weight evenly, with particular attention to the hips.

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You need to acquire a new value system at the table and at home to stay on the go, cut down on fattening foods and go for healthy ones. Always hydrating your body. This way you not only slim your hips but keep them slim over time. Also thanks to the help of supplements and products that you can find on our ecommerce. Here, in fact, you can find a concrete contribution to obtain the desired results in the best possible time. On the hips but not only: we take care of your well-being, take a look.

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