The doubt that grips those who want a slender body: How to reduce the waistline? The combination is, at least in theory, simple and is about good nutrition combined with the right exercise. Doing the gym helps slim your hips, the famous love handles. But it is the contribution of the diet that gives the definitive support to lose even 10 centimeters of waist.

It's actually not that simple. Those who have already faced the challenge of targeted slimming on their hips know that this is one of the most difficult areas to streamline. Especially for men. Why all this? What are the people who have More difficulty losing weight Sides of the body? And, above all, how to reduce the waistline in acceptable times? Let's start with the clear directions.

Fat and bacon: causes and reasons for losing weight

Why bother with the abundant waistline? First this is a wake-up call that announces Health problems , But it is also synonymous with unhealthy habits. For example, people who are sedentary and who feed poorly tend to develop fat in this area.

Obviously the causes can be different but the reasons go beyond the health issues. Understanding how to reduce the waist size means taking Care of aesthetics And get that long-awaited fitness by both men and women. Even if there are differences upstream.

Man or woman: differences to lose weight on the waistline

In this area of the body accumulates visceral (or abdominal) fat, namely the fat substance that envelops the internal organs. This condition can also be defined Android obesity , A name that echoes that of the male hormones known as androgens.

It is no coincidence that waist obesity is typical of men, compared to that of women who accumulate on the hips and buttocks. That is why we often tend to focus on how to reduce the Waist for man .. In these cases we do not record the presence of specific techniques such as dedicated exercises, regardless of the structural differences between men and women.

Rather it is above all (but not only) the male gender that has the main problems of obesity in the central area of the body. A condition that can only be solved with the Right commitment , As the belly and hips represent the hardest fat stocks to dent. The human body tends to consume other reserves first, only at the end it sacrifices those of the waistline.

This is why it is right to evaluate the Contribution of products To accelerate the reduction of fat on the belly, hips and thighs. In these cases it can be useful AdipeKO Unisex Gel 200 ml Which improves localized slimming, skin elasticity and persistent fat reduction.

Training to lose belly

Starting from the assumption that to lose weight in the belly and hips in a short time you need to do physical activity, we can also talk about an ideal routine for Reach the goal .. What are the ideal exercises to thin the waistline and the entire central part of the body?

We can say that continuity is your ally. Setting a good workout of about an hour, three times a week, can help get the desired fruit: showing off a flat stomach with the famous turtle. Obviously Dividing the work In aerobic training and targeted exercises everything becomes easier. Where to start?

Aerobic activity

Indispensable to start a constant and continuous weight loss. Aerobic exercise is based on a clear concept: carbohydrates and lipids become the fuel for these activities which begin to be considered as such after First minutes of movement .. And they can be defined as fully aerobic after 20 minutes of prolonged exertion. So, what are the useful activities in this case?

  • Race.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Rope jump.
  • Tread Mat

Obviously this is only a small selection of the many sports available to those who want to do a good exercise to reduce their waistlines and lose weight in bacon. The ideal is to go Always over 30 minutes, Obviously respecting what are their possibilities and resistances.

Never improvise and start doing challenging sports without the Green light from a doctor .. And if you want to work safely you need to coordinate your aerobic activity with a personal trainer.

Exercises to reduce the waistline and belly

Let's start from a point: it is difficult to talk about activities capable of localized weight loss. At the same time we must not delude ourselves that we can eliminate the belly by training the abdominals in an extreme way or by carrying out exercises with repeated stick for hips.

In addition, some training that we consider useful to streamline the belly could even get the opposite effect. This is because intensely training the abdominals can lead to hypertrophy and the consequent enlargement of the muscles. A condition that if not accompanied by a good weight loss does not return the long-awaited wasp waist.

So, along with good aerobic activity, you need to add a circuit of exercises that can help stimulate the muscles in the right way. Any concrete examples?

  • Crunch.
  • Inverse Crunch.
  • Lateral crunch.
  • Bicycle.
  • Scissoring.
  • Twist.

How to structure training? Do twenty repetitions for each exercise, perform the tasks below without pauses, and eventually make a stop of Two minutes .. Recover by staying in motion.

To start you can perform 3 circuits and then best manage according to your Necessity and possibilities .. Obviously these are only rough tips, before starting any sporting activity you need to consult doctor and personal trainer. Even if you decide to train at home.

Does the corset help reduce the waistline?

For Eliminate abdominal fat Many propose a tool that is called a corset. That is to say an item of clothing that forces the hips into a shape that reproduces that of the hourglass. Want a slim and thin waist? There are those who offer a real corset training to wear more and more streamlined constraint but these practices can be harmful and dangerous. Better to lose weight with a balanced diet and a full workout.

How to reduce waistlines in menopause

The problem of fat in the central part of the body does not only affect men, women can also have this problem especially in the Moment of menopause.

That is to say a delicate phase for many reasons, which concern the individual mood and the physical. The risk of letting go and fattening your hips, belly and legs is high. That's why it's important Keep yourself moving Even if there is a significant drop in energy.

How to do in these cases? First of all, we must not abandon sport just because we cannot maintain an intense pace. Rather you can consult a Personal trainer To create a less demanding routine but that allows you to perform a fundamental aerobic work.

Also it is especially important to keep the pulse on the topic weekly diet. In the next paragraphs we will address this issue, but one point is right to point out immediately: the Fat burning physical activity It is useless if you do not create a deficit relating to the calories consumed. In order to have an energy balance in balance with the goal of weight loss.

How to reduce waistline with diet

Along with good training, both with aerobic activities and with Targeted exercises , If you want to reduce abdominal fat you have to lose weight. Starting with good habits valid for everyone, always. Take hard liquor as an example: they bring a lot of calories and are not filling, so they present a real problem for low-calorie diets that aim to slim the belly.

It doesn't end there. We need to reduce sugars, eliminate junk food, do not drink carbonated drinks and limit everything that, objectively, likes about good food. Like frying, sweets, bread and pasta. But it's enough for Reduce waist size And slimming your hips, abdomen and belly?

Drinking lots of water

Let's start from this point: to simplify the work of weight loss on these points so difficult to streamline, it is useful to hydrate well. Minimum 2 litres of water Per day, this is the pace to maintain if you want to lose weight in a short time the points so dear to your silhouette.

You prefer fibers

That is all the foods that are important to reduce the sense of hunger, Feeling full And avoid eating plenty of calories. We are talking about fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains-add these items to your dinners and lunches to give the body what it takes.

Keep the right balance

Don't wait for the sense of hunger to eat but make 3 table appointments (breakfast, lunch and dinner) broken by two Mid-morning snacks And afternoon. Work on proportions, do not overdo it with the quantities in the dishes and limit the addition of bread.

What must be avoided is the idea of eating less by skipping meals or by not taking the right amount of energy to manage daily commitments or the sport necessary to streamline. That's why it's right, if you want to start a Diet for weight loss Your waist, get followed by an accredited nutritionist. Without improvising customized and improvised solutions.

Proteins help

There are several foods that can bring a good contribution of these substances. Any concrete examples? Eggs, lean meat and fish. A good dinner Can be made from healthily cooked vegetables, light seasoning and a grilled chicken breast.

Give yourself a little freedom

It is not easy to maintain the rhythm of the diet for weeks. Of course, if you aim to reduce the waistline in a short time you have to do your best. But a little lightness on the menu can help stay the course for Weeks and months. For example, pizza, taken in moderation, avoiding large binges and huge portions, can be the solution.

Food supplements

In a weekly diet to streamline the waistline it may be useful to add supplements capable of Simplify the work of slimming .. There are no miracles for losing weight quickly but with (quality) food supplements you can support the food picture.

Here's an example: the Replacement Meal Diet Protein Mix 700 gr Allows you to give the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals in a diet Adult slimming .. Without giving up the taste since the chocolate flavor makes the product pleasant.

Can I dry the waist surgically?

Yes, there are surgical techniques that allow you to speed up the streamlining process and give you the opportunity to Reduce waist size With an intervention that takes the name of liposcultura. Through this solution eliminates the accumulation of excess subcutaneous fat.

Liposculpture involves a minimally invasive intervention but, as such, can have post-operative repercussions and annoyances. In any case, the surgical reduction of the waistline, designed for a targeted decrease in fat, is recommended only in cases where Diet and physical activity They can't give the right results. Maybe due to conditions that make the fat resistant.

Abdominoplasty should also be considered, that is to say a treatment that is part of aesthetic surgical operations. The goal of this activity concerns the possibility of improving the appearance of the belly. It is carried out in the post-diet a Who lost many pounds And he finds himself with excess skin. As the name suggests, abdominoplasty does not serve to reduce the amount of fat and lose weight, not even to control weight.


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Good habits for losing belly

As happens for those who want to reduce the handles of love, also in this case it is constancy over time a To make a difference .. This applies to compliance with all those good habits that allow you to improve the general state of the body. For example:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Limit alcohol.
  • Eliminate hard liquor.
  • Walking more.
  • Rest better.

Sleep 8 hours every night, walk around and leave the car at home, go up the stairs and avoid the elevator, carve out an evening every now and then to have a beer and eliminate alcohol from your eating habits: this also helps to reduce the Abdominal fat ..