How to take away the desire for sweets: what supplements help us

Diets can not always be followed by focusing only on individual willpower and the desire to pass the costume test. In some cases it becomes really difficult to resist the temptation to accompany lunch or dinner with a dessert. This is why supplements are often sought and used that take away the craving for sweets.

It is no coincidence because sugars often represent a real addiction. For many people who are trying to lose weight by eating a balanced diet, rich in protein and fiber but low in anything that drives an increase in fat tissue, giving up sweets is a problem.

That is why, in addition to asking for help from a professional dietician, you can cushion the craving for sweets, cakes and ice cream with a product that can help. Attention, not to stop natural hunger: to obtain such a result you have to leverage your willpower. And maybe take a look at the root, distant causes.

Before starting, as always, we recommend that you turn your needs towards the advice and indications of authorized medical personnel. Food addictions, such as those of sweets, can hide major problems in some cases. Consequently, it is always advisable to seek advice from a nutritionist for any diets.

Why do we want sweet?

Often those who have to fight important obesity and seek a diet capable of losing many kilos must first face a specific problem. That is to say the dependence on food and especially on sweets. Why is it so important?

Simple, all the world's low-calorie diets aren't going to help you get that plate of puffs so inviting away from the imagination. Not even supplements to eliminate the craving for sweets can give a concrete hand if you don't first go to the heart of the problem. What does this mean? Let's take a look at the most important points.


A possible cause that always pushes you to eat sweets and constantly look for foods of this type: hypoglycemia. That is to say a lowering of blood sugars that leads to a constant need to replace this source of energy.

Glucose, in fact, represents fuel for our body. Usually this condition-typical of people with diabetes-occurs between lunch and dinner, or at night. That is why you often feel a need to eat sweets before bedtime.


The relationship between sweet and mental condition is deep, it can also touch eating disorders that must be treated by competent people (psychologists, psychotherapists). But what exactly does that mean? Often the desire for dessert serves to cushion a sense of lack, a sorrow, a negative passage, a source of stress.

Out of habit we linked the sweet food to a reward, a pleasant moment in our life. We always want to go back to relive it. As a result in the supermarket we turn our attention to sweets every day.

So we are inclined to cushion disappointments and difficult moments with a cuddle for our palate. One of the famous examples of this connection between the sweet and the past moments is offered to us by a classic of literature signed by Marcel Proust :

“Madeleine de Proust (sometimes also Proust syndrome) is a French term that can designate a part of everyday life, an object, a gesture, a color and in particular a flavor or perfume that evoke in us memories of the past, like a madeleine to the narrator of“ In Search of Lost Time ”.

The first volume of Marcel Proust's novel gives us an example of how strong the link between our memories, even particularly ancient ones, and the flavors of the palate can be.

So this can be one of the causes that leads us to abuse sweets: in difficult times we take refuge in tastes and scents that represent a sure point of reference. Or a prize, the dessert is also seen as a reward for the work done.


There is not a single study dedicated to this aspect but dozens. Sugar behaves like a drug-obviously without the same effects but with some points of similarity-and releases dopamine into our brains.

That is an endogenous neurotransmitter linked to reward, pleasure and satisfaction. And that can lead to a kind of addiction, you can't get enough. But it is at this point that help is needed to get used to sugar. Also because this habit must be held back and kept under control.

Eating too many sweets: what consequences?

It could be limiting to point out that the excess of sweets, cakes and creams of various kinds-without forgetting chocolate-leads to overweight. In reality it is so, sweets make you fat but it is not the only consequence for those who abuse this food.

Of course, it is not forbidden to let go of the goodness of desserts. Especially those who are in perfect line can eat sweets, every now and then, without risking tricks on the scales. Exceptions are not a problem, and if they invite you to a wedding you can eat cake.

But there are very specific limits for those who follow a diet. And not just as a matter of fat deposits. What are the consequences for those who abuse delicacies?

In the first place you can find the already mentioned sugar addiction that leads to a vicious circle. But the direct consequences on the body go beyond the increase in body weight and the Abdominal fat .. What are they? Here are a number of points to remember.

Tiredness and slack

This is a very important point: the excess of sugars, and therefore of sweets, leads to a particularly difficult physical condition to accept. That is to say fatigue.

The body does not respond to the best and you can have different difficulties both from a physical and mental point of view. Excess glucose in the blood can cause several disorders:

  • Blurry view.
  • Cognitive disorders.
  • Physical fatigue.
  • Difficulty concentrating.

In other words, even if at first the injection of sugars into your body can lead to a rush of energy, if you abuse this component you can get the opposite effect. And a great limitation from a physical point of view.

Dental Caries

Sugars can have dire consequences for tooth enamel. Excess with all foods loaded with this element can be a cause of tooth decay and other ailments.

Especially harmful all foods that tend to stick and stay on the enamel for a long time. Obviously part of the problem can be solved with good prevention, brushing your teeth after meals with periodic check-ups at the dentist.

Skin issues

Supplements that take away the craving for sweets are often required to limit dermatological problems. Too many sugars can cause acne, taking shine off the skin.

Those who eat many sweets can cause an unusual activity of the sebaceous glands that affect the skin. Inflammations follow one another and pimples increase.

Supplements to eliminate the craving for sweets

They are substances that are taken in combination with the good diet that you must follow to lose weight, and which allow you to give a feeling of satiety.

They are not only hired to help those who want to lose weight, but also to solve real problems of addiction to sugar, chocolate or other delicacies.

For example, there is often a great desire for sweets before the cycle or a nervous hunger that leads to ingesting large quantities of sugars without a brake. Are there any supplements to help avoid excesses at certain times in your life?

In some cases, drops are proposed to remove hunger or to free from addictions. In other cases we recommend capsules that take away the sense of hunger, and it is precisely in this field that we can recommend a series of products that can help you:

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This happens thanks to the help of satiating substances and plants that reduce the sense of hunger. Thanks to this homeopathic remedy for craving sweets you can keep your mood stable and limit your intake of harmful foods that are also Cause of wide hips ..

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How to permanently get used to sugar

Now let's cut to the chase. So far we have talked about everything that should push you to consider not only the supplements that take away the desire for sweets, but all the strategies and techniques to heal from the addiction to sweets. Now the question is: how to do it? What are the strategies to consider to limit treats?

You have to take good habits that allow you to see dessert as something to be indulged occasionally. It all starts with mental conditions: sometimes there is a need for a path outlined by a psychologist to solve deep problems. In other cases it is enough to follow some advice related to nutrition and common sense. Any concrete ideas?

Manage daily feeding

This can be a detail, actually if you do not need a real low-calorie diet everything is based on this: avoid the superfluous when shopping every day.

Clear, a dessert is never essential within the food process but it is certainly not forbidden to let go from time to time. What must be avoided is excess. For this it is better to follow a couple of rules at the supermarket:

  • Go shopping on a full stomach.
  • Buy natural sweets, like fruit.
  • Prefer foods rich in fiber.
  • Avoid sugary sodas.

At the beginning of your rehabilitation path to remove the desire for dessert you can be accompanied by people able to monitor your shopping. It's not every day you make a cake, it's often in shopping that confectionery traps lurk.

Another important tip: go shopping with a list already compiled and, of course, eliminate all sweets, cakes, Nutella and delicacies that abound with glucose.

You have to aim for satiety

Obviously not because of sweets, sugars and carbohydrates but foods that can fill the stomach. How to remove the craving for chocolate, perhaps before going to sleep?

Aiming on a nice plate of vegetables can be the solution because they make volume in the stomach. The fibers they contain help maintain a sense of satiety that could act as a deterrent to that pastry waiting for you in the refrigerator.

In reality, there are many natural remedies for the desire for sweets: there are legumes that satiate and give nourishment, the same goes for oatmeal and potato. Without forgetting brown rice and quinoa. Eating well means finding satisfaction in other foods and defeating that sense of addiction to sugar and sweets that gives so many problems.

You have to play sports

Sport always works because it allows you not only to lose weight, but also to review your diet. If you start an activity it becomes almost spontaneous to need good nutrition, especially if you want to see the results on your body.

I assure you that the mechanism that allows you to limit the intake of sweets is automatic: as soon as you realize that the combination of sport/nutrition works, attention to the diet becomes a point of reference. Also limiting sugars.

Everything lies in your willpower

We close this long article dedicated to supplements to remove and limit hunger for sweets with an invitation: to work on conviction, on willpower, on one's idea linked to a goal. It is not easy to achieve the goal, that is clear.

But sometimes the solution can be found not with a single ingredient but with a set of elements ranging from taking care of one's addictions to food balance, up to the use of supplements capable of helping to get used to sugar.